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Thursday, March 31, 2016

‘Zionist-owned media in the USA fuels Islamophobia’

The Zionist-controlled media in the United States have linked the false flag terrorist attacks in the country to Muslims in order to increase hatred of Muslims and fuel Islamophobia, an American scholar and radio host says.
“The neoconservatives wanted to create a situation in which the people would hate Muslims due to these false flag terror events,” said Dr. Kevin Barrett, a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance.
This hatred of Muslims can then be channeled by the American leadership to wars against Islamic nations, more military spending and increased support for Israel, Barrett told Press TV on Tuesday.
“The American mainstream media is under the control of Zionists, let’s face it,” he added. “We know from all sorts of research that Zionist Jews are wildly over-represented in the US media.”
Islamophobia has recently spiked in the US following anti-Muslim comments by some Republican presidential candidates, especially Donald Trump.
Trump, who has never held elected office, is currently leading the race for the Republican presidential nomination. His campaign has been marked by controversial statements, including disparaging remarks about women, Mexican immigrants and Muslims.
“It’s understandable that ordinary Americans who aren’t really paying attention, who are getting their propaganda from this hate-mongering media apparatus would be vulnerable to a hate-monger like Donald Trump,” Barrett said.
Trump is “voicing these kinds of feelings that in fact the neoconservatives and the mainstream media have created in the voters,” he observed.
With just three candidates left in the Republican primary race, Trump now holds 48 percent support of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning voters, according to a new NBC News poll.
This is more than 20 points higher than his second-place competitor, Ted Cruz — who now enjoys 27 percent support. John Kasich got a boost of 2 points this week and holds third place with 18 percent support.

Is the Latest “ISIS Attack” Another False Flag?

Is the Latest “ISIS Attack” Another False Flag?
EDITOR’S CHOICE | 28.03.2016

Is the Latest “ISIS Attack” Another False Flag?

I have not looked into the latest attack blamed on ISIS, this time in Belgium, and I am not going to investigate it. The explanation was set in stone by the initial reporting, and any skepticism that is expressed is disregarded as conspiracy theory. I have seen reports that the bombs were in the ceilings and that the initial film released by authorities was in fact film from several years ago of the Chechen attack on a Russian airport. If these reports are correct, they raise questions about the official set-in-stone story.
But the questions won’t be asked.
If the various bombings are false flag attacks, the governments will get away with them, because the attacks blamed on Muslim terrorists fit every agenda that is out there. Government agendas for more war, military spending, and police state measures are served. But so also are the agendas of those who want to limit immigration, those who want to blame the bombings on blowback from Western imperialism, those such as the Russian government who desire a united front against terrorism, and those who use the bombings to stress the innate goodness of the West, which attracts hatred because of its goodness. Washington likes the bombings because they keep Europeans scared and the governments under Washington’s thumb.
Anyone who raises real questions is set upon by every group for whom the bombings blamed on ISIS are a blessing to their agenda.
Just as we hear today that ISIS bombed an airport or whatever, we heard throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s that this or that communist group, such as the Red Brigades, the Red Army Faction or Baader-Meinhof gang had bombed a train station. In truth these bombings were the work of Operation Gladio, a conspiracy of the CIA and European intelligence services against the European peoples. The conspiracy was revealed by the Italian government and culminated in an extensive investigation in which intelligence operatives testified that they focused on killing woman and children because it had the greatest impact in discrediting the communists on whom the attacks were blamed. European communist parties in Italy and France were growing in electoral success, and Washington wanted the communists discredited. That is what the bombings achieved.
So today when you hear the presstitutes report that ISIS bombed this and that, all you really know is that this is the government’s claim and that governments made similar claims in the post-WWII 20th century when Washington regarded it as imperative to discredit European communist parties.
Western governments have always found it easy to hoodwink their populations, and it is just as easy today.
March 26, 2016, A Report from Warsaw, Poland:
Dear Dr Roberts,
With the reference to your article on the Bruxelles attacks, I was impatiently waiting for your comments during the recent days. As you indicated the RT immediately found that the 2011 Domodedovo airport attacks film was used by the media to depict the attack in Bruxelles. Also, no images of dead corpses were shown.
But let me report a bizarre thing from Poland. One, the right-wing PM immediately declared that there will be no refugees accepted in Poland, and it seems the authorities were waiting for such an event. Two, it came out the right-wing government, which has majority in the Sejm (Polish parliament), forced a draft of an extreme anti-terrorism bill, which grants virtually unlimited power to the secret police, the ABW, allows it and other security agencies to put anyone under surveillance without a court approval. It also grants the secret police access to all IT systems within Poland, and, most oddly, forces the registration of pre-paid telephone SIM cards, which were always accessible in Poland for a fee of just 5 PLN (ca. US$1.25) at any kiosk, supermarket or gas station without any need to provide your ID and/or address. To make matters worse, the draft did not explain what the “terrorist threat” means, which allows broad interpretation by the authorities and the imposition of martial law. It seems the draft was prepared well before the Bruxelles events because of its complicated character.
All these lead to a conclusion that the Bruxelles attacks were staged. RT also reported that an Israeli security company was responsible for Bruxelles airport security, which adds more doubts.

