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Taboo Topics and Jewish Lobby talk by Henry Herskovitz and Greg Felton

Henry Herskovitz addressed the Mideast Conflict Forum on September 20, 2014.  After several visits to Palestine, Henry attempted to impart the harsh realities observed about Israel-Palestine to his Ann Arbor Jewish Community.

Three rabbis and two Jewish ladies of Ann Arbor, Phyllis and Lorrie, the later two headed the Palestine Peace Movement no less, thwarted his every effort.  Clearly, there is an enforced TABOO against topics reflecting poorly on Israel or the Jewish Community.

Henry's unintended story, due to years of stonewalling, developed into one about Jewish Power.  Henry shares his core discovery viz. Runaway Jewish Power - not Occupation or Zionism - vexes the globe. 

Henry Herskovitz urges everyone to expose Jewish Power in order to diminish it! 

Ann Arbor typifies dug-in DENIAL pervading Jewish Communities across America.

Greg Felton spoke next at the Mideast Conflict Forum.  Greg authored "The Host and the Parasite" and speaks on Israel-Palestine.
Greg warned that LANGUAGE can be taken hostage and with it our thinking.  He further ripped away religion from the troubles besetting the Mideast.  It is Fascism coated with Chauvinism that accompanied Jewish émigrés to Palestine. 

The creation of Israel - a monster later to enslave its creator - was reviewed as part compromise and part extortion.  Truman faced "money, votes and strong-arm tactics" extraordinaire dished out by Organized American Jewry of the day.   A New York Jew, and long-serving congressman, Emanuel Celler, Greg calls out for his ultimatums to Truman "Support Israel or we'll run you out of town!" 

Ultimatums pale in comparison to an assassination plot. 

According to Greg Felton [story by journalist Alison Weir] President George (Herbert) Bush Sr. was targeted for a Mossad hit 1991 in Madrid.  A leak thwarted that plot in the nix of time.  Former Stern Gang leader and then  Israel prime minister Yitzhak Shamir wanted no genuine negotiations towards peace as conducted by President Papa Bush.

Greg summarizes that shared values little exist with Israel.  He analogizes a "master-slave" existing relationship.    We can only escape if we "opt out" of any Zionist mindset.  Our attention he directs to barcode 729 that identifies products of Israel. 
Boycott he urges!

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