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Friday, February 28, 2014

Lebanese judge seeks death penalty for Ahmad al-Assir

Published Friday, February 28, 2014
Lebanon will seek the death penalty for Salafi cleric Ahmad al-Assir, who has been at large since deadly clashes between his followers and the army last year, a judicial source said Friday.
Military judge Riad Abu Ghida recommended seeking death sentences for Assir and 53 others, including singer-turned-fundamentalist Fadel Shaker.
The sentences are being sought in connection with the summer clashes in the southern city of Saida, which left at least 18 soldiers and 11 gunmen dead.
The suspects are accused of "having formed armed groups that attacked an institution of the state, the army, killed officers and soldiers, took explosive materials and light and heavy weapons and used them against the army," the indictment says.
The judicial source said Abu Ghida, the investigator responsible for recommending charges and penalties, has also recommended prison sentences for around 20 other people.
Assir and a number of his supporters, including Shaker, have been on the run since the clashes in June.
The cleric gained notoriety for his fierce opposition to Hezbollah.
Since becoming a fugitive, Assir has released a number of audio recordings and several tweets renewing his criticism of Hezbollah and its ally Iran.
He has also accused the Lebanese army of failing to protect the country's Sunnis.
(AFP, Al-Akhbar)


Jewish Identity Politics and Israel Rich Forer & Gilad Atzmon
This talk was recorded at the First Universalist Church in Denver, Colorado on Sunday, February 16, 2014 by Jason Bosch.
Rich Forer


ISIL, Nusra Clash... Who Arbitrates Who?

Ahmad Farhat

Translated by Sara Taha Moughnieh 

Hours after assassinating Abu Khaled Al-Souri in Aleppo, North Syria, the clash took a new turn between the "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant" and its opponent armed groups like "Al-Nusra Front" and "the Free Ones of the Levant", and warned of a fierce war that begins in the Levant and extends further beyond Iraq.

Daesh and Nusra fightWhile lamenting the death of Souri, leader of Al-Nusra Front, Abu Mohammad Al-Joulani threatened of the worst in case they refused to refer to "arbitration". This escalatory step was not surprising, as the developments in the Syrian field, especially concerning the warlords clash is a natural result for the Takfiri thought which rejects the other and declares war against him refusing any form of dialogue.

The significant point here is that some groups like "Al-Nusra Front" and "the Islamic Front" denied adopting the Takfiri thought and committing crimes, and held "ISIL" responsible for that.

However, the truth is that all these group adopt the same thought, a Takfiri and eliminative one, and they practice this thought on each other... executions in fields and camps, expulsions against each others' fighters, booby-trapped cars, suicide bombers, killings among each other, and issuing Fatwas as undercovers for their crimes.

Lately, a voice record was released for head of Al-Nusra Front which is connected to Al-Qaeda, Abu Mohammad Al-Joulani, in which he was heard threatening his former "Prince" Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and demanding him to refer to the "law of Allah" or else members of the front will exile ISIL even from Iraq.

Joulani's recording does not differ in content from a previous recording for Baghdadi, in which he called upon the armed groups to stop killing his militants or else "take note that in this state, there are men who do not accept injustice..." Baghdadi said.

By listening to the two parts, you cannot find essential differences between both speeches, even in the allegations and evidence they present, as both parts accuse one another of acting in contrary to Sharia, claim that they are being forced for war, and threaten of destruction in indication to the common mentality which has the same origin.

Sheikh Abdul NAsser Al-JabriSpeaking to Al-Manar website, Secretary General of Al-Ummah (Nation) movement, Sheikh Abdul Nasser Al-Jabri stressed that these groups adopt the term "Takfirism" to legitimize killing and destruction, and indicated that such acts are far from Islam and the Islamic Shria, as Islam preserves people's life, blood, and honor, while those legitimize the killing of people.

Surprisingly, Al-Nusra Front demands ISIL to refer to the "Law of Allah" and to three "significant scholars" whom Joulani named in his statement and they are "Abu Mohammad Al-Maqdissi, Abu Qutada Al-Filistini, and Suleiman Al-Alwan. Who are these?
Abu Mohammad Al-Maqdissi

His real name according to some internet pages is Issam Barqawi. He is a Jordanian of a Palestinian origin, and was labeled by Saudi media in 2004 as the most important sheikh who encourages violence. He is also considered one of the most significant speculators of "Jihadi Salafism" movement which Al-Qaeda follows.

Al-Maqdissi is imprisoned in Jordan and he communicates with his supporters through letters. A letter recently released by him called for thinking over before pledging allegiance to Abu Baker Al-Baghdadi as a "general Imam for Muslims".
Abu Qutada Al-Filistini

allegianceHis real name is Omar Mahmoud Othman, He is of a Palestinian origin and was born in Bethlehem in 1960. He was detained by the British authorities who returned him to Jordan last year. Al-Filistini is also a speculator of "Jihadi Salafism".

