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Thursday, May 30, 2013

To Lebanon’s Army Chief: It’s Too Early for the Presidency

The army command has dispatched convoys to pursue the suspects and it is waiting for the necessary political cover, in order to do its job of protecting ordinary citizens and their own soldiers from such attacks. (Photo: Marwan Bu Haidar)
Published Wednesday, May 29, 2013
It is time to raise some questions as to what the Lebanese armed forces command is doing to defend the country’s military and those who serve in it.

Yesterday’s killing of three Lebanese soldiers in Ersal was not the first incident of its kind. Three months earlier, the army was subjected to a similar attack in the area, when soldiers tried to arrest a wanted man.

The perpetrators practically celebrated their act in the streets, while the army command declared that it was dispatching convoys in the area to make the rounds and search for the killers.

And just a few days ago in Tripoli, three soldiers were killed and a hundred were injured at the hands of armed men, whose identity is well-known to the authorities. Still, at the end of the day, we hear the same refrain: The army command has dispatched convoys to pursue the suspects and it is waiting for the necessary political cover, in order to do its job of protecting ordinary citizens and their own soldiers from such attacks.

In Sidon, Salafi Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir has gone from blocking the streets anytime he wishes, to imposing a private security zone around his mosque, to assailing army officers who are in charge of maintaining security in the city.

In the latest incident involving the radical sheikh, his men surrounded a house in Sidon after hearing that a Hezbollah-affiliated official was there visiting his mother. When the army arrived on the scene, they chose to take the official out of the house handcuffed to the cheers of Assir’s followers.

When it comes time to make appointments in the military’s command structure, it is the political parties that have the final say, appointing officers on a purely sectarian basis. All this is done under the nose of the army’s commanders, including its chief, General Jean Kahwaji.
So, what’s the story?

Let us suppose that the head of the armed forces wants to extend his term in the hope of becoming Lebanon’s next president, as was the case of his predecessor President Michel Suleiman. Let us say he wants to use this time to build up relations with Arab and Western diplomats to improve his chances of becoming head of state. Is it right to do this at the expense of the army and people’s security?

It is time to be frank with the army chief and say to him that Lebanon’s security and the army’s reputation is at stake in these critical times. That the army is in need of a thorough restructuring after it has been filled with officers who are beholden to the wishes of their political or sectarian patrons.

General Jean Kahwaji – it is too early to be thinking about the presidency. The dramatic developments sweeping the region will change everything. Remember only that that you are commander of the army and that the Lebanese – after the collapse of nearly all their state institutions – look to the armed forces as their only salvation.

To accept the rules of the political game, and to allow them to influence the work of the military, is tantamount to ending the role of the army altogether. Officers should not have to choose between working at the behest of the politicians or being sent home to retire. No one wants to see the army humiliated in this way.
Ibrahim al-Amin is editor-in-chief of Al-Akhbar.
This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.

Western led & armed Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria will fail