AIPAC Conference just a vehicle for repeating disproved israeli propaganda & for politicians to prostrate themselves in support

Neither American Zionism nor K Street venality can fully explain the cult-like nature of AIPAC.
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is a cult, and like most cults, its followers would probably object to the characterization.
To AIPAC’s 100,000 members and to the 18,000 delegates who attended its annual convention last week in DC, the organization serves a heroic purpose by securing the protection of Israel, and by extension, the Jewish people. To its detractors, it is a manifestation of the most toxic elements of Zionism and a symptom of the corruption that allows lobbying groups to further their agendas by buying politicians (though not a PAC itself, Israel lobbies politicians through a series of small affiliated PACs).
But neither American Zionism nor K Street venality can fully explain the cult-like nature of AIPAC. Though there’s a lot of talk about “Jewish values” and protecting “the Jewish people,” little about the organization qualifies as Jewish in a traditional religious sense. (In fact, the Torah explicitly forbids the state-sanctioned bribery that lobbying groups like AIPAC practice: “Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds those who see and twists the words of the innocent”—Exod. 23.8.) 
AIPAC is far more of a political organization than a religious one, but its politics are based on a deliberate misreading of history that erases the Palestinian people and whitewashes Israeli crimes. What makes AIPAC a cult is that it demands unquestioning allegiance from its members—not to a charismatic leader, but to the state of Israel. Just as nothing could convince the Moonies that their beloved Reverend wasn’t the messiah, it is impossible for AIPAC’s acolytes to acknowledge even the most obvious truths about Israel’s illegal occupation and apartheid policies. And even as lobbyists subvert the democratic process by paying off politicians, AIPAC’s members insist that they are the front lines of the noble fight to preserve the Middle East’s lone democracy.
Blending In
I attended last week’s conference at the Washington Convention Center. Knowing that AIPAC had denied press credentials to a number of my fellow leftist reporters, I decided to show up looking neat and clean-shaven in a navy blue suit and tie to avoid looking like a potential troublemaker.
Though Zionists are quick to shout “Jew hater!” at anyone who even mentions the possibility of “dual loyalty” among American Jews, the conference’s organizers seemed to intentionally promote this notion by handing out complimentary pins with the American and Israeli flags intertwined. I dutifully affixed the pin to my lapel, draped my laminated pass around my neck, and steeled myself for a three-day onslaught of propaganda.
When I arrived early Sunday afternoon, pro-Palestinian protesters (along with a pitifully small contingent of counter-protesters) had amassed outside the convention center after marching from the White House. Several activists unfurled a large Palestinian flag as chants of “Free Palestine” rang out. As the protest reached a fever pitch, I spoke briefly to three older Palestinian women standing quietly near the back of the protest who asked that their names not be used. One of the women told me she had immigrated to the states in 1970 and would like to go back once Palestinians are given equal rights. “As long as Americans support [Israel], it’s hard,” she said. “We have to change the American minds…they think we’re terrorists. We’re not terrorists! We just want our land.”
As I made my way through the metal detector and looked around, I couldn’t help but think that anti-Semites who imagine secretive cabals of powerful Jews would be immensely disappointed with what I saw. The building consisted of big open spaces filled with sunlight streaming through glass walls, more like an airport than a smoky back room. One was left with same drab, predictable atmosphere of any other business conference, but on a massive scale. Like your typical conference, the event featured fold-out tables displaying an array of pamphlets and flyers. Unlike your typical conference, the reading material covered subjects like Israel’s thrilling innovations in military technology and carrier screening for Jewish genetic diseases.
Many attendees had arrived thanks to some special initiative. A room near the entrance marked “African American Leadership Luncheon” was filled with black executives looking to network with influential pro-Israel activists. White AIPAC members seemed to avoid this area altogether. Close-knit groups of high school and college students on sponsored trips wandered the halls while yarmulke-clad old men clutched $5 water bottles. Floor after floor teemed with a pulsing mix of straight-laced lobbyists, fast-talking shmoozers, nutty zealots, and kvelling nerds. Everyone had “Come Together,” to quote the official motto of this year’s conference, united not by religion (a sizable portion were not Jewish) but in an unquestioning belief in the righteousness of Zionism and the infallibility of the Jewish state.
Who’s Afraid of BDS?
Down several sets of escalators was an enormous space that had been fashioned into a loose collection of booths and pavilions called AIPAC Village. A panel on “Defeating BDS on Campus: Partner Perspectives” featured several rabidly anti-BDS speakers including Rabbi Evan Goodman (executive director of Hillel at UC Santa Barbara) and Roz Rothstein (co-founder and CEO of StandWithUs). I started taking video of the panel on my phone, but moderator Adam Teitelbaum spotted me and directed an usher to stop my recording.
Teitelbaum, a sharply dressed young man with a carefully manicured beard, serves as deputy leadership development director at AIPAC. Goodman, who recently came under fire for trying to censor the writer David Harris-Gershon for his support for BDS (the boycott, divestment, sanctions movement), said the mission of Hillel “is to build Jewish identity and to build up the Jewish people and to have us be able to enact our values and to share our values out into the world.” Without saying what these values were, he proceeded to describe how his chapter of Hillel was taking five Jews and 20 non-Jews on a 10-day “fact-finding mission” to Israel: “This is a behind-the-scenes community-building trip for campus influentials…in order to build up the connection to Israel for a variety of people – not under the auspices of BDS, but instead from a positive dimension.”
Putting aside the absurdity of the phrase “campus influentials,” his description of the trip made clear that his use of the phrase “Jewish identity” had nothing to do with observing the Sabbath or learning a lesson from the story of Job; it simply means strengthening Americans’ blind faith in the Israeli state. Part of this mission involves assuring that these Americans, Jews and gentiles alike, won’t be bothered by any pesky notions of self-determination or universal human rights.
