BREAKING- Turkey, israel, US, Saudi, Qatar-backed ISIL capture 180 civilians blow up two mosques in Nineveh

Date and Time:25 June 2014
The terrorist gangs of the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant captured 180 civilians from Nineveh Valley area and took them to unknown destination.
Residents of the Nineveh Valley area told to Iraqi sources “The gangs of ISIL entered the area and captured 180 persons from Shiekhan and Kubba villages and took them to unidentified destination after blowing up two mosques in the two villages.”
The residents of the area expressed their fears that the ISIL might kill these civilians, demanding the Iraqi government to intervene immediately to rescue these citizens.

Document revealed Qatar Equipping Takfiri Fighters to Join ISIL in Syria

Date and Time:24 June 201

Qatar Equipping Takfiri Fighters to Join ISIL in Syria
A document issued by Qatar Embassy in Morocco confirmed that the Doha government has supplied weapons and military equipment to 1,800 Takfiri fighters ahead of their transfer to Syria and Iraq.
It mentions that Morocco will act as a recurring base for the entire North African region, Islam Times reported.
Such a revelation comes at a time when analysts have accused Saudi Arabia and its allies in the region, namely all PGCC countries, the United States and Israel of propping up terror to destabilize the MENA region and further their agendas.
The document carries the official stamp of Qatar acting Ambassador in Morocco, Nayef Abdullah Al Emadi.
In the document, Al Emadi stresses that all volunteers have already received training — military combat, handling of heavy weapons – in the camps of Zintan, Benghazi, Zawiya and Misurata in Libya.
The document proposes to dispatch the men in three batches from Libya where they will travel to Turkey and then onto Iraq through Kurdistan. According to Qatar Ambassador his men will be ready for transfer as early as next week.
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