Western led & armed Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria will fail
by Kourosh Ziabari    
Manuel Ochsenreiter and a Syrian army soldier in Damascus
Manuel Ochsenreiter and a Syrian army soldier in Damascus
This interview was originally published by Fars News Agency
German journalist and magazine editor Manuel Ochsenreiter believes that the Western powers along with regional countries are backing and financing terrorists and insurgents in Syria because each of them have certain interests linked to the disintegration of the Syrian government and the removal from power of President Bashar Assad.
He also says that these countries are supporting such dangerous groups as Al-Qaeda to destabilize Syria and fight the Syrian army at the expense of the lives of innocent Syrian citizens whose only crime is supporting their government.
“These groups like Al-Qaeda, but also other armed militias that have infiltrated Syria during the course of the past year, now fight the proxy war of the big powers. For Ankara, Riyadh, Washington or Doha it is much more convenient and also cheaper to use (or abuse) those insurgents instead of having a conventional war against Damascus. You have always a supply of men and arms. You just have to pay and to give support by means of intelligence, logistics and training,” said Ochsenreiter in an interview.
Manuel Ochsenreiter is the chief editor of the German monthly magazine ZUERST and contributes to other journals and magazines in Germany, as well. He spent a few weeks in Syria last year and dispatched special reports of the Battle of Damascus and other developments in the war-hit country.
What follows is the text of my interview with German journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter to whom I have talked about the situation in Syria, the connection between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the foreign powers and the prospect of unrest in the country.
Q: You have just been to Syria and witnessed the situation on the ground in the crisis-hit country. Why do you think such countries as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are supporting, funding and equipping the insurgents who are intent on disintegrating the Syrian government and removing from power President Bashar al-Assad?
A: I was in Damascus in July 2012 when the so called “Battle of Damascus” raged. Western mass media claimed that the Syrian capital was besieged by tens of thousands of “FSA” fighters and that the city would fall soon. Nothing was true about those reports. There were terrorist activities in some suburbs, but not something like a “siege” or a real “battle”. Terrorist fighters were infiltrating the suburbs and some parts of the city and shooting civilians and Syrian security forces. I was with the Syrian army in the neighborhood of Al-Midan where still some “FSA” men were fighting against the army, and I saw fallen “FSA” fighters of non-Syrian origin on the streets.
It is not a secret that the Syrian Arab Republic plays today a sort of “disturbing role” in the region. Damascus is an important ally for the much bigger disturbing state in the region, the Islamic Republic of Iran. For Saudi Arabia and other Sunni monarchies, the so called “Arab Spring” was the big chance to gain a lot of influence by supporting the radical Sunni groups in all the states where these protests against the governments took place (Tunisia, Libya and Egypt). They tried the same plot in Syria but it did not work with peaceful means, so they financed and armed militia and paid mercenaries.
Turkey has its own geopolitical agenda in the region. The “neo-Ottoman dream” is about to become a sort of state reason. It is all about influence in the region and becoming a leading power. Turkey as well as Saudi Arabia and the other Persian Gulf states are partners of the West (Turkey is NATO-member as we all know) and the West is also strongly against Tehran. So you see, in Syria, the common interests of the West and the Sunni monarchies come together. Syria, the secular state ruled by an Alawite president and a close ally of Russia, does not fit in this type of “New Middle East” plan.
Q: There are rumors that Al-Qaeda has been involved in the conflict in Syria and that some of the high-ranking members of the cult have been directing attacks on civilian areas as well as the army bases. It was even reported that the brother of Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Al-Qaeda commander in Syria, was just arrested in Daraa city. What’s your viewpoint about the collaboration of Al-Qaeda with the terrorists and insurgents? In what ways does Al-Qaeda benefit from unrest and instability in Syria?
A: These are not just rumors. Groups related to Al-Qaeda have admitted to fighting together with the FSA a “Jihad” against the Syrian government; what means in reality to kidnap and kill civilians, security forces and religious authorities and to place bombs in civilian areas.
These groups like Al-Qaeda, but also other armed militias that have infiltrated Syria during the course of the past year now, fight the proxy war of the big powers. For Ankara, Riyadh, Washington or Doha it is much more convenient and also cheaper to use (or abuse) those insurgents instead of having a conventional war against Damascus. You have always a supply of men and arms. You just have to pay and to give support by means of intelligence, logistics and training. These groups like al-Qaeda themselves follow completely different ideological agendas. Maybe they even oppose their financers. For example, for the authorities of al-Qaeda, the West is the “useful idiot” by making them strong; while the Western officials similarly think that the al-Qaeda fighters are the “useful idiots.” What comes out at the end is what we have witnessed in countries like Afghanistan, where the West supported radical Sunni militias against the Soviet occupation.
At least we should not forget to mention another important point: insurgents generally do not respect any law in war. They are criminals by definition. They kill, torture, and terrorize the population. Even the worst organized regular army has some instruments and mechanisms to persuade war criminals in their own rows. There are fixed standards on how to treat prisoners of war, how to save the lives and goods of the civilians and how to keep the war outside civilian areas. But none of these mechanisms exist in the groups like the al-Qaeda-linked militias. They are the “bulldozers” of war, and the countries that support those militia gangs keep their “innocence”.