Abu Qutada demanded the "prince" of ISIL to pull out his militants from Syria and called on Baghdadi's men to join Al-Nusra Front under the banner of Joulani who on his part called him to seek reconciliation and declare war against some factions in the "Free Army". He also called on "The Free Ones of the Levant" movement (which was established by Abu Khaled Al-Souri) to avoid any alliance with what he referred to as "secular factions". This call was made before reporters at the beginning of this year ahead of his court hearing in Jordan.
Suleiman Al-Alwan

Suleiman bin Nasser bin Abdullah Al-Alwan is a Saudi who follows the Salafist movement. He was arrested several times by the Saudi authorities, and he is now imprisoned in the kingdom.

A voice record for Alwan was broadcast in which he was criticizing Baghdadi and stating that the latter did not have the right to demand anyone's allegiance...

We notice here that the conflict with ISIL is mostly because of Baghdadi's demand that the leaderships of "Jihadi Salafism" pledge allegiance to him as their "prince". For their parts, the Salafists blamed him for accusing them of infidelity and declared war against him amid regional and international intersections.


Regarding the concept of arbitration, Sheikh Abdul Nasser Jabri indicated that whoever wants to judge should be a scholar who has an experience in judiciary, and whoever wants to demand arbitration should be within the legitimate circle which can only be specified by scholars. Based on that, Jabri stressed that he did not find in any of these individuals the characteristics of a scholar.

Sheikh Jabri clarified that the three names mentioned above were not scholars, adding:
"We don't know where they have studied or who their professors were..."
A question should be asked here. How could he demand arbitration that who is not committed to the legislative law and rather takes the sword as his slogan, killing as his method, and criminality as his ideology, disregarding Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) directions for his Armies on war?

Some of these directions appeared in the following quotes:
Ibn Abbas said:
"When the prophet (PBUH) used to address his armies before a war, he used to say: "Go in the name of Allah, and fight for the sake of Allah those who disbelieved in Allah; don't sell out, don't bear a grudge, don't torture, and don't kill children or worshipers."
Omran Bin Al-Hasseen said:
"The prophet (PBUH) used to urge us to give charity and prohibit us from torturing."
In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, most Merciful
"Therefore give admonition in case the admonition profits (the hearer). The admonition will be received by those who fear (Allah). But it will be avoided by those most unfortunate ones, Who will enter the Great Fire." {Al-Aala 9-12}
Allah has spoken the truth.

Source: Al-Manar Website
28-02-2014 - 13:26 Last updated 28-02-2014

Naim Abbas: ‘Exclusive agent’ for ISIS and al-Nusra Front in Beirut

Lebanon: Terrorist group planned to kill speaker of parliament

Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri. (Photo: Bilal Jawiche)
Published Friday, February 28, 2014
The threat of terrorist networks in Lebanon is being uncovered almost daily. Mahmoud Abu Alfeh’s arrest by the Information Branch on the morning of the Bir Hassan twin blasts has uncovered more plots to carry out car bombings and suicide attacks in Lebanon, much like Naim Abbas’s confession to the army intelligence earlier this month.
Abu Alfeh, who admitted to being part of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, told investigators just before the Bir Hassan twin attacks, that Sirajdddin Zureikat, a brigades leader, instructed him to monitor security measures near the Iranian Cultural Center and neighboring al-Manar TV building.
Investigators were shocked when the twin explosions hit the region shortly after Abu Alfeh’s confessions.
Though it was difficult to extract information from him, Abu Alfeh spoke about his links to Zureikat and the tasks assigned to other men currently held in custody, including his cousin Hassan A. Abu Alfeh revealed that Zureikat instructed him to plan suicide attacks targeting Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri’s home in Ain al-Tineh. He told the Information Branch that he monitored the area a few times and examined all entrances leading to Berri’s home, as well as its iron gates and their capacity to resist explosions based on their size. He forwarded the information to Zureikat who had Berri as a target.

Though Abu Alfeh reported that it was almost impossible to reach Berri due to heavy security measures, the men didn’t give up and discussed waging attacks using many suicide bombers. Mahmoud and Hassan, both arrested in Tariq al-Jdideh, said that Zureikat also assigned them to monitor the residence of former minister Wiaam Wahab, living in close proximity to the Iranian Cultural Center and al-Manar TV.
Security sources said that the Tariq al-Jdideh group had not executed any security work yet, but it was monitoring areas in preparation for future suicide bombings. These sources said that information revealed by Abu Alfeh crossed with previous information about Berri’s name being added to a hit list that Lebanese security forces and European intelligence agencies were aware of. Some security reports even mentioned the names of the members of the group suspected of planning to assassinate him.
It turned out that this group is known to security forces for its links with al-Qaeda and affiliated organizations and it is active in Ain al-Helweh Palestinian refugee camp.
One report warned that this group might attempt to assassinate Berri using a sniper gun. Meanwhile, the Information Branch reported Abu Alfeh confessions to both Berri and Wahab. In addition, security sources said that people close to Berri had received in recent months warnings that groups with links to al-Qaeda put some members of his close circle on their hit list.
This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.
On the killing attempt, Takfiri war on Syria and Hezbollah, and Ukraine


Concise, clear, and easy to read.

