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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Syrian Army regains Minyan in Aleppo and pushes deeper in Eastern Ghouta

Aleppo Battle: Syrian Army regains Minyan amid intensifying battles. Map Update


Syria’s government forces, backed by paramilitary fighters, recaptured, today, Minyan district to the west of the Aleppo.
The imperative district was swept, yesterday, by a coalition of jihadi groups as part of a wider offensive to lift the siege imposed on the rebel-controlled areas in the city’s east.
Last Friday, a jihadi alliance led by Jabhet Fateh al-Sham (formerly al-Nusra Front) launched an all-out attack on government troops and allied forces entrenched in several districts of western Aleppo.
Loosing several positions to the Islamist rebels, the Syrian Army called on huge reinforcement to hinder the assault.

Field report: rebels collapse as Syrian Army pushes deeper in Eastern Ghouta

Rebels’ iconic stronghold in Eastern Ghouta is now under serious threat after government forces stormed two towns located several kilometers to the east of the insurgent-held of Douma.
According to a military source, government troops launched their attack from two different axes; from Adra Prison to Tal Kurdi, and from the Industrial Zone to Tal Sawwan.
The attacking forces managed to impose full control on Tal Sawwan farms before advancing toward the supply route of Tal Kurdi. The swift progress has forced the Islamist rebels to retreat westward for fear of being completely encircled.
The source also confirmed that at least 20 fighters from the Saudi-backed Jaysh al-Islam were killed in the offensive.

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