Q: It was on the news that Saudi Arabia has dispatched to Syria a large number of dangerous criminals, including murderers and prisoners sentenced to death to take part in terrorist activities against the supporters of President Assad and even ordinary citizens. We have seen on the TV channels footages of Sudanese, Yemeni and Saudi criminals beheading the Syrian people and committing other atrocities. What’s your take on that?
A: In the military hospital of Damascus where I visited and interviewed horribly injured Syrian soldiers, a young officer told me, “We fight against the whole world.” And these soldiers told me about insurgents who even do not speak the Arabic language. Terrorists from the Caucasus are right now in Syria as well as Sudanese, North Africans, Pakistanis and Afghanis.
The strategy of using criminals as insurgents is not very new. In almost all the wars in the past, convicted criminals played a role. For Saudi Arabia, this has a practical benefit. They get rid of their hardcore criminals somewhere far away, the “enemy” civil population in Syria is horrified by the news that brutal murderers and rapists are on the way to their homes, and this might be also a reason that criminals are fighters without any lobby. Nobody in Saudi Arabia cares when they are killed or captured by the Syrian army. No diplomat will try to set them free. So we cannot really wonder when we see now the results of the Syrian civilians and soldiers being brutally massacred, beheaded and tortured.
Q: What do you think about President Assad’s speech on Sunday? The opposition figures swiftly reacted to it and said that it included nothing new. British Foreign Secretary also accused President Assad of killing his own people and called his speech hypocritical. This is while President Assad promised reforms in the political structure of the country and called for a public referendum and the formation of parliament in his speech. What’s your viewpoint on that?
A: In my opinion, President Assad said what had to be said in this situation. I would not count so much on the reaction of the so-called “opposition” and western politicians. Most probably their declarations were already typed before Assad began his speech. When it comes to hypocrisy, the Western politicians are the real experts. They claim that they want a regime change in Syria for civil and human rights, yet at the same time they support the absolute backward monarchy of Saudi Arabia. So why should we listen to their words?
The Syrian President will be measured by the promises he made in his speech on Sunday. I personally know a lot of Syrians who were very critical of their government before the crisis. I would have considered them as “opposition”. They criticized especially the corruption in Syria. Since the war broke out they began to support their government and their army in the fight against the foreign terrorists. Those supporters expect that when the crisis is over, the Syrian government will keep its promises.
Q: The United States has spared no effort to bring together and unite the different opposition fractions and opponents of President Assad, especially in the Doha conference and the Friends of Syria conference in Paris, but it failed to link the Salafist and Jihadi groups to the coalition forces and there seems to be a growing rift between the different opposition groups. What do you think in this regard? Has the United States succeeded in realizing this goal?
A: “Friends of Syria”, with whose existence Syria does not need enemies anymore seem to be very chaotic in their policies. Within this construct of “FSA”, so many different groups and fractions are fighting and it’s extremely hard to bring them together because they will start fighting against each other as soon as the common enemy is out of their sight. Of course it is almost impossible to bring Salafi groups together with civil rights activists because they have a completely different understanding of how a society should be built.
The western powers try to put all these groups together in one frontline; they try to force them to some western democratic games with each other. But at the end, and this seems clear, the brutal guys with the biggest guns will become the leading people and not the well-spoken, sophisticated writers and philosophers who Washington, Paris and London recommend for the leading position. So the U.S. has already failed and any western project to “organize” the “armed opposition” in Syria has to fail. Why? Because those “opposition” fighters have nothing to do with people inside Syria who may have some criticism toward their government and now support their army against the insurgents and terrorists.
Q: What’s your viewpoint regarding Israel’s role in the fomentation of unrest in Syria? It’s said that Israeli arms and ammunitions have been seen in the hands of the terrorists and insurgents. What efforts has Israel made in order to break up Syria as an integral part of the resistance front?
A: Syria is really an old player in the resistance front against Israel, and a well-known supporter of the Lebanese Hezbullah, and the former “homeland” of high-ranking Hamas officials in Damascus like Khalid Mash’al as well as other Palestinian resistance groups, and, as already mentioned, a close ally of Iran. Syria might have been seen by Israel as the key country of the resistance. The strategy might have been that, when Syria falls, the resistance might also fall.
Meanwhile, the strategic situation has changed. Syria refuses to fall and defends itself while radical foreign mercenaries infiltrate Israel’s neighborhood from almost all borders. Maybe Tel Aviv tries to support some of the groups with arms and intelligence, and as you said, it’s already reported that Israeli weapons were captured in Syria by the security forces.
From the Israeli point of view, the Syrian Arab Republic is an enemy; an enemy with a regular army and with a clear structure and hierarchy. You can make a ceasefire agreement and rely on the other side. But what happens when Syria becomes a failed state? With whom shall they talk then? Who to negotiate with? The negotiations of the Syrian government about a ceasefire with the so called “FSA” show that this cannot be successful as almost every armed militia acts on its own. So in case of a failed state, there will be lots of different warlords with their militias. The vacuum of power in the center of the Middle East will be filled by the guys with the biggest guns. Tel Aviv might then make expensive agreements with 99% of the militia leaders, but at least one percent will fire rockets at Israel and send insurgents.