Gilad utilises a very readable style when articulating his ideas.
The book joins the dots and exposes, among other things, the many and various strands of zionist thought for what they are. A con and a fraud.
He also seeks to illustrate that many of the more pernicious among them actually pretend, on the surface, to oppose zionism.
A rather hollow pretense ?
Of course the Alan Dershowitz's (and fellow travellers) of this world will howl with indignation accusing Gilad of being anti-semitic, a self-hating Jew etc., etc., but hey, what's new ?
These people have been attempting to close down the Palestine debate for decades with just this sort of ploy, and it's wearing a bit thin.
The nonsense that one can somehow completely separate 'Jewish' and 'zionist' is pure fantasy land.
Have these people not noticed that Israel is (and always has been) defined as 'the Jewish state' ?
It was set up in the name of the Jewish people, and has been nurtured and maintained ever since by the various Jewish communities and their allies, around the world.
'Jewish' and 'zionist' ARE inextricably intertwined.
I agree that they are not quite the same thing, but there is enormous overlap and since the whole project of Israel was created in the name of 'Jewish', the idea that Gilad (or anyone else for that matter) should wish to explore just what is meant by 'Jewish' seems like a both logical, and necessary project to me.
'Project Israel' was set up as a secular state after all, decrying religion, yet the justification for it's existence is purely biblical.
Without the religious connection there would be absolutely no justification for the 'Jewish State's existence.
How's that for a paradox ?
So the question of just what is meant by 'Jewish' and 'the Jewish people' is at the heart of the whole subject.
Gilad is not the first, and I'm sure he won't be the last to attempt to get to the bottom of this conundrum.
Famous predecessors include Karl Marx who wrote extensively on this subject in 1843.
Marx didn't have many positive things to say, and in attempting to get to the bottom of this thorny question of identity, Marx never once used the word 'zionist' because of course the political movement called zionism hadn't yet been invented.
His musings were aimed fairly and squarely at 'The Jewish Question'.
One of his famous conclusions was that 'Jewish Internationalism' was 'the Internationalism of the financier' and that as such, lay at the heart of oppression everywhere.
But I'm wandering.
Gilad is very clearly on a journey toward understanding.
Understanding the central themes that shaped his life growing up in the newly formed Israeli state, and just like the story of 'the King's new clothes', on enquiring he finds that there is curiously little substance to the whole thing.
Jewish identity is, it seems, remarkably elusive.
All rather curious when one considers the impact that the creation of 'the Jewish state' (with it's accompanying creed of 'chosen-ness') has had (and continues to have) on the world stage.
If you like 'thinking outside the box' you will surely find this book interesting.
An absorbing journey, intelligently articulated.
Not a book for the rigid thinker.
 Gilad Atzmon's New Book: The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish  Identity Politics

Massive Funeral for Palestinian Martyr Motazz Washaha

Some 4,000 Palestinians bid farewell to martyr Motazz Washaha who was killed a day earlier by Israeli occupation forces in West Bank.
Washaha was martyred during a raid for occupation forces to his home in the town of Birzeit, north of the West Bank administrative center of Ramallah.
Palestinian martyr Motazz Washaha
The martyr was a member of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and the movement’s flags were visible at the funeral.
Mourners at the massive funeral called on Palestinian factions to unite and avenge Washaha’s killing.
Earlier, Amnesty International slammed the Zionist entity for killing of dozens of Palestinian civilians in the occupied West Bank over the past three years.
“In some [cases], there is evidence that they were victims of wilful killings, which would amount to war crimes,” a report for the non-governmental organization (NGO) said.
It “shows a harrowing pattern of unlawful killings and unwarranted injuries of Palestinian civilians by Israeli forces in the West Bank,” said Philip Luther, director of the Middle East and North Africa Program at the NGO.
“Without pressure from the international community, the situation is unlikely to change any time soon,” he continued.
Source: AFP
28-02-2014 – 15:19 Last updated 28-02-2014 – 5:19
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Israeli army looks to recruit Palestinian Christians

Palestinians scuffle with Israeli soldiers in the center of the West Bank city of Hebron, on February 21, 2014. (Photo: AFP- Thomas Coex)

By: Maral Quteina
Published Friday, February 28, 2014
Occupied Jerusalem- Compulsory military service was imposed on the Druze community in Israel in 1956 and on the Circassian community in 1958. Druze and Circassian girls and religious Druze however are exempt from service in the army. The percentage of Druze who serve in the Israeli army is about 83 percent according to Israeli army statistics and the Israeli media. There are also 1,100 Bedouins who are voluntarily serving in the Israeli occupation army in addition to hundreds of Palestinian Muslims and Christians.
In 1961, the Israeli authorities established the National Civil Service as an alternative to compulsory military service for religiously observant Jewish girls. This service has become a way out for girls who face social constraints and can not serve in the army.

