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Monday, June 30, 2014

BREAKING- ISIL terrorists to demolish Kaba and kill all pilgrimages

Date and Time:30 June 2014 - 9:28
One of members of ISIL terrorists declared that they would demolish Kaba when they attack Saudi Arabia because people worship a stone instead of Allah.
The takfiri terror grup ISIL indicated that they would go to Saudi Arabia’s Arur region via the Anbar deserts and take the control of Kaba to demolish the holy worship place to Allah’
The member of ISIL continued by:”with the help of Allah and the Leadership of our sheikh al-Baghdadi! We will attak Mecca and kill those pilgrimages who worship a stone and we will demolish Kaba!!!”
The terrorist,Abu Torab al Moqaddasi, wrote on his twitter account that a place cannot be worshiped by saying:”People go to Kaba for touching a stone;not for Allah. Wallahi We will attack to Kaba and demolish it because people are worshiping a stone!!!”
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