بهدوء | الحرب المشرقية

‏الأربعاء‏، 29‏ أيار‏، 2013

أوقات الشام

ناهض حتر

بعد الحرب السورية، يشعر كل منّا، بالغريزة أو بالوعي غير المكتمل بعد، أن معتقداته السياسية الراسخة لفترة ما قبل الحرب، لم تعد صالحة للاستعمال بعدها. لقد اهتزت الأرض من تحت أقدامنا جميعاً. بعضنا أخذته الحماسة والتطورات اليومية، فلا يدرك أنه تغيّر تحت وطأة الاكتشافات المدهشة لدوافعه ومصالحه الحقيقية، والأهم لإحساسه الوجودي العميق بالحضور والأمان، وبعضنا يتبنّى مواقف لا تعبر عن توجهاته لما قبل الحرب، وبعضنا حائر، وبعضنا دائخ.

في الحروب الكبرى، تولد الاتجاهات الكبرى في التاريخ الاجتماعي للأمم، ما يحكم، تالياً، سيرورة موت أفكار ومعتقدات وأحزاب وهياكل سياسية، وولادة أُخرى جديدة، تستجيب لتجربة الحرب واحتياجات السلام وآفاق التطوّر اللاحق.الحرب السورية حرب كبيرة، ليس بسبب امتدادها وشمولها وحجم العنف غير المسبوق فيها، ولا بسبب حجم التدخلات الإقليمية والدولية فيها، وإنما، بالأساس، بسبب كونها مثلت وتمثل حصيلة للصراعات المتداخلة (الاجتماعية والطائفية والكيانية والثقافية) في المشرق، وبين المشرق وجيرانه في الخليج وتركيا ومصر، ومع العدو الإسرائيلي والقوى الاستعمارية. وهذه الصراعات التي طالما انفجرت هنا وهناك في بلدان المشرق، لم تعرف شموليتها وذراها إلا في الحرب السورية. يكشف ذلك عن حقيقة أولى هي مركزية سوريا في المشرق، ففي هذه الحرب (التي تشاهدها المجتمعات العربية في الخليج ومصر والمغرب على الشاشات، أو ينسلّ منها تكفيريون للمشاركة فيها) انتهينا، في المجتمعات المشرقية، إلى الانخراط الجماعي فيها، ليس فقط من باب التضامن مع فريق من فريقي الحرب، وليس فقط من باب المشاركة في القتال داخل سوريا، وإنما بمجيء الحرب إلينا، كل في عقر داره، في أشكال مختلفة من العنف الدموي كما في العراق ــــ وجزئيا في لبنان ــــ أو العنف السياسي كما في لبنان والأردن، والأهم تعطُّل السياسة المحلية، والاضطراب العام، والوقوف على حافة الانزلاق نحو انفراط الأمن، وعلى هاوية الاقتتال الداخلي؛ نتوعّد بعضنا بعضاً، وفقا لمآل الحرب السورية. هذه الحرب هي حربنا، الحرب المشرقية.نخبئ رؤوسنا في الرمال، أو نتجاهل ما نحدسه ونراه ويدور في العقول والقلوب، لكننا نعرف، في دواخلنا، أننا اصطدمنا مع حقيقة أننا نشكّل، في هذا المشرق، أمةً. ولئلا ندخل في سجال بلا معنى ولا جدوى مع القوميين العرب التقليديين، يمكننا القول إن المشرق هو مجال قومي مترابط وخاص. وقد كشفت الحرب السورية، وجوده الفعلي وخصوصيته الباهرة.نحن ـــ يساريين وقوميين ووطنيين و«مدنيين» ـــ لم نتوصل بعد إلى بلورة هذا الاتجاه الذي نحدس ونرى، نتهرّب منه، بينما عدوّنا الداخلي المركزي، أي التيار السلفي التكفيري الإرهابي، توصّل إلى موقف واضح حول وحدة المشرق، تحت راية «الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام». وبغض النظر عن مضمون هذه «الدولة» ودوافعها الطائفية والمذهبية وسعيها الرجعي التدميري، فإن النظر إلى العراق والشام كمجال واحد، هو استجابة صحيحة لما كشفت عنه الحرب، سبقنا إليها، غريزياً، السلفيون التكفيريون. وبالاتجاه المضادّ، أي في جبهتنا وخندقنا، حيث حزب الله يتقدم الصفوف، توصل الحزب إلى أن الحرب في سوريا هي «معركتنا»، و«سنخوضها» و«ننتصر فيها».في الواقع، وعلى مدار السنتين الماضيتين من الصراع الدامي، سقطت الحدود السياسية بين دول المشرق، أمام متطلبات الحرب المشرقية. هل يمكن للبنان أن ينفصل بالفعل عن سوريا؟ هل بينهما حدود فعلاً؟ هل يمكن للحدود بين المملكة والجمهورية أن تتحدى وحدة سهل حوران في وقت الحرب؟ هل كان يمكن للعراقيين أن يستمروا في العملية السياسية المحلية في منأى عن اشتعال سوريا؟ الجواب واضح. وأخيراً، هل يوجد ما هو أكثر سخفاً من التفكير بإمكانية التوصل إلى حل سلمي مع الإسرائيليين أو مقاومتهم من دون سوريا؟ وهل يمكن احتمال سذاجة المعارضة السورية الديموقراطية التي تتوهّم إمكانية بناء دولة ليبرالية محلية مسالمة في سوريا التي تنعقد عليها كل صراعات المشرق؟
هذه هي، في قلب كل السجالات، خلاصة المشهد: المشرق واحد. وهو منشقٌ، في وحدته، على نفسه (وحدة وصراع الأضداد) بين محور يتشكل من قوى اجتماعية وسياسية وثقافية تؤيّد النظام السوري، وبين محور مضادّ يتشكل من قوى أخرى، تريد اسقاطه. وفي قلب هذا الانشقاق، بالطبع، دوافع طائفية ومذهبية، ولكنها ليست هي الحاكمة؛ ففي سوريا نفسها يصطف قسم أساسي من السُنّة مع النظام، وفي الأردن السُنّي، تنزع الأغلبية بين العشائر إلى هزيمة أعدائه.دعونا، إذاً، نفكّر في المحطة التالية: صيغة ديموقراطية للاتحاد المشرقي.