The National Civil Service has also served as a loophole to attract young Palestinian men and women to serve the Jewish state. At the end of their service, they receive a special card just like a discharged soldier and they become subject to the orders of the region commander in the occupation army who can call them up for service if the state is exposed to a terrorist attack. That is tantamount to being available for reserve duty which applies to discharged soldiers. In other words, it is a kind of conscription.
Young Palestinian men and women fall for the trap of benefits and privileges granted after serving, oblivious to the fact that the occupation is always racist and the Israeli authorities could not care less about their agents’ services and they often abandon them.
When the Israeli authorities passed a law to recruit Arab youth into the occupation army, they knew what they were doing. Israel not only tried to impose its control on the entire Palestinian land and its people with its occupation and create minorities with its racist policies. Thinking long-term, Israel has always sought to wipe out the Palestinian identity among 1948 Palestinians and to indoctrinate them with a Zionist Israeli consciousness to the point where Arabs of all sects come to see themselves as Israeli.
The Israeli authorities were able to get the signature of about 16 figures that they decided were the representatives of the Druze community in order to force young Druze men to serve in the Israeli army. They created a battalion for them called the Sword Battalion and deployed Druze soldiers in all of the occupied Palestinian territories in order to reinforce its policy of divide and rule, whereby it creates a stereotypical image of the assimilated Druze in the Israeli security establishment.
The main goal of the Israeli state was to separate the Druze community from its Palestinian roots. Some members of the Druze community learned to de-emphasize their Arab Palestinian identity and emphasize instead their Israeli Druze identity. But the integration of the Druze community in Israeli politics and their representation in Zionist political parties did not put a stop to a persistent opposition to mandatory conscription in the occupation army from the day it began. The numbers of young Druze men who refuse to serve has increased lately. Despite their alleged integration, what happened with the Druze community is proof that the policy of rights in return for duties is deceptive and illusory. Close to 80 percent of Druze-owned lands were confiscated and thousands of homes are threatened with demolition.
Yaman Zidane is a lawyer, human rights activist, and one of the founders of the movement Refuse, which opposes the mandatory conscription imposed on the Druze community of Palestine and all other kinds of conscription.
He says: “There is a contradiction between what is said by political bodies and military information on one hand and the data provided at the national security conference held annually in the settlement of Herzliya on the other. The Israeli political media and the army-owned media claim that more than 80 percent of young Druze men serve in the army. According to their claims, it is a higher percentage than that of Jewish conscripts. However, every year, dozens of young Druze men are jailed because they refuse military service either for nationalist reasons or simply because they see no benefit in this service. According to the conference, 50.4 percent of young Druze men dodge compulsory military service or do not finish their service. The percentage of loyalty to Israel among Druze youth declined from 4.4 percent in 2002 to 2.3 percent in 2012.”
About 500 young Muslim men and women serve in the Israeli occupation army and the National Civil Service at a time when the Israeli occupation accuses Muslims of extremism and terrorism.
Lately, some groups have emerged calling for the recruitment of male and female Palestinian Christians into the occupation army. It is more dangerous than a simple phenomenon. It has turned into an actual practice as a growing number of Christians have joined the military in 2013. The number of Christians recruited into the ranks of the occupation army and the National Civil Service is almost 650 men and women according to statistics conducted by Dr. Yusri Khaizaran. This number sets off alarm bells for all those involved in and are active within the 1948 Palestinian community.
Father Gabriel Nadaf, a former Orthodox Christian priest in Nazareth, launched a forum to recruit young Christians into the Israeli army several years ago and managed to register it as an association in 2012.
He received support from extreme right-wing Israeli associations like Im Tirzu (If You Will It), an organization that seeks to spread Zionist ideas not only within Jewish Israeli society but also among non-Jews as well. This group calls for expelling Palestinians out of the country.

