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Thursday, November 10, 2016


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Our blue-eyed prez has got to go through the painful drudgery of valediction again in the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s rousing defeat on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  Most of us wept with joy at seeing the sullen crone go down the chute to the inevitable chamber-pot of dashed hopes, vanished dreams and foiled schemes.  Like Berlusconi, Westerwelle, Cameron, Zapatero, Hague, Sarkozy, Morsi, Davutoghlu, Hamad, and so many others, the good doctor has raised his right hand to wish Madame Clinton a fond farewell from the world of politics.  Good bye, adieu, ciao, sayonara, aufwiedersehen, ma’ al-salaama, salve tibi, hasta la vista!
(Thanks, Aisha Salman)

Taking a cue from SyrPer’s running gag about heart-felt farewells,  Diane Mantzaris sent us this time capsule.
ALEPPO:  The Syrian Army has taken back all the Al-Hikma School near the military academies in the southwest of Aleppo City.  With the Rakhm Hill under their control, Syrian commanders are given a very expansive vision of the entire area with attendant advantages for heavy artillery and rocket launchers.  The terrorist hope of breaking the siege around the eastern flank of the city is now only that – a hope.  All the promises of 72 Virginians by the Saudi louse, Al-Muhaysini, can’t change anything.
 قتلى وجرحى بعمليات مركزة للجيش على تجمعات
One disturbing event has taken place near Aleppo: it appears that the Jaysh Al-Fath terrorist group has been given M-60 American tanks for use against the Syrian Army.  I believe that the recent arrival of the Admiral Kuznetsov with its new helicopters and 20-mile-range anti-tank rockets have something to do with this new development.
BOO HOO HOO.  Walid sends this tape showing terrorists weeping at Hillary’s loss.  No No-Fly Zone now.
Senior Commander of Jeish al-Islam Terrorist Group Killed in Syrian Air Raid in Eastern Damascus
There is nothing as cheering to the heart as the sight of a dead rodent.  In this photograph you can see a former senior field commander of the doomed Jaysh Al-Islam, one Ahmad Al-Seedaawi, dead in Douma after the Syrian Air Force bombed his position while flying over the East Ghouta.  He was killed yesterday.
Al-Rayhaan Farms:   An unannounced raid on terrorist positions belonging to Jaysh Al-Islam in the western farms of this village led to the deaths of 13 rats:
Rajaa ‘Abdul-‘Azeez ‘Umraan
Qays Jaaber Al-Kazboor
Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Haffaar
Mahmoud Hassan Sirhaan
No others were listed because they were foreign.
The Syrian Air Force has been flying numerous sorties over Jawbar and Al-Shifooniyya (Chiffoniere) in an effort to prepare for the eventual liberation of those areas.  The latter is crucial to the assault on Douma which will spell the end of Jaysh Al-Islam in the East Ghouta.
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