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Mossad visits Charlie Hebdo office in Paris

Forget that London bombing was a MI5-CIA-Mossad false flag operation. But the CBS “expert” forgot that Israel-loving Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian mass killer, who killed 92 youth in July 2011 for country’s support for Palestinian cause.


mossad[2]On January 7, 2015, three gunmen carrying pump-action shotguns and Kalashnikovs entered the Paris office of the controversial French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and shot dead 10 staffers and 2 police officers while five others were critically injured. One of the police officer killed was a Muslim by the name Ahmed Merabet.
As expected, every single Jewish-controlled media outlet has blamed Muslim “terrorism” behind the attack. However, their common conspiracy theories are laughable. They have claimed that the attackers were members of ISIL aka ISIS “Islamist groups” fighting against Syrian and Iraqi governments, and it was a “revenge execution” for Charlie Hebdo’s publishing of insulting cartoons of the Prophet of Islam.
Mike Morell former CIA deputy director and currently senior security consultant with Jewish CBS, is another example of Zionist propagandist. His comment on Charlie Hebdo was: “This is the worst terrorist attack in Europe since the attacks in London in July of 2005. We’ve not lost that many people since that attack.”
Forget that London bombing was a MI5-CIA-Mossad false flag operation. But the CBS “expert” forgot that Israel-loving Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian mass killer, who killed 92 youth in July 2011 for country’s support for Palestinian cause.
Gerard Biard (with Jewish family roots), editor-in-chief of the magazine was in London at the time of the shooting.
Before I go further, I like to put some facts for the readers to decide what the Jewish media is hiding.
1. Jewish and Christian authors, Chris Hedge, Max Blumenthal and Fidel Castro have all claimed that ISIL/ISIS was created by the US and Israel to destabilize Muslim states bordering Israel in order to maintain Israel’s military supremacy. David Friedman, founder-CEO of Stratfor, a US-based Jewish intelligence consultant group also claimed that the three attackers were trained militarily and spoke French fluently.
2. If the shooting was to punish the magazine staff for republishing the insulting Danish cartoons, the office was already firebombed in 2011 for that reason. But even if the ISIL goons wanted another revenge, they should have attacked Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten office. It was newspaper’s Jewish editor Flemming Rose, who commissioned and published the cartoons in the first place in 2006.
3. France under president Hollande, a whore of Zionism, has the largest Jewish-controlled government in the country’s history. But in November 2014 French MPs voted to recognize an independent Palestinian state over pre-1967 borders, which infuriated Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He slammed French decision calling it “grave mistake”.
4. Last month, France set off a stampede by voting in favor of Palestine state membership admission to United Nations at the UNSC.
5. The extremist pro-Israel group Jewish Defense League (JDL) which was declared an extremist terrorist organization by the FBI several decades ago, is very active in France. Its members have been involved in terroristactivities against French critical of Jewish power and Israel.
And now we have US-Israel created ISIS “Islamists” storming the Charlie Hebdooffice. Was Paris punished for going against Israeli interests?
The Charlie Hebdo magazine is a Right-Wing magazine which hides its hatred of Christianity, Islam, nationalism and anti-Israel critics under the garb of satirical cartoons and freedom of speech – but doesn’t give same rights to the Holocaust deniers.
On Wednesday, a few minutes before the terrorist attack, the Charlie Hebdo tweeted a cartoon of Israeli-trained ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (born as Simon Elliot to Zionist Jewish parents). “Best wishes and good health,” the caption read.

Though none of the perpetrators has been captured, the French authorities have named the gunmen as Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi and Hamyd Mourad. The Kouachi brothers were orphans and raised at a state-run orphanage. Several of Hamyd’s school friends have taken to Twitter saying he was in class with them at the time of the attack.
Below is a partial list of Charlie Hebdo’s published garbage in the name of “freedom of press”.
In October 2011, the magazine published an issue under the name of the Prophet of Islam as “guest author” and rebranded Sharia Hebdo. The cover featured a cartoon (by the cartoonist Luz) of the Prophet (pbuh) telling readers “100 lashes if you don’t die laughing.”
In 2012, in response to Muslim protests against the Jewish lobby-produced anti-Islam movie The Innocence of Muslims, the magazine published several insulting cartoons of the Prophet of Islam.
In 2008, the magazine fired its cartoonist Maurice Sinet for exposing former French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s Jewish family roots. Sinet sued the magazine and won 40,000-Euro judgment.
The magazine also published an insulting cartoon of Jesus and his mother Mary based on the story of the birth of Jesus in Jewish Talmud.
In 2006, the magazine published the notorious Danish cartoons mocking the Prophet of Islam and portraying Islam being a religion that teaches terrorism against Jews and Christians. When French Muslims protested against the publication of the cartoons, French Jewish Lobby CRIF defended Charlie Hebdo’s under freedom of press.
Before, bashing Islam, in 1970, Charlie Hebdo mocked the death of French president Gen. Charles de Gaulle, who was hated by the French Jewish groups for his criticism of French Jewish power and Israel.
The magazine had serious prior financial troubles, and if it was going to close anyway, let the anti-Israel Muslims be made to shoulder its coffin.
With the recent attack in Paris likely the work of the very terrorists France has been arming and backing across North Africa and the Middle East, the French government itself stands responsible, guilty of the continued material support of a terrorist organization that has now killed French citizens, including two police officers, not only on French soil, but within the French capital itself,” Tony Cartalucci wrote on January 7, 2015.
Jim Stone, an investigative journalist and blogger has pointed out ten Zionist lies in the official story of the incident. Read it here.
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