Dr. Azmi Hakim, leader of the Greek Orthodox community council in Nazareth, said: “Unfortunately, the government project to recruit Palestinian Christians is not a new one. In 1956 there was a desperate attempt spearheaded by a Catholic bishop, called Bishop Hakim, which failed when Arab leaders stood united against his factional scheme. Since the Israeli authorities want to divide us into sects and confessions, they do not deal with political parties as representatives of the Arab masses. Instead they want sectarian, tribal and familial leadership. To implement this project, they attempted to recruit clerics to their side. After a short search they found what they were looking for in Nadaf who answered their call without hesitation.”
This is a Zionist authoritarian project planned meticulously in the offices of the Defense Ministry, the Shabak - the Israeli security agency - and the office of the prime minister. Nadaf is a mere puppet in the hands of this elite, and the authority which mobilized support for him and his partners among some racist Zionist organizations, Hakim added.
Targeting Christians did not come out of thin air. It is the result of an apartheid policy that Israel has adopted towards Palestinians since it occupied their land. The Druze, Bedouins, and Circassians were the first victims and now the tragedy is being replayed by targeting Christians. Focusing on their recruitment into the army is an attempt to isolate Christians within sectarian boudaries as happened with the Druze. They invented a so-called Druze nationalism with the help of some governmental studies that claim that Druze are originally not Arab. Similar claims are now being regurgitated by some who claim that Christians are originally not Arab and promote the idea of military service.
Nadim al-Nashef, founder and director of Baladna, also known as the association for Arab youth, in Haifa said: “Recruiting Christian youth into the Israeli army is based on three notions. The first is that Christians are not Arab. They are Aramaic and not part of the region. The second is protecting Christians in the occupation state in light of the changes in the Arab world. Christians were the first to pay the price for the war in Iraq, Egypt and Syria with the rise of groups like al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The third is exploiting the fertile environment left in the wake of familial and political differences in some cities and villages to scare Christians if they don’t take up arms.”
The crisis in Nazareth between Islamist movements and secular movements created a fertile ground for Nadaf and his aids to emerge and try to control the scene, exploiting the general environment to launch a catastrophic initiative that makes the occupation seem like a refuge, opening its arms to Christians in this Islamist and extremist Arab world.
“It is surprising and shocking that this Orthodox Christian man would call on Christians to join the soldiers of the occupation state. The history of the Orthodox sect throughout the ages bears clear witness to its members affiliation with nationalist and patriotic causes. They are the pioneers of leftist, Marxist and secular movements,” said Dr. Yusri Khaizaran.

Asked if this was the emergence of a new Antoine Lahad (the leader of the South Lebanese Army militia that collaborated with Israel during Lebanon's civil war), Dr. Hakim replied: “I can not compare Lahad and Nadaf because of differences in geography, place and time. Lahad presided over an armed militia to protect Israel but the priest involved in military recruitment in this case can not be the head of a militia. He is simply peddling the idea that Christians serving in the army will protect Christians who are under threat from their Muslim brethren, even though we have called for international protection from Israeli apartheid policies that we all suffer from, Muslims, Christians and Druze.”
Is Israel trying to form an alternative to the South Lebanon Army? “I don’t think so because the Israeli occupation army does not allow armed gangs or militias to exist within its state. The issue is nothing more than a scheme to plant the seeds of strife between members of the same population and to divide them into sects and denominations. The occupation army does not need Christian recruits to protect it but it can use them in military intelligence because of their mastery of the Arabic language, even though they might deny their Arab identity,” said Dr. Hakim.
For Yaman Zidane, “We have to stand up to this conspiracy by raising collective awareness and prevent them from fragmenting the Palestinian social fabric even more by emphasizing that we are one people, our concerns are the same and we share the same destiny. In addition, we need to create real alternatives such as developing non-curricular frameworks as an alternative to curricular educational frameworks and developing institutions within Arab Palestinian society. This creates work opportunities and support and contributes to our economic independence which has a positive impact on intellectual independence.”
Some Arab youth have lost their cultural, national and historical identity and assimilated into Israeli society thinking that they might enjoy equality and better work opportunities by abandoning their Palestinian identity. What is worse is their lack of a real understanding of the National Civil Service and the new trap that has been set for them. But the most dangerous part is that the people behind these schemes have come out in public with no sense of shame. They have gained fame and money for marketing the occupation and its army.

​God's 12 Biggest Dick Moves in the Old Testament

Before Jesus arrived and his divine father chilled out, the Old Testament God was, ironically, kind of a hellraiser. He was not a nice guy. He really liked killing people. And he may have actually been insane, if his willingness to randomly murder devout worshippers like Moses was any indication. Here are the 12 craziest, most awful things God did in the Old Testament, back before that wacked-out hippie Jesus softened him up.
1) Sending Bears to Murder Children
So a guy named Eliseus was traveling to Bethel when a bunch of kids popped up and made fun of him for being bald. That had to suck, and you can’t blame Eliseus for being pissed and cursing them to God. But God had Eliseus’ back, by which I mean he sent two bears to maul 42 of these kids to death. For making fun of a bald dude. I have to think Eliseus was looking for something along the lines of a spanking, or maybe the poetic justice of having the kids go bald, but nope, God went straight for the bear murder. But on the plus side, that pile of 40+ children’s corpses never made fun of anybody again. (4 Kings 2:23-24)
2) Turning Lot’s Wife to Salt
Most folks know about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities of sin God decided to kill everyone in instead of, you know, making them not full of sin. But this was a town that, when two angels were staying at Lot’s place, gathered en masse and asked if they could rape them. I repeat: They wanted to rape angels. So they kind of had their destruction coming. Lot and his family were sent from the city before things went down, and Lot’s wife looked back, and God turned her into a pillar of salt. It’s generally understood that Lot’s wife was looking back in a wistful kind of way at her angel-raping hometown, but the fact is there’s nothing in the Bible to suggest this. Nor was Lot’s family warned about looking back. Maybe Lot’s wife wanted to see Sodom and Gomorrah get what was coming to it. Maybe she was thinking wistfully of the things she had to leave behind. Maybe she wondered if she left the oven on. We’ll never know, because God turned her into seasoning for breaking a rule she didn’t know existed. (Genesis 19:26)
3) Hating Ugly People
In what should be good news for intolerant religious conservatives, God really does hate people who are different from the norm. Of course, God isn’t as worried about skin color or sexual orientation as he is about whether you’re ugly or not. Because if you’re ugly, you can just go worship some other god, okay? (Even though God will punish you if you do and also they don’t exist.) Here’s the people God does not want coming into his churches: People with blemishes, blind people, the lame, those with flat noses, dwarves, people with scurvy, people with bad eyes, people with bad skin, and those that “hath their stones broken.” Given that God is technically responsible for giving people all of these afflictions in the first place, this is an enormous dick move. (Leviticus 21:17-24)

