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Friday, December 26, 2014

Palestinians in Gaza call for united rally to break the siege December 28, urge international support

Posted on December 25, 2014
The National and Islamic Forces in the Gaza Strip have called for a massive popular rally in Gaza on Sunday, December 28, demanding the immediate end to the siege on Gaza and the reconstruction of Gaza without delay. In a press conference held near Beit Hanoun crossing on Tuesday, December 23, Comrade Jamil Mizher, member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and leader of its branch in Gaza said that
“we have decided to collectively mobilize all of the Palestinian people to bang on the walls of the tank through a mass popular rally which will include all Palestinian factions, to pressure the international community to take action to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip.”
The mass march will take place in Beit Hanoun and there will also be rallies in Zeitoun, Shujaiya, central Gaza, Khan Younis and Rafah.
“The occupation has violated all of the understandings on which the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip is based; these understandings stipulated a halt to all forms of aggression and an end to the siege, but the occupation state has abandoned and violated all of its agreements and the siege and closure is worse than it was in the past.”
“There is the potential for a popular explosion in Gaza considering the ongoing enforced delay in the reconstruction of Gaza,” Mizher said, urging Arab national and Islamic forces and international forces to accelerate their efforts to end the Israeli siege on Gaza and She stressed that the delay in the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, the world will pay the price and the Zionist occupation, warning that the occupation of the popular explosion will serve as a barrel of gunpowder explode at any moment. ”
They called on the national and Islamic forces of the Arab world and the European to accelerate the lifting of the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip and allow the free passage of goods and people. Further, they demanded that Palestinian Authority officials act to pressure the Egyptian government to open the Rafah crossing immediately on a permanent basis. Further, the forces reiterated their rejection of the so-called Serry plan for the reconstruction of Gaza, saying “this plan is rejected on a popular level…the national interests of the Palestinian people cannot be placed under the governance of the occupier.” They noted the complete failure of the United Nations to act decisively to implement the reconstruction of Gaza, instead accommodating the demands of the occupier and the destroyer.
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine urged Palestinian and Arab communities and friends of Palestine around the world to support the call of the Palestinian people of Gaza to end the siege immediately and stand with this popular movement to break the siege and the marches and rallies on December 28.
“The suffering of the people of Gaza has continued and has reached a truly disastrous situation. The Zionist crimes have continued, the effects and repercussions of the aggression persist and have spread to impact all aspects of life in the Strip, through the intensification of the siege, causing social problems, increasing unemployment, poverty and inflation in light of the continued closure and siege on Gaza, especially the lifeline of Rafah crossing,” said the Front.
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