Jewish identity, in this formulation, means something not just immoral but profoundly un-Jewish. The Talmudic tradition has always valued critique and self-examination, values the Israel lobby seeks to replace with a pathological projection of Israel’s crimes onto a dangerous Other. This backward logic extends to the BDS movement, which the AIPAC cult maligns as an anti-Semitic menace despite its high-minded goals and non-violent tactics. Ten days of hasbara, or pro-Israel propagandizing, in Goodman’s estimation, will be enough to convert new recruits, refreshing their impressionable young minds like a tall glass of Kool-Aid.
The most disturbing part of the panel came in response to a question from a 60-something audience member named Bud from Dallas, who asked, “Did you establish a relationship with the ex-student associations or the alumni associations of the colleges? The alumni are the ones who are making money and they can put pressure on the administration by refusing to make contributions to the university.”
Rothstein immediately stepped in with an intentionally vague answer that amounted to a direct attack on academic free speech:
“We are about to partner with this very thing—an alumni association group builder—we’ve already built groups at Oberlin and Vassar, and hundreds of alumni in just those two universities…they’re already beginning to cultivate three other universities and they’re being very successful to build up numbers so that when there is an issue…they can come in and engage and mentor students, and come in and speak with the administration, and be part of the solution. So you’re absolutely right—we have our eye on that ball, and as a matter of fact we have just signed that partnership relationship.”
Without being totally forthright, Rothstein was praising the idea of alumni threatening to withhold donations as a means of suppressing campus activism. Steven Salaita found himself the target of a similar campaign last year, and anti-Palestinian censorship continues to be a major free-speech issue on campuses nationwide.
Pandering and Politicking
The Jewish members of AIPAC represent only a privileged sliver of the Jewish population; in Occupy terms, they are the one percent. Accusations of a powerful Jewish lobby controlling American foreign policy are almost always met with reflexive counter-accusations of anti-Semitism, but they fail to alter the disturbing dynamic of pro-Israel lobbying groups like AIPAC leveraging money from wealthy Jews to dictate America’s policies in the Middle East. When Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer published their landmark book The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy in 2007, Zionists alleged an anti-Jewish bias. Yet the book’s conclusion that AIPAC has a “stranglehold” on U.S. policy is indisputable. And though the facts speak for themselves—AIPAC dropped nearly $3.4 million on lobbying campaigns in 2015, $1.67 million of which it spent in the first half of the year alone to lobby Congress against the Iran deal—accusations of anti-Semitism dog Walt and Mearsheimer to this day.
In Edward Said’s prophetic essay, “America’s Last Taboo,” published in New Left Review in 2000, just months after the outbreak of the Second Intifada, he described AIPAC as “the most powerful single lobby in Washington.” Said trained his ire on Hillary Clinton, then a New York Senate candidate:
“No-one exemplifies the sway of AIPAC better than Hillary Clinton, outdoing even the most right-wing Zionists in fervour for Israel in her avid clawing for power in New York, where she went so far as to call for the transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the grant of leniency for Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli spy serving a life sentence in the US.”
Despite her reputation for inconsistency, Hillary Clinton proved that not much had changed in the last 16 years when she addressed an audience of thousands at the Verizon Center on Monday morning. Clinton vilified the BDS movement as anti-Semitic and accused it of using the very tactics its proponents have often found themselves the victims of: “Don’t let anyone silence you, bully you or try to shut down debate.”
In a mindboggling critique of Trump, Clinton took aim at her Republican opponent for supporting the exact kind of racist policies Israel has embraced for years:
“In a democracy we’re going to have differences, but what Americans are hearing on the campaign trail this year is something else entirely: encouraging violence, playing coy with white supremacists, calling for 12 million immigrants to be rounded up and deported, demanding we turn away refugees because of their religion and proposing a ban on all Muslims entering the United States.”
Hillary knows that Israel’s Law of Return privileges Jews over Palestinian refugees. She knows that the Israeli government fills detention centers in the Negev with Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers, many of whom are fleeing genocide in their native countries. She’s not so ignorant that she can’t see the similarities between Trump’s fantasy and Israel’s reality; she just wants to score political points by trying to sound progressive. Judging by the ecstatic reaction to Trump that night, however, she may have misread her audience.
Gladiators at the Coliseum
Early that evening, I walked several blocks from the Convention Center to the Verizon Center to hear Trump speak (Kasich, Cruz and Paul Ryan spoke too, but Trump was clearly the man of the hour). I struck up a conversation with a middle-aged couple from New Jersey who told me they support Trump because, despite his outrageous persona, “people who know him” had assured them of his Zionist bona fides. It took every bit of self-control in my possession to stop myself from shouting, “Do you hear yourselves?” Instead I smiled, nodded and forged ahead.
The slow-moving line to get in the stadium snaked around the block. While I was waiting I met a couple from Rancho Palos Verdes who agreed that Trump was “dangerous,” but after listening to them defend Hillary along roughly the same lines as the previous couple defended Trump, my patience wore thin. Did anyone here care about things not directly related to Israel? Did they have any valid criterion for electing a president apart from, “most likely to bomb Gaza into submission?” Without exception, every single attendee I spoke with said Israel was the most important issue in the upcoming election. Considering the dismal state of American politics, this attitude is pretty extraordinary. Many people cannot afford health care or college and are facing insurmountable debt. Wall Street fleeces the middle class with impunity while nearly 50 million Americans live below the poverty line. Our prison system incarcerates more people than any nation on earth and the U.S. military budget exceeds that of the next seven countries combined.