Massive Funeral for Palestinian Martyr Motazz Washaha

Some 4,000 Palestinians bid farewell to martyr Motazz Washaha who was killed a day earlier by Israeli occupation forces in West Bank.
Washaha was martyred during a raid for occupation forces to his home in the town of Birzeit, north of the West Bank administrative center of Ramallah.
Palestinian martyr Motazz Washaha
The martyr was a member of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and the movement’s flags were visible at the funeral.
Mourners at the massive funeral called on Palestinian factions to unite and avenge Washaha’s killing.
Earlier, Amnesty International slammed the Zionist entity for killing of dozens of Palestinian civilians in the occupied West Bank over the past three years.
“In some [cases], there is evidence that they were victims of wilful killings, which would amount to war crimes,” a report for the non-governmental organization (NGO) said.
It “shows a harrowing pattern of unlawful killings and unwarranted injuries of Palestinian civilians by Israeli forces in the West Bank,” said Philip Luther, director of the Middle East and North Africa Program at the NGO.
“Without pressure from the international community, the situation is unlikely to change any time soon,” he continued.
Source: AFP
28-02-2014 – 15:19 Last updated 28-02-2014 – 5:19
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Alimuddin Usmani Interviews Gilad Atzmon - we spoke about Dieudonné, the 'socialist' , The Zionification of the Left,  Oikophobia, the devastating impact of the Frankfurt Yeshiva and the 68 revolution, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Shoa & Humour, the Jewish Question and more..  
Alimuddin Usmani: Joe le Corbeau is a French cartoonist. He is a friend of Dieudonné and often makes a mockery of Zionist figures like BHL, 'the Holocaust religion' and the New World Order. On January 28, he was arrested by the police for having posted on his website a picture of someone performing the quenelle salute in front of a Jewish school. Joe le Corbeau has been accused of incitement to ethnic or racial hatred. Dozens of mainstream media outlets published the same quenelle without having any problem. In your opinion, is Joe le Corbeau subject to tribal revenge via the French judiciary? 
Gilad Atzmon: Once again, we learn that neither the French ‘Socialist’ government nor its Jerusalemite paymasters can cope with a certain type of parody. Is it a coincidence?
For generations, Yiddish humor has been outrageously mocking the goyim’s alleged ‘naivety’ and ‘stupidity’ while simultaneously celebrating an imaginary ‘Jewish wit’. But as we learn, once again, ‘mocking others’ is a Jews-only territory. 
At least the French ‘Socialist’ government has been kind enough to let us know what Jewish chosenness actually means in practice.  
But it goes even further. In the past, the Left was concerned with the rise of xenophobia – animosity towards the stranger, the foreigner, the ‘Other’.  But what we see in contemporary France is the complete opposite, namely Oikophobia –­ an emerging hatred and fear of the Oikos, i.ethe home, the indigenous, the host, the rooted, the authentic.    
In order to combat xenophobia, the New Left, dominated by Frankfurt Yeshiva graduates, introduced us to identity politics  – a manifest attempt to break society up into multiple marginal sectors. The outcome was a swift metamorphosis of Left culture. Traditional working class politics was replaced by a fake notion of diversity that was translated, in practice, into a manifold of meaningless sectarian clashes.  
Threatened by nationalism and patriotism, the Jewish intelligensia wanted to see society broken up into manifold discourses driven by ethnicity, race and gender (e.g. LGBT). It basically re-defined the Western ethos as a collective of godless synagogues.  The post-'68 Left joined this very dangerous political experiment in a desperate attempt to break down the overtly cohesive, nationalist working class. As we all know, the consequences have been devastating. Instead of overcoming xenophobia, racism or intolerance, each of us has become a stranger in our own home. We voluntarily Other-ised ourselves to the point of oblivion.   
This is exactly where Dieudonné intervenes. By means of humour, he has managed to re-unite us all: the Black, the Arab, the White, the poet and the patriot. He has reminded us all what is really meant by resistance.
Dieudonné has managed to re-launch a genuine Left dialectic dynamic fuelled by negation. Once again, we are united by our oppressors. And they can be easily identified – the forceful and domineering Jewish Lobby and its ‘Socialist’ puppet government.  
