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3 US Military Advisors Killed, Several Wounded in Yemeni Resistance Attack on Najran

TEHRAN (FNA)- Several US military advisors of the Riyadh government’s army were killed and wounded in heavy clashes with Yemen’s revolutionary forces in Saudi Arabia’s Najran region.

“The Yemeni revolutionary committee forces killed three US military advisors and wounded two others in the Southern province of Najran,” Abu Hessam, a senior Ansarullah commander, told FNA on Sunday.

He noted that seven Saudi military men were also killed in the clashes with Yemeni forces. Abu Hessam did not disclose the names of the American military advisors.

On Saturday, media reports revealed that the US has invaded and occupied Yemen’s strategic Island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean and is now building up its biggest naval base there.

“Hundreds of workers from Asian countries have been deployed by the US navy to construct its biggest naval base on the island,” Arabic-language Al-Masyra TV quoted a Spanish-language newspaper as saying.

Socotra is a small archipelago of four islands in the Indian Ocean…

Lebanon: Hezbollah Minister Voices Support for Anti-Corruption Protests

Local Editor

As he voiced support to the “legitimate demands” of anti corruption protesters in Lebanon,

Hezbollah’s State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Mohammad Fneish, urged those protesters to have “clear and realistic demands,” in order to achieve the change they have been calling for in Lebanon.
“It is the right of some to call for a change in the regime and a revolution, all these slogans are pretty; but, what is needed are the tools for change. That is why protestors must have clear and realistic demands, if they want some of these demands to be achieved," Fneish said during a funeral ceremony in south Lebanon.

Meanwhile, he stressed that those who are responsible for the corruption must be held accountable, refusing the dissemination of responsibility on all politicians.

"Generalizing responsibility means that we do not want to hold someone accountable," Fneish said, dubbing such an act as "lacking courage in pinpointing responsibility."

The Lebane…

Nasser Kandil: Wars on Syria and Yemen

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Yemen : The Battle for Sanaa – A Tale of a Resistance - Yemeni Army, Committees Pound Saudi Military Posts, Seize Vehicles in Jizan

Yemeni Army, Committees Pound Saudi Military Posts, Seize Vehicles in Jizan

Local Editor
Yemeni army, backed by the Popular Committees, continues to pound Saudi military posts in the border areas between the two countries.
Yemeni sources told al-Manar that several Saudi soldiers were killed an injured as the Yemeni allied forces shelled Jalah military base in the southwestern province of Jizan.
Meanwhile, the joint forces also managed to seize and destroy Saudi vehicles, the video below shows.

Yemeni allied forces destroyed the US-made tank, Abrams in the area of al-Khobe, the Military Media reported. They also carried off as booty a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), also known as Humvee,
Yemen has been since March 26 under brutal aggression by Saudi-led coalition.

Yemen : The Battle for Sanaa – A Tale of a Resistance

By Catherine Shakdam Yemen has reached a decisive crossroads in its fights against imperial Saudi Arabia. As communities, sects and regions have been pi…

Syrian Humanitarian Crisis Requires Urgent Political Solution

Al-Jaafari : Syria Will Cooperate with UN, Excluding Foreign Intervention

27 August، 2015

New York, SANA

Syria’s permanent Envoy to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said on Thursday the Syrian government is ready to continue cooperation with the UN to deliver humanitarian aid to all citizens affected by the crisis in any region.

“The admission of aid should be done in accordance with the UN principles for the humanitarian aid in the states of emergency, on top, respecting Syrian sovereignty, territorial integrity and in light of commitments resulting from the response plans signed with the Syrian government,” al-Jaafari said in a speech at a UN Security Council session to discuss regular report of the UN Chief on implementing resolutions 2193, 2165 and 2191.

He added that it is impossible to deal with the painful humanitarian situation in Syria apart from “the backgrounds of foreign economic, military and political intervention in the Syrian scene” as this intervention was the reason beh…

Israeli, Jordanian Officers Killed among Al-Nusra Commanders in Syrian Airstrike

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The Syrian air force killed a large number of Takfiri militant commanders, including senior Israeli and Jordanian officers, in airstrikes on terrorists' positions in the Southern province of Daraa, FARS news agency reported Saturday.

At least 42 Al-Nusra Front Takfiri terrorist commanders, including 3 Israeli and Jordanian officers, were killed in the Syrian warplanes' air raids in Daraa.

Military sources said that the Syrian airstrikes on al-Nusra Front positions incurred heavy losses on the Takfiri terrorists.

In similar operations on Friday, over 100 militants of al-Nusra Front were killed by the Syrian fighter jets in Daraa.

The sources said that, over 100 terrorists, most of them from al-Nusra Front, were killed in a series of army airstrikes that targeted their gatherings in Dael town in the countryside of the southern Daraa city.

On Thursday, the Syrian army troops killed 46 terrorists in military operations in Aleppo city.
The terrorists were killed in al-S…

Syrian Army Targets al-Nusra in Daraa, Strikes ISIL in Homs

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Units of the Syrian army on Saturday continued to tighten the noose around the Takfiri terrorists across the country through launching wide-scale military operations against their dens and positions, killing scores of them and destroying their arms and ammunition, state-run SANA news agency reported.

In Daraa, an army unit targeted a terrorist group driving three vehicles equipped with machine guns in the surroundings of al-Sheikh Hussein and Khleif hills near the border between the provinces of Sweida and Daraa.

A military source told SANA that one of the vehicles was damaged and a number of the group’s members were killed or injured, while the rest managed to flee.

Another army unit killed 10 terrorists and destroyed their weapons and ammunition as it targeted their positions in Bosra al-Sham city in the eastern countryside of Daraa province.

Meanwhile, a number of al-Nusra Front terrorists were killed during army operations against their positions in separate areas in Da…

The Wise Guardians

Thursday, 27 August 2015 20:03
The Syrian State has the right to invite those who defend the Syrian people, said H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in his recent interview with the Lebanese al-Manar Satellite TV, describing His Eminence Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah as the genuine, sincere, principled honest and transparent resistant Leader. The Syrians are indeed indebted to their Hezbollah brothers in blood and destiny. When the wahabi Al-Qaeda affiliates and cannibals invaded the sacred Syria of tolerance, amity, secularity, the Syrians have been left a prey along with their culture, heritage, mosques, churches, synagogues and other worship places. Had it not been for the brave President, Army, Defense and Resistance Forces, Syria, the cradle of civilization and of monotheist religions could have been by now filled but only with ignorance, slaughter, extremism and non-humans! Thus, Syrians bow in respect for those heroes who brave every danger to save a child, c…