Holocaust Racket Hits Germany for Another $800 million; Are Germans Finally Getting Fed Up?

By Richard Edmondson
Germans must be wondering: when will it ever end? As I have documented previously, Germany has been paying reparations, both to alleged holocaust survivors as well as to the state of Israel, for the past 51 years, and over that period the payment amounts, rather than diminishing, have actually grown larger. Now it seems the Jewish Claims Conference, although mired in charges of fraud, has managed nonetheless to successfully put the squeeze on German taxpayers for another $800 million.

Germany Commits to Additional $800 million for Home Care for Holocaust Survivors

NEW YORK (JTA) – The German government agreed to significantly expand its funding of home care for infirm Holocaust survivors and relax eligibility criteria for restitution programs to include Jews who spent time in so-called open ghettos.The agreement, reached after negotiations in Israel with the Claims Conference, will result in approximately $800 million in new funding for home care for Holocaust survivors from 2014 to 2017.

This is in addition to $182 million for 2014 that already has been committed.
In 2015, the amount will rise by 45 percent, to approximately $266 million, and then to $273 million in 2016 and $280 million in 2017. Because the sums are set in euro, the actual amounts may change depending on currency fluctuations.

Read more

Or in other words, an additional $84 million will be squeezed out of Germany in just one year alone—2014 to 2015—as a result of this new agreement. If you go and read the rest of the story, you will find that this represents “the largest year-over-year increase” since the home care program began in 2004. That of course is on top of the billions already paid going all the way back to the year 1952 when the reparations payments first started.

But there may be signs that some Germans are finally getting fed up. Or at least that’s one way of viewing the reception given to a group of Israelis attending a Beyonce concert in Berlin over the weekend. What happened at the concert venue is being reported by a number of Jewish media outlets. Here is a post from the Algemeiner:

Eight Israelis were met with jeers and anti-Semitic slurs at a Beyonce concert in Berlin, Israel Hayom reports.