Joe le Corbeau is also opposed to Oikophobia – his humour is an emblem of the Oikos, i.e. the home, the nation, the rooted, the authentic, Frenchness.  I guess that a half-century of Frankfurt School indoctrination is about to come to an end.
Alimuddin Usmani: Joe le Corbeau is the publisher of 'Shoah Hebdo', a parody of the satirical publication 'Charlie Hebdo' which often targets Catholicism and Islam. Since Charlie Hebdo is regularly supported by the French government, does Joe Le Corbeau's work help us to become aware of the double standard concerning blasphemy? 
Gilad Atzmon: It is far from a coincidence that the only people who still touch upon truth within Western society are comedians and satirists.  Politics, media, academia and the Arts have long since been castrated by means of political correctness.
Satire is certainly the last frontier, and it explains very well why the French Jewish elite unleashed its Socialist Big Brother to impose the current Orwellian Newspeak measures in a desperate attempt to remove le Corbeau, Dieudonné and others from our public milieu.  But, so far, their desperate campaign has backfired. They have made Dieudonné into an international hero. 
Alimuddin Usmani: What did you think of theHolocaust cartoon contest organised
by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s  government?
Gilad Atzmon: At the time, I published many of the cartoons on my site. I think that the contest delivered an astute message. It juxtaposed the Jewish Holocaust and the Palestinian one. 
It ridiculed the Holocaust denial laws – absurd European legislation that is set to prevent us revisiting and revising our past.
But it also mocked the Holocaust religion – a banal concept fuelled by an amalgam of tribal vengeance and Judeo-centric victimhood. 
But most importantly, let me tell you, I grew up in Israel in a society that was deeply embarrassed by the Holocaust and repelled its survivors (read Tom Segev’s "The Seventh Million"). The Holocaust jokes I heard in Tel Aviv were far more vile and cruel than anything I’ve ever seen in the Iranian contest or anywhere else.  
Alimuddin Usmani: Following its neighbor Spain's lead, Portugal is planning to grant citizenship to descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled in the 15th century. What is your reaction to this news? 
Gilad Atzmon: I think that it is quite brilliant. All we need now is to make sure that the Khazars take back the Ashkenazi Jews. This would be the final and most peaceful solution to the Jewish question.
Alimuddin Usmani: On February 9th, Bernard-Henri Lévy traveled to Kiev to support the Ukrainian opposition. Among the opposition, we find the Svoboda Party, a National Socialist Party using neo-Nazi symbols. In your opinion, is it a simple coincidence that BHL is on the same side as these people? 
Gilad Atzmon: It has become an established fact that Bernard-Henri Lévy has developed a unique interventionist mental affection. This peculiar morbid state of mind is indeed symptomatic of Zionists who for more than two decades have been launching and winning proxy wars (against Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, and now Ukraine).
However, the fact that BHL may eventually bond with a neo-Nazi party is actually a positive development. It only means that BHL has, at last, found his true intellectual and ideological roots. After all, Zionism is a racially-driven nationalist and expansionist concept. It is inherently Nazi-like.     
I am looking forward to see what kind of a deal BHL may strike with Svoboda. After all, the Holodomor – the systematic starvation of millions of Ukrainians, is by far the most horrid crime of the 20th century. The Jewish lobbies around the world have been investing a lot of energy and political effort attempting to conceal the role of Bolshevik Jews in this genocide.
Alimuddin Usmani: On March 20, you're giving a talk in Geneva. Can you tell us something about the content of this event? 
Gilad Atzmon: I will be talking about "Truth and Concealment". By contrasting Athens and Jerusalem, I will examine the devastating continuum between the Chosen and the progressive, between Israel, Zionism and the New Left. I am basically going to explain, once and for all, why nothing good has happened in Palestine, Paris or Detroit for quite some time. I will suggest that, as things stand, we are all Palestinians; and that we had better unite and start to move on again.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity politics and Jewish Power in particular - available

