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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Israel: Hezbollah Deployed Its Troops on Golan Heights to Attack Zionist Army

Edited and Translated by Mohamed Salami

In wait for thHezbollahe response to the recent Zionist air raids against Syria, the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, analyzed the different threats which endanger the entity on the Golan Heights.

Eliminating the possibility of the eruption of a classical war, the paper considered that certain military attacks may be launched against the Israeli occupation army at the borders in Golan.

Haaretz mentioned that Hezbollah deployed organized military units at the borders in Golan and that the party's cooperation with the Syrian army poses a serious danger against the Israeli occupation army.

The newspaper added that Hezbollah launched a number of attacks against the Israeli army on the occupied Golan Heights in response to the Zionist strikes against certain targets in Lebanon and Syria.

Israel's Northern Command Aviv Kochavi expressed his worries about the possibility of launching attacks against the Zionist occupation army on the Golan Heights.

The Zionist officer also said that the Zionist army is preparing to encounter Hezbollah that developed its military capabilities and gained a remarkable fighting experience after intervening in Syria war.

Source: Al Manar TV
24-12-2014 - 21:21 Last updated 24-12-2014 - 21:22

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