Yet to AIPAC’s faithful acolytes, nothing matters as much as supplying Israel with billions of dollars to enforce a 50-year-old military occupation that has turned what’s left of Palestine into hell on earth. Since all the major presidential candidates (with the possible exception of Bernie Sanders) have made it clear they will do anything to appease Israeli interests regardless of the human toll, all AIPAC’s cult members can do is cheer on the candidate who appears to value Palestinian lives the least.
The Republicans who spoke Monday night turned Verizon Center into a modern-day Colosseum, playing gladiator to the Muslim boogeyman they summoned with every warning of global jihadism. Trump gave an unhinged but surprisingly lucid speech, promising to “dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran.” Decrying an evil Palestinian society in which “the heroes are those who murder Jews,” Trump repeated Netanyahu’s lie that “Israel does not name public squares after terrorists.” He wrapped things up by exploiting his daughter, whose Jewish husband, New York Observer publisher Jared Kushner, helped write his speech: “My daughter Ivanka is about to have a beautiful Jewish baby!” The crowd, already worked into a frenzy by Trump’s Islamophobia, raucously cheered the Jewish baby as one of its own. The night had officially gone off the rails.
Not to be outdone, Ted Cruz began his speech with the story of Purim, using the villainous Haman as a stand-in for “radical Islamic terrorism.” Cruz took the cake for bloodlust, chastising Clinton for not doing enough to justify Israel’s war crimes during Operation Protective Edge
“Hamas would place rockets in elementary schools. They placed their headquarters in the basement of a hospital, and I would note that Hillary Clinton, in 2014, explained this as follows, ‘Hamas puts its missiles, its rockets in civilian areas, part of it is because Gaza is pretty small and it’s densely populated.’ Well, Madam Secretary, with all respect, the reason the missiles are in schools is not because Gaza is small, the reason the missiles are in schools is because Hamas are terrorist monsters using children as human shields.”
The United Nations Independent Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict concluded that Israel, not Hamas, used human shields, while the UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza conflict described Protective Edge as “a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorize a civilian population.” But to Ted Cruz and his base, the massacre is only significant insofar as it presents yet another opportunity to suck up to the Israel lobby.
Freedom Beats Tyranny
On Tuesday the conference concluded with a Skyped-in Netanyahu address and a fire-and-brimstone speech by Bob Menendez, the ethically challenged New Jersey senator who is the fourth highest recipient of donations from pro-Israel interests in Congress. Netanyahu couldn’t appear in person because he had awkwardly backed out of a visit to DC, almost certainly to avoid another acrimonious meeting with Obama.
“I’m confident that over time, the trend of embracing Israel will overcome the trend of maligning Israel,” Bibi proclaimed, “because ultimately, freedom beats tyranny.” I sidled up to a young man standing alone and asked him, “Are Palestinians under occupation free?” The man was caught completely off guard, hesitating and stammering before finally blurting out, “Ask your local AIPAC representative.” Watching hardline Zionists squirm when asked to acknowledge the existence of the Palestinian people, much less the occupation, is akin to watching a robot short circuit after having a bucket of water dumped on its head.
Menendez adhered closely to the saber-rattling tone of the conference, warning that, “Iran will never change. The devil you see now is the devil you’ve always known.” In a not-so-subtle shot at Trump’s alleged neutrality, Menendez boasted that “unlike some presidential candidates, I do not believe the United States can be neutral if Israel is to survive.” Menendez, along with fellow senators Mark Kirk and Chuck Schumer, gained attention a few years back for introducing a strict sanctions bill backed by AIPAC called the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013. Last year, the Justice Department charged Menendez with 14 counts of corruption, including eight counts of bribery. During his trial, Menendez relied entirely on pro-Israel oligarchs to cover his legal defense.
The last person I spoke to before leaving the Convention Center was a soft-spoken white-haired Californian named Walter who was standing around with his wife as the crowds started to file out after the Tuesday morning session. Playing up the danger of Iran, he asked, “How would you feel if you were to wake up tomorrow and find out there is no more Israel?”
“I don’t see it happening,” I responded, “I think Iran knows if they attack Israel, the U.S. would obliterate them the next day.”
Walter considered this for a moment. “I’m very cynical about the loyalty the United States has with Israel, because I think a lot of it is the way that organizations like AIPAC focus on it, right in that one area.” Like most of the people I talked to, Walter shared AIPAC’s single-minded focus and implacable paranoia. “They don’t get involved with anything else. They’re lobbying Congress on behalf of Israel and the bottom line is that if AIPAC wasn’t here, do you really think that Congress would really give a damn? If something did happen to Israel, everyone would go, Oh my God, what a terrible, horrible thing, and then they’d move on.”
When I mentioned that Palestinians living under occupation in the West Bank lack the right to vote, Walter replied, “That’s where our son has a problem with Israel. He thinks they should back off, but the West Bank is Samaria and that is the original part of Israel. That’s where the Jews really came from.” His son “got involved in BDS for a while and stuff like that…he can’t stand things like the settlements because he thinks that’s so antagonistic it’s unbelievable, and if they stopped doing the settlements it would go a long way towards making peace.”
After listening to another digression about the rightful Jewish claim to ancient Samaria and how “it’s a pretty mixed bag of people living there,” I asked Walter and his wife Judy about their lanyards, which were a different color than mine. They explained that they were dues-paying members. I said that as a broke millennial I could barely afford the ticket. Hearing the word “millennial,” Walter struggled for the right words to describe my generation. “One thing is certain” he began, “the future is in your hands.” It was a trite but endearing sentiment and I smiled despite myself, bidding Walter and Judy goodbye before leaving the conference for good.
Robert Bryan is a journalist who has written for Jacobin and Mondoweiss among other publications