According to the website, the group of eight Israelis arrived at Germany’s O2 stadium for the concert and managed to seat themselves in the first row, much to the chagrin of the local German fans.

According to Israel Hayom, the Germans yelled slurs and physically abused the Israelis.

“They yelled ‘dirty Jews’ and ‘go back to Israel,’ and pushed us to the ground,” one of the Israelis told Israel Hayom. “At one point when they saw we did not want to leave [the front row] some 50 people began to chant, ‘Go! Go!’”

The Jewish Daily Forward also has a report on the incident, which includes quotes from one of the Israelis present. Some of it sounds a bit exaggerated, perhaps so as to win sympathy for the eternally victimized Jews, but then again who’s to say?

Zerad said the Israelis had come to Berlin for a long weekend, which started with the Beyonce concert on May 23. Standing at the head of the line to enter the venue, Zerad said the Israelis were verbally attacked by a group of about 50 Germans who wanted to move ahead of them.

“Some of them noticed that we were speaking Hebrew,” Zerad told JTA. “One of them said, ‘You stink, you should go back to Israel.’ A girl said, ‘You guys smell so bad. Why didn’t he die in the Holocaust?’ ”

The young Germans began to shout at the Israelis to “go, go, go,” he said. They accused the Israelis of pushing, “which was not true because we were first in line. We had no need to push. We were there already.

“So they started pushing us; they said ‘You are Jewish, go back to Israel, we wish that the Holocaust would succeed so you all die,’” Zerad recalled. “One guy came up to me and said, ‘Don’t mess with my girls, I will hurt you,’ and things like that.”

A report on the incident at the Arutz Sheva website, also mentions opposition to a program, apparently begun just a few years ago, of placing holocaust monuments on city sidewalks.

The project entails the placing of the names residents on monuments on the sidewalks of streets where they lived before being deported by the Nazis to concentration camps. The project is several years old, and was undertaken with the full cooperation of the municipality and the Jewish community.

However, anti-Semites in the city have been doing their best to ruin the project. In recent weeks, many of the monuments constructed on the streets have been destroyed, as groups attempt to intimidate officials to drop the project.

So what are we looking at here? Random acts of anti-Semitism? Public disgust with Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians? Or resentment over 51 years of being taken to the cleaners?
Maybe it’s all of the above.

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Massive Fraud at Claims Conference Revealed to Top Officials a Decade Ago

Why Assad “Wasn’t, Won’t be” Defeated (Last Part)

Sadeq Khanafer, Hussein Mallah

In the last part of "Why Assad wasn't, won't be Defeated" we exposed the vision for a solution, future of the struggle in Syria, and the chances for a political settlement between the pinnacle of the events and the vagueness of the scene on both the international and regional levels.

Syria crisisEvery day of the Syrian crisis carries the following questions: Until when will this bloodshed continue? When will the Syrians be allowed to sit around one table to find an exit for their country from this horrible crisis? What about the expected Russian-American summit in June? And will it reflect positively or negatively on the situation in Syria?
A bunch of questions whose answers are pretty difficult to be sufficient especially that the current data stress that the enterprises planned to Syria didn’t deplete their targets yet. In addition, the Americans and their allies in the region still bet on the developments of the field events to do their enterprise.

On the contrary, other sides like Damascus, Tehran as well as Beijing and Moscow are stuck to their stances by limiting the possible solution with a local dialogue on which the Syrians themselves would agree.

In front of two different agendas, the battle is not likely heading to an end, it seems however long lasting recalling the difficulty to settle the battles even though the Syrian army outweighs the scene in light of its latest achievements.

The Solution of Damascus

The Syrian leadership realizes the size of the attack against Syria. It considers it a destructive plan that would reach the neighboring countries when it succeeds.

Therefore, the issue exceeds President Assad’s step down and the “democratic reforms.” What is demanded is destroying Syria as a state and sending it decades back.

