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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Assad elected to serve Syria, not America’s New World Order

Dec 29, 2014, Taylor Report
Stephen Gowans, political analyst, and Phil Taylor discuss Gowans’ article, “Why Assad Refuses to Step Down,” which is based on a Paris Match interview with Assad.
In response to Paris Match, President Assad defended his right to rule democratically, to serve the Syrian People and to insist on accurate terminology: Syria has a State, not a regime.
The US State Department targets any leader (such as Milosevic, Gadhafi, Chavez/Maduro, Fidel/Raul Castro, Assad) who refuses to liberalize the economy of the country, refuses to allow foreign takeover of their natural resources, refuses to become a Western puppet.
Gowans states explicitly in his article and in the interview: “The lesson is plain: Create a good foreign investment climate, become a market for the US arms industry, turn over your resources to the West, cooperate with US military, and you can kill as many of your own people as you like, resist democracy as long as you want, and merrily trample on human rights. Just don’t insist that your economy work to the benefit of your own people.”
Why Assad Refuses to Step Down
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