Syrian Army prepares encirclement of al-Sukhna as ISIS starts escape from al-Qaryatayn

click to enlarge ~ original link

Other than some laughable exploits attributable to the lackeys serving the conflicted strategies of the CIA and Pentagon in northern Aleppo, there isn’t a lot to write about as the cease-fire continues fairly successfully. 
Yesterday, the SAA liberated Western Al-Hazm (Al-Hazm Al-Gharbiyya), which you can see on the map overlooks Al-Qaryatayn.
The SAA also cleared out Elevation 861 in Al-Hazm giving the army an unobstructed look straight down into the town where the SAF continues to pummel ISIS rat positions.
According to our source, the SAF decisively put out of commission 6 vehicles, 2 of which were cannon-armed pickups.
The rate of bombings by the air force is a clue to how long the terrorists are expected to hold out.  Also just liberated are Al-Raaqima Elevation and Dhahr Al-Kharnoobi.
We are watching nightly efforts to evacuate Al-Qaryatayn of ISIS family members.  I can confirm that many cars and vans containing these non-combatants have been stopped and those inside taken to detention facilities outside Homs.
In the meantime, we are watching the slow encirclement of Al-Sukhna where a few hundred ISIS rats are holed up.  Terrorist chatter indicates a desire to abandon the town before the Syrian Army’s 7-day respite is to end.
rats fleeing sinking ship-1
At Tafha Village, about 80 kms from Homs City, the SAF, pummeled rodent positions near Jubb Al-Jarraah.  We are seeing a pattern developing of ISIS terrorists sending their families away from the infernal scenes about to envelop the area.  This usually is followed by the SAA invading the area.  The same is taking place at Al-Busayri Village.
The liberation of Palmyra is having salubrious effects on the army’s morale.  This was a victory which resonated remarkably with the population making the army seem even more efficacious, more competent than many had thought.
It is true that Russia played a role in wiping out the terrorist presence, but, it was also the formidable coordination between the Syrian Air Force and the army on the ground which impressed so many, leading a substantial number of writers to start questioning whether the war would end soon with a stunning victory at Aleppo.
Writers are also beginning to ring the alarm bells for Erdoghan whose durability is now being questioned.

By Ziad Fadel, Syrianperspective4
Submitted by SyrianPatriots 
War Press Info Network at:
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Syrian Front: Over 1000 IDPs Return Home Daily

Report of the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in the Syrian Arab Republic (March 30, 2016)
General information on the application of measures for the reconciliation of opposing sides
Specialists of the Russian Centre for reconciliation held consultations with authorities of the Hama and Aleppo provinces. The sides discussed issues of ceasefire regime and humanitarian aid providing. Preliminary agreements with representatives of two inhabited locations of the Hama and Homs provinces have been achieved.
The total number of settlements, the leaders of which have signed reconciliation agreements, has remained 51.
The number of ceasefire application forms signed with leaders of armed groupings has remained 43.
Within last 24 hours, the Russian Centre has received 897 appeals from militants, who had decided to lay down their weapon and return to peaceful life.
Results of ceasefire monitoring
All sides involved in the conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic confirm significant reduce of warfare intensity. Thus, on the average, 12-15 violations were registered daily in the early March. However, the number of daily violations has reached 5-7 ones a day.
In general, the ceasefire regime in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic has been observed.
In the course of last 24 hours, 6 ceasefire violations have been registered (Aleppo – 5, Latakia – 1).
In Aleppo, armed formations of Ahrar al-Sham grouping, which had claimed to belong to the opposition, performed shelling with multiple launch rocket systems against Sheikh Maqsood from Sakan al-Shababi.
In the Aleppo province, Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki detachments took efforts to conduct offensive against positions of the government troops in Basufan after performing preliminary bombardment.
Ahrar al-Sham militants carried out shelling with a tank and mortars of positions of the government troops near Hara, Maraanaz and al-Malikia (Aleppo province).
In the Latakia province, Ahrar al-Sham militants opened fire with small arms and mortars against positions of the government troops near Qaramanli.
Russian Aerospace Forces and Syrian Air Forces did not make strikes on armed formations, which follow ceasefire regime and informed the Russian or American Centres for reconciliation about their location.
Humanitarian aid to the population of Syria
Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides has held working session with representatives of the Ministry of the National Reconciliation of the Syrian Arab Republic. The parties discussed issues of humanitarian aid providing.
In course of last 24 hours, the Russian Centre has transported 4.4 tons of humanitarian cargos to the Aleppo province for further delivering aid to citizens of most damaged towns and villages.
Additional information
Leadership of the Russian Centre for reconciliation (Hmeymim airbase) and the American Coordination Centre (Amman) held another teleconference session. The sides discussed situation in different regions of the Republic, ceasefire observing, facts of ceasefire violation, and issues of interaction in providing humanitarian aid to the Syrian population.
According to information received from citizens of the Aleppo province, officers of the Turkish Armed Forces are recruiting militants for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist grouping in Mareaa and Azaz.
Jabhat al-Nusra continues performing provocative acts in Aleppo. Within last 24 hours, terrorists opened mortar fire against Sheikh Maqsood from Ashrafiyah for three times. Kurdish militia detachments fired in respond.
The Russian Aerospace Forces aviation group in the Syrian Arab Republic carried out strikes against ISIS terrorist formations near Al-Qaryatayn and in regions of close vicinity to Tadmor (Palmyra, Homs province).
The Russian aviation group has performed 23 sorties at nighttime engaging 54 terrorist objects of ISIS. The aircraft have eliminated 4 control centers, 6 artillery guns and mortars, 3 ammunition depots, 2 POL depots, 18 off-roaders with armament, an air defence system and more than 60 militants.
Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation ordered to send specialists of the International Mine Action Centre to Syria for mine clearance in Palmyra
According to the decision of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation has ordered to send specialists of the International Mine Action Centre to Syria for humanitarian mine clearance in the city Palmyra, which had been liberated from ISIS terrorists by the Syrian Army.
After practical training and a briefing on particularities of humanitarian mine clearance in the historical part of Palmyra conducted in the Nakhabino town (Moscow Region), the servicemen of a compounded detachment of the International Mine Action Centre have embarked on an aircraft of the Military transport aviation at the Chkalovsky airfield and departed to the Hmeymim airbase.
The mine clearance detachment of the International Mine Action Centre of the Russian Armed Forces is completely autonomous and equipped with the most advanced demining sets and protection suits (selective portable inductive mine detectors IMP-2S, portable explosive device control wire searchers PIPL, portable searchers of proximity explosive devices INVU-3M, combined arms demining suits) as well as life support means (autonomous electric supply systems, field kitchens, tents and containers for accommodation of servicemen).
Along with sapper units the detachment also includes a team with mine-detecting dogs.  During the mine clearance robotic complexes Uran-6 will be used.
Earlier the first group of specialists with engineer equipment and sappers’ mobile camp equipment had embarked on an An-124 Ruslan aircraft and departed to the Hmeymim airbase.