Upon realizing that the meantime is for the military operation recalling the blaze of battles on all levels, the Syrian government stresses its constants on the level of the political settlement that might be discussed. Nidal Qabalan, the Syrian Ambassador to Ankara, tells Al-Manar website that the “vision proposed by President Bashar Al-Assad in his Opera House speech summarizes the official stance from settling the crisis.” He explains that “President Assad stressed on sticking to the principles.” “Syria will not abandon its national sovereignty, its sovereign decision, and the unity of its lands. It will not allow dividing the country on sectarian or ethnic bases as well,” he added.
Qabalan notes that the acceptable settlement is “a new Syria with a different governmental structure, modern electoral system, new constitution, and new parliament; in other words, a practically new Syria.” Furthermore, he adds that “all of these issues are negotiable and it is not an obstacle to the Syrian people whether the government or the parliament are more represented, in addition to more freedom of media.”

The Geneva “Framework”

Syrian Deputy Minister of Information Kahalf Al-Muftah adds to Al-Manar website that “the failure in achieving the main goal, which is toppling the regime and destroying the Syrian state, maybe obliged those forces to accept a political settlement.” He notes that “this settlement starts from the Geneva Convention that was based on Kofi Annan’s plan and has common points with the initiative or political solution presented by Syria and proposed by President Assad.” The initiative comprises the following:

First: To respect the Syrian sovereignty and not interfere in the Syrian affairs.

Second: To stop all forms of violence.

Third: To engage in a political operation that would be the result of a democratic operation conducted by the Syrian people.

Al-Muftah notes that “this solution is the most effective because it saves the Syrian sovereignty, ends violence, and reproduces the Syrian institutions according to the vision of its people. Elections will decide the form of political regime, as well as saving its identity, affiliation, and its stream of resistance.”

As for some outside opposition groups’ vision that impose Assad’s step down as a condition to start political dialogue, Deputy Minister of Information notes that “the reference is the Syrian people not the foreign forces. The Syrian people will sure be the main participant. In other words, investing the foreign element won’t be applied locally because the outside opposition dependeds on foreign forces to impose a political solution. However, we insisted that the solution in Syria is through elections and the people’s choice.”

Solution of the Opposition

Political solution to the Syrian crisis is almost absent from a major part of the opposition forces, especially the “Opposition Coalition” groups accused of obeying the sponsor countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and the United States from their behind. They all seek toppling President Bashar Al-Assad by force or politically upon demanding his step down before starting any political dialogue.

Afar from the coalition and its components, other opponents, led by the National Coordination Body, consider the political solution is the perfect one to settle the crisis and end up killings. This doesn’t mean neglecting the international factor that became the major player according to the General Coordinator of the Syrian National Coordination Body Hassan Abdul Azim. “The issue is no more under the regime’s control or under the opposition’s. It is not that we want foreign intervention, but the national solution was lost because of the regime’s disregard,” he added.

As for the calls for dialogue with the Syrian government, Abdul Azim adds that “results of negotiations between us and the representatives of the regime must be guaranteed on international, regional, and Arab levels, with Russian, Chinese, Iranian and western guarantees, as well as from the side of the Arab League. This only would be fruitful and is mentioned in Geneva resolutions.”
Abdul Azim’s vision is summed up as follows:

•    Ending up violence and release detainees.
•    Starting negotiations to form a transitional government that enjoys all authorities to set the principles of the constitution and hold parliamentary elections.

The Delayed Settlement

Some international and local calls for dialogue are not suitable now as the Americans are going to the extremes in their policy toward Syria. Russian Expert in the Center of the Euro-Asian Russian Union for Strategic Studies Leonid Savin notes to Al-Manar website that “the most welcome scenario by the Americans is implanting a regime or a group of pro-figures under the title of democracy.” “A number of figures are concentrated on the Turkish lands, in addition to emigrant Syrians in other countries like France, the UK, and the US. They, however, form an opposing extremist radical wing and abuses the two groups to achieve their goals,” he added.

According to Savin, “escalation will continue in the coming stage with respect to the same tendency of the plan set in the White House, New York, Riyadh and Turkey… where different terrorist groups are being abused effectively by the foreign powers to keep on instability and toppling the current government and legal authority.”

In the same context, Syrian Ath-Thawra newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief Ali Qassem tells Al-Manar website that “the American is not ready yet to any settlement because his interests weren’t really harmed and his tools in the region need more time in the age of the crisis to support their groups on the Syrian lands.”

