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Clear crisis in US-Israel bond: Analyst

Press TV

The bond between the United States and Israel is “falling apart”, says a London-based political activist.
Gilad Atzmon made the remarks to Press TV on Saturday while commenting on a  Washington Post report about the US Central Intelligence Agency’s role in assassination of Imad Mughniyah, a high-ranking Hezbollah figure, by Israel’s intelligence service, Mossad, on February 12, 2008.
“For a long while, Israel and the United States had been collaborating in what they regarded security issues,” but now “this bond is now falling apart”, Atzmon said.
In its report, the Post quoted a former US intelligence official as saying that the CIA had been tracking Mughniyah‘s movements prior to the operation and also helped build a bomb, remotely detonated by Mossad after being planted in the spare tire of a parked SUV in the Syrian capital Damascus
“Nobody is surprised by the fact that the CIA was involved in the assassination of Imad Mughniyah. What is slightly unusual is to see the metho…

What game is the House of Saud playing?

The House of Saud now finds itself in times of extreme trouble. Their risky oil price war may eventually backfire. The succession of King Abdullah may turn into a bloodbath. And the American protector may be musing a change of heart. Let’s start with oil – and some background. As much as US supply has increased by a couple of million barrels a day, enough oil from Iran, Kirkuk in Iraq, Libya and Syria has gone out of production; and that offsets extra US oil on the market. Essentially, the global economy – at least for the moment – is not searching for more oil because of European stagnation/recession and the relative China slowdown.
Reuters / Todd Korol Since 2011, Saudi Arabia has been flooding the market to offset the decrease in Iran exports caused by the US economic war, a.k.a. sanctions. Riyadh, moreover, prevented OPEC from reducing country production quotas. The House of Saud believes it can play the waiting game – as fracked oil, mostly American, is inexorably driven out of …

Shameless Dershowitz Campaigns For Israel

January 31, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon Alan Dershowitz, recently implicated in a sex scandal, is campaigning for Israel. The shameless Harvard Professor is begging for Jewish support following recent Zionist leaders calls to dissociate from him and his acts.

Interestingly enough, Dershowitz is correct - the West Bank Settlements are not an obstacle as far as peace is concerned. If anything they make the One State Solution into the only viable resolution of the conflict. The real and only obstacle to peace is the embarrassing fact that the word 'peace' doesn't even exist in the modern Hebrew language. The word shalom, usually translated into peace doesn't really mean peace, harmony or reconciliation. Shalom actually means 'security for the Jews.' As such, Shalom is a non empathic judeo-centric notion sustained by blindness to otherness. The only obstacle to peace in the Middle East is the lack of the notion of peace within the Israeli and modern Hebraic culture. Once …

Stuart Littlewood: They won’t silence George Galloway with half-truths

After providing days of Holocaust coverage the BBC is slammed for inviting ‘anti-Israel MP’ George Galloway to a chat showby Stuart Littlewood28 January 2015 BBC TV are being bad-mouthed for inviting MP George Galloway onto the Question Time panel in the Finchley and Golders Green constituency next week. Golders Green especially, and neighbouring Finchley to a lesser extent, are large Jewish enclaves in North London. I grew up in Finchley and as a lad used to jump on the number 660 trolley bus that took me through Golders Green en route to the West End. A standing joke among bus conductors was the warning to passengers to have their passports ready. The Jewish Chronicle reporting the story describes Galloway as an “anti-Israel MP” who “refuses to debate with Israelis”. Finchley and Golders Green MP Mike Freer said the BBC’s invitation was deliberately provocative. “Given what’s going on in the world it is a slap in the face for the local community.” But not half as stinging as the slap in…

'We Palestinian Christians say Allahu Akbar'

Nadezhda Kevorkova is a war correspondent who has covered the events of the Arab Spring, military and religious conflicts around the world, and the anti-globalization movement.
 January 30, 2015 15:16
Photo by Nadezhda Kevorkova
The only Palestinian Orthodox Christian bishop in the Holy Land speaking about the suffering of Palestinian Christians, their unity with Muslims in the Palestinian struggle, about Orthodox Christian martyrs, and Ukraine.
Archbishop Sebastia Theodosios (Atallah Hanna), 49, is the only Orthodox Christian archbishop from Palestine stationed in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, while all other bishops of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem are Greeks. The Israeli authorities had detained him several times, or stopped him at the border, and taken away his passport. Among all Jerusalem clergymen he is the only one who has no privilege of passing through the VIP gate in the airport – because of his nationality. “For the Israeli authorities, I am not a bishop, but rather a Pal…

ISIS War Authorization Bill Would Limit Conflict

Via Syria Solidarity Movement
Jan 28, 2015, Several months into the ISIS war, the 90-day limit for President Obama to seek Congressional authorization has passed. He’s given some lip-service to wanting Congressional support, but only on his terms. Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D – CA) bill probably isn’t what he had in mind. Offering an Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) against ISIS, Schiff is also looking to dramatically limit the scope of the conflict. The bill would limit the war to three years, would confine it to Iraq and Syria, and would rule out the use of US ground troops in combat operations. The Pentagon opposes all these limits. Rep. Schiff expressed frustration with the White House for not offering any language on the authorization despite promises to do so, saying there had been no apparent movement toward a vote after almost half a year of conflict. Recent PostsNasrallah: The Rules of Engagement with Israel Are OverSaudi oil and U.S. hypocrisySyrian Go…