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Thursday, April 20, 2017


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Do you want to see what it was like for the terrorist grubs of Sooraan?  Watch the link above from Silvia Iranova.  Using thermobarics, the Russian Air Force paid the United States back in spades for its ridiculously unjustified attack on our base at Al-Shu’ayraat.
All of you know the Tiger Forces alongside the 5th Mechanized Armored Division, armed with the latest Russian and Syrian tank technology, stormed Souraan Town and obliterated every single cockroach there just before liberating the area.  With Souraan now secured, the SAA is heading for a final showdown in Hama at the cities of Hilfaayaa and Al-Mawrik (Mork).  This will spell the end of Alqaeda and its affiliates in this province.  All the miserable efforts of the terrorists to reach the unconquerable Christian towns of Suqaylabiyya and Maharda have come to naught.  Wael estimates that over 20,000 rodents have been killed in combat in Hama since the start of the foreign inspired insurgency in Syria.
The groups most affected here have been Jaysh Al-‘Izza and Jaysh Al-Nasr.  Both these criminal enterprises were responsible for shaking down citizens pitilessly over the last 3 years.  They are now on the verge of extinction.
It has also been made quite clear from the maneuverings of the noisome limey scum in Turkey that the U.K. has all but given up on Hama Province dedicating all its remaining resources to strengthening the rodents in Idlib and south of Der’ah City.

Al-Zaara Power Station:  The SAA soundly repelled a terrorist attack on this important facility especially at the area designated for employees to work.  The attack originated in Hurr-Bi-Nafsuh village.  After trying to engage the SAA in combat, the rodents were ordered back to their village to torment the residents there.
It’s all over the news, so there will be no surprise that the mephitic Hashemite regime of King ‘Abdullah bin Antoinette Avril Gardiner has joined with its British and American allies to create an appropriate environment to train and equip a new generation of terrorist murderers and nihilists on Jordanian soil to take up the slack left by the defeated Alqaeda whores handled and controlled by their Zionist pimps.  I have heard news that the U.S. and Britain will provide these stunted rodents with air cover so that they can conquer Der’ah City and establish a competing state.  The Neo-Con Zionist theory is that the implementation of one successful plan in a city of troglodytes, like Der’ah, will see more such independent states rising up to challenge the writ of the central government leading to the ultimate aim of dismembering Syria.  Only an imbecile, like Trump, would fall for such a half-baked nonsensical plan like this.
Please try to remember some of the salient points I have made in essays going back 6 years at the time of SyrPer’s inception.  The aim of the United States is to maintain its hegemony over Europe by defeating a Russian plan to help Iran to extend its natural gas pipeline across Iraq to ports in Syria where the gas will be used to augment the existing power of Gazprom over Europe and Eurasia.  Initially, the plan was simple:  overthrow the Damascus-based government of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad and install a Sunni puppet who will, like the dwarf king of Jordan, play according to neo-imperialist rules.  That came a cropper.  The U.S. was unable to develop assets capable of defeating the unified Syrian Army and its allies in Russia, Iran and Lebanon.  It was a disastrous policy that has stained the previous president, Obama, with the label of war criminal.
The Obama administration kept to what SyrPer first introduced as the “Obama Doctrine” which outlined a forceful American foreign policy exploiting the needs of proxies.  This is what happened in Libya where the U.S. limited its participation to logistical and intelligence support for the criminal regimes in Paris and London.  In Libya, the Obama Doctrine successfully overthrew the sitting president of the country only to herald the start of a vicious, anarchic civil war that continues to burn until this very day.
The Zionists, as Dr. Bashar Al-Ja’fari said once in the Detroit area during a visit, were trying to justify their racist apartheid state by creating other mini-states around them who were identifiable by their ethnic or religious character.  Hence, there would be a Druze state in Suwaydaa`.  An Alawi/Christian state in Latakia and Tartous.  There would be an Ismaili state in Hama; An Islamic Caliphate in Dayr El-Zor and Hasaka; 2 Sunni states in Aleppo and Damascus…..and so on and so forth.  The plan is preposterous and based on racist and bigoted concepts of what it is to be Syrian.  It is almost as though Orientalists of the 19th Century had arisen from the dead to take over the sick Zionist mind.  That could be said also of the Americans, British and French.  The Zionist settlers, like Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu) hoped to justify their own existence as an exclusivist apartheid state by pointing the existence of other states in the same region.  They also has an interest in blunting the power of Iran once it was able to extend the pipeline to Europe via Syria.
Russia is fully aware of these plans and has combined with the Syrian government and that of Iran to create a counter-force to this.  The Western plan is not appetizing to the Syrian opposition.  I can say with some sense of confidence that the hotel-based opposition and the terrorist groups on the ground are not interested in dismembering Syria.  They would like to keep it whole.  I believe that once the cat is out of the bag, many terrorists will prefer to deal with Dr. Assad than the murdering rodents who are trying to destroy their country.

The Syrian Army has destroyed all tunnels which were used by the murdering hordes of Wahhabist hyenas after receiving precise intelligence from scores of former terrorists in Madhaayaa, Buqqeen and Al-Zabadaani.  The western areas of Damascus Province are now rat-free.  What is left is the Eastern Ghoutaa.  With fresh forces from the west now heading to the east of the capital, it is only a matter of a short time before the ‘Alloosh family of cockroaches is exterminated.
خروج 45 حافلة تقل اهالي الفوعة وكفريا  اليوم مقابل 11 حافلة من الزبدني
Yesterday, 11 buses left the western Damascus area to ship obdurate terrorist sludge and their stinking issue to Idlib where they will face the full fury of the Syrian Army and its Russian allies.  Another tranche of citizens of Al-Faw’ah and Kafaryaa also left for the relative safety of Aleppo in 42 buses.
Interesting interview by Paul Jay of a Trinity College professor steeped in the Middle East:
It has now been exposed as an outright lie. Dr. Postol of MIT does it again. Make this viral:
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