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Thursday, July 6, 2017

What a surprise! Poll: U.K. Is Starting to Regret Brexit

A majority of British voters believe Brexit was the wrong decision.

A shock Survation survey, which interviewed 1,017 British adults by telephone between June 28 and 30, indicated that a clear majority of Brits (54 per cent) would U-turn and vote to stay in the European Union if another referendum was held.
According to the poll, 36 per cent of Brits also said it is best to stop exit talks altogether and work to stay in the crumbling European bloc, while around a third backed paying a fee for access to the tariff-free customs union.
Less than a quarter of people (24 per cent) backed the Government’s current position of leaving the customs union in order to strike free trade deals with other countries.
Most of those asked (55 per cent) also want a cross-party coalition of parties to negotiate the UK’s exit from the EU.
Yet despite a disastrous showing in the General Election, Theresa May (51 per cent) is still trusted more than Jeremy Corbyn (35 per cent) as to who Britons believe will secure the best deal for Britain.

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