1,000 people displaced inside Syria daily return home

GENEVA, March 30. /TASS/. Moscow welcomes the return of people internally displaced inside Syria to their homes, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told the high-level meeting on global responsibility sharing through pathways for admission of Syrian refugees on Wednesday.
“The situation with people internally displaced inside Syria remains in the focus of our attention,” the top-ranking diplomat said. “We see a positive tendency in a stable decline in their numbers over the recent time,” he said, noting that “according to available data, up to 1,000 people return to their homes every day”.
Moscow assumes that “humanitarian assistance and prospects of peaceful life for the Syrians will be a guarantee that internally displaced persons won’t join the army of refugees outside their country,” Gatilov added.
UNESCO missions should not be sent to Palmyra until demining complete
Russia has addressed international organizations, in particular UNESCO, with a proposal to assist in restoring cultural heritage in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra that was recently liberated from terrorists, Gennady Gatilov said.
“Very large territories remain mined both in Palmyra and around it,” Gatilov said. “The issue is on the agenda on taking urgent measures to demine these territories. Without this, measures to restore destroyed monuments should not be taken,” he added.
Opposition’s disunity, absence of Kurds hinder intra-Syrian negotiations
The disunity of the Syrian opposition and the absence of Kurdish representatives in the delegations have a negative impact on the course of the intra-Syrian negotiations, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister went on to say.
“This, of course, would be preferable,” he said, answering a question about the need to unite the opposition groups into a single delegation.
“In order to achieve results, ideally it is necessary to have two sides: the government delegation and the opposition delegation,” Gatilov said. “But the real situation is such that it (the opposition) cannot unite due to the existing contradictions between different groups.”
According to the Russian deputy foreign minister, the UN leadership and the UN special envoy for Syria realize this. “They call upon all countries that have the corresponding influence on individual groups, to exert efforts to bring them to a common platform,” he said. “It is no easy task, because there are contradictions not only between the groups, but also within them, between their individual members. This has a negative impact on the course of the intra-Syrian negotiations.”
According to the high-ranking diplomat, “The same applies to the absence of Kurds at the negotiations.” “The Kurdish opposition has still not been presented [in the negotiations],” he said. “This situation needs to be corrected.”
On March 24, the first round of indirect intra-Syrian talks ended in Geneva. Their participants — a delegation of the Syrian government and a delegation of the opposition – did not meet each other but communicated through special envoy of the UN secretary general on Syria Staffan de Mistura. Discussions are due to resume in the first half of April.
On Saturday, Russia’s envoy to the UN office and other international organizations in Geneva Alexei Borodavkin told TASS that overall, “the delegations have demonstrated a serious approach and an intention to discuss practical ways of getting out of the Syrian crisis. No one, and this has been noted by the special envoy [Staffan de Mistura], tried to blame the other side for illegitimacy,” Borodavkin said.
According to the diplomatic official, “it is important to ensure presence of a wide spectrum of Syrian opposition groups in accordance with the UN Security Council Resolution and the documents of the International Syria Support Group in this round [of talks].” Meanwhile, Borodavkin said, “as de Mistura pointed out the delegations from the local patriotic opposition proved themselves as professionals, having prepared position papers, and demonstrated a serious approach to the discussion of all aspects of the Syrian settlement.” “The result of the round [of talks] inspires cautious optimism,” Borodavkin added.
Parties supporting Syria peace should break away from terrorist groups
To see a truce achieved in Syria it is necessary that the parties supporting the peace process break away from terrorist groups, Gatilov noted.
“The main task as concerns the ceasefire is to determine the parties to which the truce applies, and those that continue hostile activity and reject a political settlement, against which military operations will continue,” the diplomat said.
He said this was the subject matter of a dialog with American partners. “Of course, everybody voted for the UN Security Council resolution on those groups that must be recognized as terrorists, but there are certain nuances – some terrorist groups have turned out to be intermingled with each other,” he went on.
“Those who recognize the political process and are ready to participate in the ceasefire must simply break away from terrorists adhering to other positions,” Gatilov said.
“Then, strikes won’t target them. If they are really in favor of a peace dialogue, they should behave respectfully,” the top diplomat added.

