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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Israeli Soldier Elor Azaria Enters Military Prison

You can kind of tell from the smile on his face in this video that Elor Azaria is convinced he’s a hero. And of course he has been hailed as such in Israel. Not that shooting a bullet into the head of a semi-conscious man as he lay wounded on a city street required any great amount of courage. It didn’t. But Jews in Israel seem to measure “heroism” by different standards than most people. Apparently the more Palestinians you kill, the more highly you’re thought of and admired. I’m guessing the Talmud has a lot to do with instilling this sort of thinking into the body politic.
So in the video above we have the “hero” embarking off for prison with a big smile on his face and his mommy at his side. The same woman appears in a good many of the news photos of Azaria that have been published. It is his mother. She seems to be in love with him–and seems always to clutch at him, much as if he’s her lover rather than her son.
The “hero” was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 18 months in prison. I’m sure the cell they give him will have all the comforts of  home, and his mommy will visit him often. And maybe after he gets out of prison, Elor the Hero will get a job as a pundit for mainstream media, offering commentary on Middle East issues. Perhaps we’ll even see him on TV sometime telling us Americans why we should bomb Iran.

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