BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:37 P.M.) – Amid ongoing battles between the Syrian Arab Army and jihadist-led militias in the eastern countryside of Idlib province, government forces have severed the main road linking two key cities in the region with fire control.
Moments ago, reports from military-affiliated confirmed that the main road between the rebel-held cities of Marrat al-Nu’man (in central Idlib) and Abu Duhur (in eastern Idlib) has been cut by Syrian Army fire support assets – namely artillery, heavy machine guns, tank fire and anti-tank missiles.
The development comes after elite assault units of the Syrian Army captured a dozen towns and villages in the eastern countryside of Idlib bringing them well to within fire control range of the road from Abu Duhur (the current area of government operations) and Marrat al-Nu’man (further west).
Whilst it remains unclear what direction Syrian troops will move in next, it is highly possible that physically cutting the road between Marrat al-Nu’man and Abu Duhur with ground forces will be part of a future assault by the army as aims to isolate the latter city and its nearby airbase.
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