UKRAINE OR SYRIA ? Putin and the dream of Mr. Mazbout

الأسد وبوتين وأوباما

Saddam Hussein's destiny or that of Kaddhafi awaits Putin', Thus dreamed "Mr. Bernard-Henri" Mazbout.

His enemy, now, is Putin, and Syria should rethink its affiliation to the Russian side and engagement in a war against terrorism- that has no beginning and no end – and from which Israel -whose safety has been guaranteed by Russia – is excluded .

Now Listen to the real Bernard-Henri Lévy addressing the Nazis in Kiev

In case you missed it: 

On July 4, a conference of Syrian anti-regime groups was held in Saint-Germain in France. The meeting was attended by 200 people representing none of the Syrian groups calling for reforms in Syria – the ‘Democratic change in Syria’. The meeting was organized by La Regle du Jeu (The Rule of the Game) magazine and website which is headed by Zionist Jew Bernard-Henri Levy.

Moulhem Droubi
Rep. of Zion Brotherhood 

Do the Muslim Brothers constitute the major threat? And is Erdogan a Muslim Brother before being a NATO stooge ? And are the Muslim Brothers the most prominent danger threatening the area . What about Israel ?”  
Three months later , he criticized Syria for  attending Geneva 2  and sitting with Nato terrorists. He denied that Geneva 2 was nothing but a battle field to expose the SNC controlled by International Zionist Brotherhood . 
"The attendance of Geneva 2 on behalf of Syria cannot be interpreted except that it has been designed by US and Russia to lead nowhere . Maybe the goal is to consecrate "Geneva one as a reference and to embarrass thus the Syrian leadership or it is in order to turn the thugs of the NATO from terrorists into a decent accepted opposition and part of the Syrian condition ." Mazbout  claimed .
"In order to continue to rule , Assad who agreed to shift the battle – according to Russia’s instructions – would have to present concessions not only to US but to Russia as well and this has already started in approving of the Egyptian military coup in Egypt and in turning the war against NATO and Israel into a war against Terrorism.”  - 
Read the stupid admitting that America failed to get in Geneva 2 what she failed to achieve during the global war on Syria, still insisting that Syria would give in to the opposition in order to ease the pressure on Russia. 

"Did the failure in reaching a satisfactory compromise in Geneva 2 – that will please US by giving concessions to the opposition – behind the stirring up of the Ukrainian protests ?" the stupid asked, " Will Syria be pressured along this line by Russia to give in to the opposition in order to ease the pressure on Russia?" he discharged, ignoring the Israeli role in Ukraine events and previously in Georgia, which shall trigger more Russian support for the Axis of resistance.

Blinded by Zio-brotherhood's shit, or as instructed by his Zionist master, he ignored that Ukraine protests (Orange Revolutions) started in 2004, after 2003 Georgia's Rose revolution.    
Color Revolutions Map.pngGod knows what is in store for Putin and what destiny awaits him . Is it that of Saddam Hussein or that of Kaddhafi with whom Putin shares so much especially in the way he relates to western powers and identifies with these powers ?  
As a result Syria became alienated from its own cause and from its own self and separated from the Palestinian cause for which it had initially fought this battle. ... If you speak to some pro Assad Syrians, you will be amazed . Some pro Assad supporters want to go with Russia all the way....  
If this means something, it means that the World Order has succeeded in removing Syria from its natural bosom to replace it by mother Russia. The implications of this shift are drastic -no doubt – and the Syrians will awaken one day to this bitter reality that they have not chosen the best of bosoms ....  
Syria should reconsider this affiliation to the Russian side which is causing the situation to escalate whereby Syria is now engaged in a war against terrorism- that has no beginning and no end – and from which Israel -whose safety has been guaranteed by Russia – is excluded . 

Now, see the below video posted by the Hebrew speaking Palestian, Gilad Atzmon


And see real experts talking on the ongoing game of nations 

And finally two bombshells about the so-called shifting the struggle from fighting the Zionist enemy. After the stooge failed the Enemy warplanes carried out two attacks in eastern Lebanon on border with Syria. 

On Wednesday, Hezbollah confirmed that the Zionist military aircraft had attacked a site belonging to the group on the Lebanese-Syrian border and vowed an "appropriate response."

’Israel’ Opens Sirens As Hezbollah Vows Retaliation

Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. Gen Benny Gantz (with binoculars) and other military officers overlook parts of Syria from the occupied Golan Heights.Press TV
Published Monday, February 24, 2014
The Israeli military deployed a new division to the border with Syria in a move described as "a significant boost to border security and stability," the Jerusalem Post reported on Sunday.
The 210th Regional Bashan Division replaced the 36th Armor Division and the Har Dov sector, which have been stationed on the occupied Golan Heights for 40 years.
The 36th Armor Division will become "an all-purpose wartime division, designed to be sent to any combat arena, such as Lebanon or Gaza, to support other divisions," while the 210th Regional Bashan Division, with it's "enhanced capabilities" backed by air defense systems and intelligence operations, will also have the ability "to carry out a ground maneuver in enemy territory."
The deployment, dubbed "historic" has been planned months in advanced, spurred by the volatile events across the border in Syria particularly in terms of fears that "there is no Syrian state sovereignty in areas bordering the southern Golan Heights, and global jihadi forces are expected to get stronger in such areas," the Jerusalem Post said, citing Israeli intelligence assessments.
"The military sources said they do not expect Syria to recover from the civil war and go back to being a sovereign state in the foreseeable future, and they described the conflict as a strategic change that will be studied in future textbooks on Middle East history. It is impossible to know how Syria will turn out," the report said.
"The IDF’s map of territory controlled by the Assad regime and the rebels is changing continuously," it added.
Furthermore, the Jerusalem Post report noted that the 210th Division will be assisted by "a recently created Combat Intelligence Collection battalion, active along the Syrian border, and by a new security fence complete with electro-optical surveillance means and radars."
The 210th Division will also have the ability to conduct military operations without seeking higher approval.