The army establishes control over a hill in eastern Hama, destroyed 5 vehicles for terrorists in Daraa and Sweida
30 March، 2016
Provinces, SANA
The army continues its operations against ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations all over the country, taking control of more areas and destroying vehicles and weapons for the terrorists.
An army unit, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, carried out operation against ISIS fortified sites and gatherings in which established control over Tabaret al-Dibe hill in Salmiya area the eastern countryside of Hama province.
During the operation, many of ISIS terrorists were killed and their vehicles and fortified sites were destroyed.
An army unit targeted a gathering of ISIS terrorists in Bir al-Tanmiyeh area in the eastern countryside of the southern Sweida province, destroying 4 vehicles transporting terrorists, arms and ammunition, a military source told SANA on Wednesday.
In the eastern countryside of the neighboring Daraa province, an army unit hit movements of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in the northern side of Tuloul Khleif near Um Walad village, located on border with Sweida, destroying a car equipped with a heavy machinegun.
Deir Ezzor
Army continued its operations against ISIS gatherings and fortified sites in Deir Ezzor province.
Field sources told SANA reporter that an army unit conducted an operation in al-Mattar al-Qadim neighborhood in the southern parts of Deir Ezzor city.
A 20-meter long tunnel was detonated by the army during the operation, killing many terrorists and injuring many others.

The Covert Origins of ISIS and the fake “moderate rebels”….MUST WATCH

The Islamic militant group ISIS, formerly known as Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and recently rebranded as the so called Islamic State, is the stuff of nightmares. They are ruthless, fanatical, killers, on a mission, and that mission is to wipe out anyone and everyone, from any religion or belief system and to impose Shari'ah law. The mass executions, beheadings and even crucifixions that they are committing as they work towards this goal are flaunted like badges of pride, video taped and uploaded for the whole world to see. This is the new face of evil.

Previously known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the group has announced its intention to reestablish the caliphate and has declared its leader, the shadowy Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as the caliph.

The lightning advances the Islamic State made across Syria and Iraq in June shocked the world. But it's not just the group's military victories that have garnered attention — it's also the pace with which its members have begun to carve out a viable state.

Flush with cash and US weapons seized during its advances in Iraq, the Islamic State's expansion shows no sign of slowing down. In the first week of August alone, Islamic State fighters have taken over new areas in northern Iraq, encroaching on Kurdish territory and sending Christians and other minorities fleeing as reports of massacres emerged.

VICE News reporter Medyan Dairieh spent three weeks embedded with the Islamic State, gaining unprecedented access to the group in Iraq and Syria as the first and only journalist to document its inner workings.

Would it interest you to know who helped these psychopaths rise to power? Would it interest you to know who armed them, funded them and trained them? Would it interest you to know why?

This story makes more sense if we start in the middle, so we'll begin with the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

The Libyan revolution was Obama's first major foreign intervention. It was portrayed as an extension of the Arab Spring, and NATO involvement was framed in humanitarian terms.
The fact that the CIA was actively working to help the Libyan rebels topple Gaddafi was no secret, nor were the airstrikes that Obama ordered against the Libyan government. 

However, little was said about the identity or the ideological leanings of these Libyan rebels. Not surprising, considering the fact that the leader of the Libyan rebels later admitted that his fighters included Al-Qaeda linked jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq.
These jihadist militants from Iraq were part of what national security analysts commonly referred to as Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Remember Al-Qaeda in Iraq was ISIS before it was rebranded.

With the assistance of U.S. and NATO intelligence and air support, the Libyan rebels captured Gaddafi and summarily executed him in the street, all the while enthusiastically chanting "Allah Akbar". For many of those who had bought the official line about how these rebels were freedom fighters aiming to establish a liberal democracy in Libya, this was the beginning of the end of their illusions.