Concerning the bet on the expected summit between the American and Russian presidents this summer, Qassem considers the importance of its results unlikely especially from the Washington side, which wants to weaken Syria and exhaust its allies as much as possible.

The Voice of the Battle is the Loudest

The ongoing military confrontations in Syria assert one truth that there is no place for dialogue, and there is no voice louder than that of the battle. For this reason, Qassem notes that the “field settlement identifies the strength of each side. Intimidation and security breaks are taking place, intimidation also takes place from the other side.”

Kahalf Al-Muftah considers that western and Arab powers “will attempt to change the path of the battles because any settlement will be a result of two givens, a political and a military given. They seek implementing achievements and investments in the land.” “The major issue is the local factor, meaning that political and social geography will mainly identify the features of the political solution,” he added.

On his side, Ambassador Nidal Qabalan says “the conspiracies will not reach an end. This is our destiny; it is the project of resistance with us and the friends in Iran, Russia, and China, as well as the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance. This is our project, and there is the other project that is mortgaged with Zionism, Washington, London and Paris.”

“Our destiny is to continue this confrontation until one project defeats the other. I believe that Syria, upon surpassing this conspiracy, will be achieving a major triumph that is as important as its triumph in October,” Qabalan states. “This is a big conspiracy that aims at disintegrating the axis of resistance and forming the big Middle East that Foreign Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had propagated,” Qabalan adds.

Syria Will Not Be Defeated…

“The goal of what is going on in Syria is no more excluding it from the axis of resistance and the equation of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It isn’t also taking control of the authoritative power whatever it may cost. However, the goal of whoever is supporting the war in Syria is destroying it, preventing it from establishing a strong central country, disabling it from taking any decision related to its oil, sea, and borders, and eliminating it from the regional equation. Those who claim they are sorry for the bloodshed in Syria and don’t want to lose the Palestinian cause, and those who claim they care about Syria must work to find a political settlement and political solution,” according to Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah.

“Syria has real friends in the region and the whole world who will never allow it to be controlled by America, Israel, and the Takfirist groups,” according to Sayyed Nasrallah.
Translated by Zainab Abdallah
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Source: Al-Manar Website
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The U.S., Britain and France Support “Al Qaeda in Syria”

Under the Disguise of The “Battle against Terrorism”: The U.S., Britain and France Support “Al Qaeda in Syria”

The UK's intransigence in the EU show's the West's true intentions in Syria

Jabhat Al Nusra
The UK Foreign secretary William Hague, and his French counterpart Lauren Fabius, are leading an isolated charge within the EU to lift a supposed arms embargo to self-described ‘rebels’, hitherto destroying Syria for over two years. Several underlying factors need to be addressed before these diplomatic (some would say military) manoeuvres are put into context.
Firstly, the most obvious issue with allowing the UK and France to freely arm ‘rebels’ of their choosing inside Syria is that this policy is against all international law, and will, as proven already to be the case, continue to vastly exacerbate the growing death toll and displacement in Syria. As the head of arms control at Oxfam noted:
“Transferring more weapons to Syria can only exacerbate a hellish scenario for civilians. If the UK and France are to live up to their own commitments – including those set out in the new arms trade treaty – they simply must not send weapons to Syria.”
Acting under the auspices, or “consultation” of Western intelligence services, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and non-state actors sending thousands of tonnes of arms and funds to extremist militants in Syria; is directly synonymous with both a huge increase in casualty numbers and civilian displacement; and the huge rise and proliferation of extremist militants operating in Syria. This highlights, as previous conflicts in the region have shown; that further Western military intervention is not about to bring peace and harmony to a nation already engulfed in the throes of war (much of which western powers promoted and enabled).

But peace and harmony are not on either France, nor the UK’s list of priorities in the region; removing President Assad and weakening the state of Syria, Iran’s staunch ally, most certainly are. It seems the less Imperial-minded states of the EU, and indeed, those less attached to US militarism and designs for the Middle East, were incensed by Hague and Fabius’ stubborn attempts to stifle the popular opinion within the EU that sending yet more military equipment to a disparate melee of extremist rebels may be of dire consequence. Hague, with his vast intellect, failed to acknowledge this most obvious of pitfalls, and seems more eager than war-mongerer/profiteer US Senator John McCain is to feed into the western public the idea that ‘moderate’, or ