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Friday, July 31, 2015

Yemeni Army, Popular Committees Advance in Abyan & Strike Saudi Border Sites

Local Editor

YemenThe Yemeni army and the popular committees continued their anti-Qaeda operations in various provinces, expelling the terrorist group's militants from different positions in Lodr in Abyan.

 The Yemeni army and the popular committees also managed to kill 4 Saudi soldiers and injure 8 others after targeting their sites and patrols in Assir and Jizan.

Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen since March 26 to bring fugitive president Abed-Rabbu Mansour Hadi back to power.

The airstrikes have so far claimed the lives of more than 5,302 civilians, mostly women and children.

Source: Al-Manar Website
31-07-2015 - 20:59 Last updated 31-07-2015 - 20:59 

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في دائرة الضوء 30 07 2015 مع سهل بن عقيل وخالد موسى #قرن الشيطان سينكسر

قناة الساحات الفضائية برنامج وجهة نظر

في اليمن ، حرب وحصار لابادة شعب | العالم

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’Israel’ Installs Iron Dome near Lebanon Border

Local Editor

"Israel" deployed its Iron Dome Defense System near Lebanon's southern border, Col. Yoni Saada Marom, commander of Israel's Air Force declared reflecting heightened "Israeli" concerns following the Iranian nuclear deal.

Marom said that Hizbullah and other organizations close to the occupied Palestine's border pose a potentially heightened threat against the Zionist entity though he refrained from linking this to the recent nuclear deal with Iran.

Critics of the deal had warned that lifting sanctions on Iran would give it access to over $100 billion in frozen assets, with concerns that Hizbullah could receive an injection of cash and weaponry as a result.

"Now we are dealing with the challenges and scenarios that we think the enemies from the north will bring. One of the scenarios could be that, like Hamas, they [Hizbullah] will try and challenge us with a variety of threats simultaneously - which is a great challenge - but we are developing our concepts of operation," the colonel said.

Marom revealed that more batteries are now operational near Lebanon's border and additional soldiers had been trained to operate to the sophisticated systems.

"As a military commander I cannot deal with their [Hizbullah's] intentions," Marom said adding that the "Israeli" forces should be ready for whatever Hizbullah chose to do.

While not making details public, Hizbullah had declared that its military capabilities had been significantly boosted since 2006.

The 2006 war with "Israel" martyred 1,200 civilians by "Israeli" strikes on Lebanon.

Hizbullah will never bow to pressure to normalize ties with "Israel", party Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Tuesday.

"We are certain that "Israel" will fade away and Palestinians will reclaim their land despite all the tragedies... the "Israeli" terrorism remains above all."

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

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Nasser Kandil : 60 Minutes on Iran and the Region

ستون دقيقة مع ناصر قنديل | توب نيوز 27 07 2015

60 دقيقة مع ناصر قنديل 

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Syrian army retakes areas in Hama countryside, kills over 100 terrorists in Daraa

 Friday, 31 July 2015 16:52
PROVINCES,(ST)_Syrian army has regained control over areas in the western countryside of Hama and has foiled terrorists' infiltration bid into Tha'aleh airbase in Sweida countryside.
According to the Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV channel, Syrian army regained control over al-Zyadeyeh town and Zaizoun thermal station in the western countryside of Hama in the wake of clashes with terrorists.
Today's achievement synchronized with foiling terrorist group's infiltration attempt into Tha'aleh airbase in Sweida countryside and killing over 100 terrorists in and outside Daraa.
The official news agency (SANA) reported that army units pounded several hideouts of al-Nusra Front and the so-called that 'al-Mothanna' Movement in the southeastern edge of al-Maliha town in the northeastern countryside of Daraa.
Many terrorists were killed in the said area and on the outskirts of Zemrin town in the northwestern countryside of Daraa .
Further terrorists were eliminated in towns of al-Kabir, al-Helweh and al-Derra in the northern countryside of Lattakia, according to a military source.
Basma Qaddour


HAMA: And just when the rats thought they were in like Flynn in Hama, the Syrian Army began a massive counterattack. In the Ghaab Valley, Syria’s Bekaa, the SAA-SF laid down an ambush for a group of rodents belonging to both Nusra and Jaysh Al-Fath. The SAA killed:

Anas Qabalaan (a/k/a “Abu Jalmood Al-Maqdisi”. JORDANTEEZIAN LEADER OF A “DEEP IMMERSION” UNIT for Nusra)

Muhammad Ghubn (Leader in Jaysh Al-Fath)
Another 11 were counted dead. All foreigners.

The Syrian Army has begun opening supply routes to the government’s forces after losing some positions east of Jisr Al-Shughoor to the Jaysh Al-Fath which opened up with a ferocious artillery attack with mostly American-provided weapons. The purpose of the SAA action was to cleanse the area of Tal Waasit, Khirbat Al-Naaqoos, Al-Mansoora and Al-Ziyaara.

From there, the plan is known to include an assault on Furayka and all hills around it.
It has been announced that the SAA has routed the rodents at Al-Mansoora, Tal Waasit and Khirbat Al-Naaqoos in the area of Suqaylabiyya.

In the meantime, the SAAF has been harrying the rodents around Khirbat Al-Naqoos, Qastoon, Khattaab Hills, Himka, Al-Mintaar, Al-Mushayrifa, Al-A’war, all east of Jisr Al-Shughoor, to prevent the rats from establishing fortifications and revetments.
The SAA is continuing its assault on Tal Al-Dayr and Tal Bakri which are the main supply routes to the rats from the Al-Zaawiya Mountains.

SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE IS DELIGHTED TO REPORT THE DEATH OF THE AMERICAN RODENT: “ABU USAAMAA AL-AMREEKI” after some agents of the Syrian Intelligence service placed an inconvenient explosive device in his Volvo while he was traveling in Kafr Takhaareem in Idlib Province.

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Israeli Diplomat: Maintaining German Guilt About The Holocaust Helps Israel

Reported by Gilad Atzmon

Haaretz reported recently that a spokeswoman for the Israeli embassy in Berlin told Israeli journalists it was ‘in the country’s interest to maintain German guilt about the Holocaust, and that it isn’t seeking full normalization of relations between the governments.’

Embassy spokeswoman Adi Farjon made the comments in a closed briefing session with Israeli journalists at the embassy.

The Israeli ambassador, Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, was present for some of the briefing, as were other embassy workers who don’t speak Hebrew. One journalist commented, “It was so awkward. We couldn’t believe our ears. We’re sitting there eating peanuts, and behind the spokeswoman there are two German women sitting there who don’t understand a word of Hebrew – and the embassy staff is telling us they’re working to preserve the German guilt feelings and that Israel has no interest in normalization of relations between the two countries.”

Talking to Haaretz, Farjon made the usual distinction between Jews and ‘goyim.’  “It was an off-the-record conversation, a briefing talk. The way I speak with Israeli journalists is a little different. These things aren’t intended to get out.”

A spokesperson for the Israeli Foreign Ministry defended Farjon’s comments throwing a new light on the notion of ‘Journalistic ethics’. “It’s regrettable that someone decided to violate the rules of journalistic ethics and take selected statements out of their broader context and distort them in a way that alters their meaning.”

It was Abba Eban who back in the 1950s coined the priceless phrase ‘there is no business like shoah business.’ Six decades later, Israel’s attitude to Germany and Germans is fully consistent with Eban’s ‘business plan.’

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Israeli Navy Prepares for Hezbollah Strikes during Any Upcoming War

Local Editor

Zionist EntityThe Zionist navy will face major challenges during any upcoming war with Hezbollah as the Israeli estimation notes that the oil refineries will be the most targeted.

During the upcoming war between Israel and Hezbollah, the marine confrontation will be fundamental, the Zionist newspaper Maariv reported.

The paper reflected the Zionist navy preparations to face Hezbollah rocketry attacks that will target the marine oil platforms.

 According to the Zionist newspaper, the oil platforms will be a main target of Hezbollah will impose a marine blockade on Israel, which will lead to seriously negative effects on the entity.

A Zionist military source mentioned that the targeted area is two times larger than that of the entity, demanding an iron dome strategy to face the rocketry challenge.

Maariv added that Israel is trying to anticipate the threat by getting more warships and by intensifying the human and materialistic resources of its navy.

Source: Al Manar TV
31-07-2015 - 18:59 Last updated 31-07-2015 - 18:59 

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Israeli Drone Strike Kills 3 Popular Fighters in Syria’s Quneitra

Local Editor

Report: Israel Attacks Syria Again

Three fighters from the Popular committees in Syria's Quneitra were martyred as an Israeli drone struck their position in al-Hadar village which borders the occupied Golan Heights.

In a different context, units of the Syrian army and the armed forces on Wednesday continued to tighten the noose around terrorists across the country through launching more military operations against their dens and positions, killing scores of them and destroying their arms and ammunition.

Source: Al Manar TV
29-07-2015 - 19:30 Last updated 29-07-2015 - 19:30 

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قوى الدفاع الوطني تسيطر على عدد من النقاط في محيط مدينة البعث بـ القنيطرة


القضاء على عدد من الإرهابيين في الزبداني و تدمير آليات و مستودع أسلحة في عربين و مزارع دير العصافير

بانوراما اليوم | المناورات الاسرائيلية .. _ الاجازة الملكية .. | المنار

بانوراما | الاتحاد العالمي لعلماء المقاومة ،، متحدون من اجل فلسطين | العالم 

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Terrorism from Damascus’s perspective

President al-Assad_1
Jul 27, 2015, What’s Left
Below are excerpts from a July 26, 2015 speech Syrian president Bashar al-Assad delivered in Damascus.
On the West’s double standards on terrorism
[Western powers] call it terrorism when it hits them, and call it revolution, freedom, democracy, and human rights when it hits us. There, its perpetrators are terrorists, and here, they are rebels and moderate opposition. They scream at the top of their voices whenever they are touched by a spark of fire while they fall deathly silent when we are burned by it.
On humanitarian intervention
Let them permit the opposition in their countries to bear arms and kill and destroy and keep calling them opposition, or permit them to become proxies or let other states decide what is the ruling system for them should be, then we will believe and accept their old recipes that have always been used to justify an aggression or interference in states’ affairs under humanitarian slogans like human rights, freedom, democracy, and so on.
On the West’s relationship with militant Islamists
What they want is to keep this monster in check and not eliminate it. All their military, political and media campaigns are in fact smoke screens, and what the West has done so far has led to a growth of terrorism instead of eliminating it, and this is confirmed by reality, not personal analysis, as terrorism has spread geographically, its material resources have increased, and its manpower has doubled.
An observation a propos of Assad’s comments: Western newspapers talk of the Egyptian army’s fight in the Sinai against militant Islamists, but of the Syrian army’s fight against militant Islamists in Syria as “regime forces” waging a “brutal” war to crush a “rebellion”.
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فيلمٌ عن جرائم الإرهاب التكفيري في سورية .. واستهداف كافة مناحي الحياة في سورية .

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Hezbollah, Syrian Army Advance in Zabadani


Local Editor

Hezbollah and the Syrian army controlled Barada Mosque and the neighboring buildings in southwestern Zabadani, killing scores of terrorists.

The Resistance mujahidin (fighters) also continued advancing towards the western neighborhood of the city as the large number of terrorists fled the battlefield.

The Syrian military further struck the militant groups in various provinces, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

مع الحدث | الدخول الاسرائيلي على خط انجازات القلمون

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Balkanizing Syria, Buffer Zone in Northern Syria. Redrawing the Middle East Map


