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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Report: Christmas war on Israel


santaandjesus[1]On December 23, 2014, Jerusalem-basedNGO Monitor group released its latest report which claims that Christian groups in Palestine and the West use Christmas session to demonize the state of Israel. The organization was founded in 2001 by a racist Israeli Zionist Jew Dr. Gerald M. Steinberg.
At the height of the holiday season, NGOs (non-government organizations), well-known charities, and church groups once again are exploiting Christmas to conduct political warfare against Israel,” said the report.
In 2014, groups such as Pax Christi, Sabeel, Amos Trust, Holy Land Trust, Israel Committee Against Home Demolition, Adalah-NY, Wi’iam, and Bethlehem Bible College are using religious themes to advance immoral anti-Israel campaigns, such as BDS. In some instances, the rhetoric used reflects antisemitic theology and sentiments such as comparing Israel to 1st century Romans, portraying Israel as inherently oppressive, and referring to the “tribal god” of Judaism,” added the report.
Without arguing with some professional Zionist propagandist how most Jews feel about Jesus, Saint Mary, Christianity and the Christmas event, I would rather leave it to Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman, who in an article entitled, OnBeing a Jew at Christmas.
It was, and still is, no picnic explaining to your children that Jews don’t celebrate Christmas. They stare at you in disbelief. Everyone keeps Christmas, they plead. It is the topic of every television program, the display in every store window. The Radio City Music Hall features its annual Christmas spectacle and the Metropolitan Museum of Art displays Christmas artifacts. What do you mean, We don’t celebrate Christmas? Does that make us the Grinch? maybe Scrooge?,” wrote Hoffman.
I now understand my own Christmas dilemma. Christmas has been secularized, “capitalized,” and mythologized. As most people keep it, and certainly as popular culture presents it, it is the myth of the America we all pretend we inhabit: a place where Penguins are foiled, Annies are adopted, and even the poorest among us celebrate the wealth that comes from good old-fashioned hard work and industry. Not to observe Christmas is to blow the whistle on the myth, to expose such naked realities as a trickle-down economy where nothing trickles down, in a country rife with social ills and economic deprivation,” said Hoffman.
Professor George Wesley Buchanan, a United Methodist minister,  in anarticle published in August 2011, blasted Israeli myth of Al-Aqsa Mosque being built on top of the so-called “Temple Mount”.
Innocent Evangelical Christians in America, under the guidance of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and John Hagee, have not been informed of the facts about Temple Mount, they have thought there was some biblical or religious reason why it was necessary to destroy Islam’s third most sacred building in the world, together with the al-Aqsa mosque. It is my hope that, once Christians learn of this mistake, they will stop following Mars and Phineas (Num 25; Ps 106:30-31) and work as zealously for peace, following the teachings of Abraham, the 8th century prophets (Mica 6:8), Jesus, and Paul, as they once worked to promote war in the Middle East. This would make a tremendous difference to Jerusalem – and to the world,” said Buchanan.
Before I end this post, I like to wish all my Christian readers a Merry Christmas.
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