A Broad Section of the Israeli Public Supports IOF Killer, Lambastes Netanyahu

Elior Azaria, a medic in the Israeli Army, is accused of killing Palestinian Abdul-Fattah Sharif with a gunshot to the head.
In an analysis of public reaction to the recent videotaped execution of Palestinian Abdul-Fattah Sharif, David Sheen writes the following (emphasis added):
The family of the soldier quickly mounted a public relations campaign, with his sister telling journalists at a press conference at the family home, “Why have you judged him on the scene? … Why are you killing him without a trial?”With seemingly no sense of irony, she added, “All that’s left is for you to execute him, without him even being able to defend himself.”
Hundreds of average Israelis have since taken up the soldier’s cause, protesting across the country in support of him. The municipality of Bet Shemesh officially endorsed and advertised a demonstration Monday night under the headline “a show of support for the release of the Israeli hero,” while the municipality of Ramle has scheduled its own pro-soldier rally for Tuesday night.
You can read Sheen’s full article here. I highly recommend it. The soldier has been identified as Elior Azaria, 19, a medic in the Israeli Army. Sheen discusses some of the racist comments he is said to have posted on Facebook, including expressing his admiration of Meir Kahane. And in 2014, during Israel’s 51-day Gaza onslaught, Azaria reportedly lamented that more Palestinians weren’t being killed:  “Bibi, you faggot, what’s the deal with the cease-fire? Fuck them up! … Kill them all.”
 photo azaria_zpslxc7zovx.jpg
As Ireportedly previously, Sharif was killed in Hebron last week on the Purim holiday. A video surfaced almost immediately, showing that it was a cold-blooded execution of a man who posed no threat to anyone. Normally, when Palestinian deathsdo get reported by the media (which isn’t often), Israel brushes them off, usually with a vague promise of conducting an “investigation,” one that more often than not never happens.
But this incident, along with its capturing on videotape, has thrown Israeli officialdom into a state of blind confusion. Initially, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed official disapproval of Azaria’s action.
“What happened in Hebron does not represent the values of the Israel Defense Forces,” he said, adding that the Jewish state “expects its soldiers to act coolly and in accordance with the rules of engagement.”
Azaria, shortly after the video’s surfacing, was placed under arrest. And views similar to Netanyahu were expressed by Israeli military officials at the time. But then an outpouring of support for Azaria, including from opposition Israeli politicians, prompted an almost complete turnabout on the prime minister’s part.
“Any challenge to the morality of the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) is outrageous and unacceptable,” he said. “The soldiers of the IDF, our children, maintain high ethical values while courageously fighting against bloodthirsty murderers under difficult operational conditions.”
He added: “I am certain that in all cases, as in the current one, the inquiry takes into account all conditions. We must all support the IDF chief of staff, the IDF and our soldiers, who safeguard our security.”
Some in Israel are expressing the view that Azaria is being “hung out to dry,” and indeed it’s entirely possible that his lawyers may argue that their client, in conducting a deliberate murder of a wounded Palestinian, was simply following orders. On October 14, 2015, a month and a half into the intifada, Netanyahu made the following statement in remarks before border police units:
“I know that it requires your discretion, but have no doubt: You have complete backing – complete! – from me, from the Israeli government, and in my opinion from the nation in Israel.”
Another Israeli official caught up in discombobulation is Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, whose initial response to the Sharif execution was as follows:
“Even when our blood is boiling, we must not allow such a loss of sense, such a loss of control.” He added that while terror must be fought uncompromisingly, “woe to us if we act contrary to our moral values and our conscience.”
But back on October 9, 2015, Ya’alon’s concerns about “moral values” were far less in evidence:
“Right now is it required to respond quickly to any local attack to eliminate the terrorist stabber or the perpetrator stone thrower and the like, immediately, on the spot,” he said.
So last year top Israeli officials seemed very much to be sanctioning extrajudicial executions–the same officials who, following the surfacing of last week’s execution video, suddenly found it necessary to engage in public hand-wringing over the military’s putative “high ethical values.” And the Israeli opposition apparently sensed an opportunity.
“Has anyone heard the soldier’s side of the story?” asked Naftali Bennett, of the Jewish Home party, on his Facebook page. “The country’s leadership was quick to pounce on the soldier who shot the terrorist.”
“The prime minister and the minister of defense are looking for support among the bleeding heart liberals and the representatives of B’Tselem,” said Avigdor Lieberman, of the same party.
Polls of the Israeli public show a majority expressing support for Azaria–how much of a majority depends upon which report you read. Here is what The Guardian says:
According to a poll conducted for Israel’s Channel 2, 57% of Israelis opposed the soldier’s arrest, while 42% described his actions as “responsible.” Only 5% of those polled said they would describe the shooting as murder.
And here’s what Sheen says on the matter:
One day after the incident, an analysis of social media revealed that half of the Israeli public supported the actions of the soldier who killed al-Sharif, while the other half was critical of his actions. Two days later, once Netanyahu publicly changed his tune, a second analysis of social media revealed that 82% of the public now supported the actions of the soldier.
There is also an online petition calling for Azaria to be awarded a medal that so far has gathered more than 56,000 signatures.
Ya’alon’s comments in response to the criticism leveled by Israeli opposition politicians are also striking. He has lashed out against “ministers and members” of the Knessett for conducting what he refers to as an “unprecedented incitement campaign against the army, chief of staff, and senior commanders.” He added that their remarks are motivated by “populist” considerations “at the price of harming the military, as well as Israel’s national resilience.”
Israeli political leaders are obviously distressed and in a tizzy over the contradictions in which they  presently find themselves caught up: the need to cater to “populist” sentiments on the one hand, and the desperate urgency to fend off growing international condemnation on the other. Overwhelming public support for a murderer, on the one hand, and growing panic over delegitimization on the other. What can one do?
Netanyahu’s answer seems to be to retreat back into the macabre policy of purloining the bodies of dead Palestinians. On Monday he issued an order that no longer will the bodies of “terrorists” be returned to their families.
It doesn’t make much sense, but then there aren’t a lot of options. In Israel, moral logic is in a state of collapse, and the national psyche is in free fall.