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Monday, December 5, 2016

Map Update: Syrian Army captures 60% of rebel-held Aleppo in the space of a week

ALEPPO, SYRIA – Not a week after the major breakthrough the Syrian Armed Forces accomplished in Hnano Housing District that had them capture all the east Aleppo districts that lay north of the Al-Bab Highway, the Syrian Army would proceed to launch its second phase of the Aleppo offensive.
Starting with the Ma’asaraniyah Youth Housing Complex and the Research Housing district that lie directly west of the Aleppo International Airport, the aim of the second phase is the seizure of the entire region between the Al-Bab Highway and the road that connects the international airport to the Ancient Citadel cresting the heart of Syria’s largest city.
Within a matter of days, the Syrian Arab Army succeeded in capturing the districts of Karm Al-Jazmati, Karm Al-Tarrab, Dahret Awad, Karm Al-Maysar, Karm Al-Tahhan, Karm Al-Qaterjy, Tariq Al-Bab, and Halwaniyah almost surrounding the rebels entrenched in Sha’ar and Bab Al-Hadid districts.
 With no more than 500 meters separating the elite Tiger Forces at the Eyes Hospital and the garrison of the citadel, the rebels are expected to abandon their holdouts in the Old City neighborhoods north of the citadel or risk further isolation in the city.
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