Jul 29, 2015, Global Research

Stephen Lendman Receives Mexico Media AwardLongstanding US/Israeli plans call for redrawing the Middle East map – including balkanizing Iraq and Syria along with installing regional puppets serving Western/Zionist interests.
The ugly scheme involves endless wars – killing millions through violence and deprivation. Imperialism works this way – causing unspeakable human misery for power, resource control and profit.
America, key NATO allies, Israel and rogue Arab states like Saudi Arabia are allied in potentially embroiling the entire region and beyond in endless conflicts – wanting regime change in Iran, Syria and elsewhere.
Washington wants all independent governments replaced by pro-Western puppet regimes. Israel wants all its regional rivals eliminated – Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Assad in Syria.
Former US Political Advisor for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, current Consul General to Jerusalem Michael Ratney was just appointed US Special Envoy for Syria.
It comes when Turkey joined America’s war on the Syrian Arab Republic directly – by attacking Syrian Kurds on the pretext of fighting Islamic State terrorists it actively supports – providing them safe haven in its territory, training them and funneling them cross-border to wage war on Syria as US proxy foot soldiers.
Last week, Obama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed on letting US warplanes use Ankara’s Incirlik and Diyarbakir air bases to bomb Syrian targets – along with the first step toward balkanizing its territory by establishing a buffer and no-fly zone in northern Syria bordering Southeastern Turkey.
At Monday’s daily State Department press briefing, AP’s Matt Lee asked spokesman Admiral John Kirby “what’s going on with the Turks? (I)t seems like a really bizarre situation has unfolded over the course of the past week with them (claiming to join) the air strikes against ISIS, but at the same time bombing PKK positions” in Syria and Iraq.
“So what exactly is going on here, and doesn’t this just make an even bigger mess out of the situation than” earlier?
Kirby ducked the question saying “(w)e are grateful for Turkey’s cooperation against ISIL (America’s ally, not enemy) to include now use of some of their bases for coalition (US/Britain/Israel and now Turkey) aircraft to go against targets – ISIL targets, particularly in Syria.”
Fact: Washington provides air support for IS proxy foot soldiers. Syrian infrastructure is targeted. Easily visible columns of IS elements (via satellite imagery) move free of US attacks.
They could easily be destroyed if Washington wanted them eliminated. Just the opposite. Kirby and other US officials claiming America is at war with IS is polar opposite truth.
Matt Lee pressed Kirby on attacking PKK fighters in Iraq and YPG Kurds in Syria – “perhaps the most effective (ones) on the ground against ISIS/ISIL,” he said. “You don’t have a problem with that,” he asked?
Kirby disagreed on Kurdish effectiveness, called the PKK “a foreign terrorist organization” because Washington say so, and added “Turkey has a right to self-defense” – the same rationale as Israel’s phony claim about a Palestinian threat.
Lee pressed further asking “(i)s the US telling Turkey not to go after the PKK if the PKK in Syria are going after ISIL – yes or no?”
Kirby seemed nonplussed – interrupted by another reporter asking “(s)o you don’t know (about Kurdish elements) fighting inside Syria?”
Kirby lied saying “I have no specific information.”
Question: “Who is shooting at whom at this point?”
Kirby ducked the question – without explaining sophisticated US satellite imagery he understands well as a retired navy admiral, able to follow ground activity wherever the Pentagon wishes.
An unnamed US official said Washington and Ankara are cooperating to create “an ISIL-free zone and ensure greater security and stability along Turkey’s border with Syria.”
Fact: The last thing Washington wants is stability anywhere in Syria or other targeted countries – regionally or elsewhere. It defeats US imperial aims. Endless wars serve them.
On Tuesday, all 28 NATO ambassadors are meeting in Brussels (at Turkey’s request) to discuss Ankara’s intervention in Syria and Iraq along with US/Turkish plans for Syrian buffer and no-fly zones – escalating Obama’s war to oust Assad and perhaps enlisting greater NATO involvement even if not announced.
An Alliance statement said member states “follow developments very closely and stand in solidarity with Turkey.” Whether it suggests direct NATO involvement in Syria and/or Iraq (including ground forces) remains to be seen.
On Monday, Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Ankara will press ahead with military action against PKK forces – claiming it’s part of its “war on terror” even though the secular PKK is bitterly opposed to IS extremists, engaged in combat against them.
A Syrian Kurdish People’s Defense Units (YPG) spokesman accused Turkey of attacking its positions. Ankara claimed unidentified elements fired cross-border from Syrian territory.
US officials said they’re unaware of any such attack but support Ankara’s right to self-defense – even if its forces committed naked aggression.
Meanwhile, US/Turkish plans call for a 60-mile-long buffer and no-fly zone around 30 miles into Syrian territory, according to various reports.
If established, it’ll constitute a blatant violation of international law without Security Council authorization, besides breaching Syrian sovereignty – along with a first step toward balkanizing the country, destroying it by dismemberment.
At the same time, a shaky 2013 established Turkish/PKK truce was breached. A group spokesman said “(i)t seems Erdogan wants to drag us back into war.”
“When things reach this level and when all of our areas are bombed, I think by then the ceasefire has no meaning anymore.”
White House deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes expressed support for Turkey’s “right to take action related to terrorist targets.”
So did EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and Germany’s Angela Merkel – “expressing solidarity and support in the fight against terrorism.”
The region already is boiling. Turkey’s intervention ups the stakes.
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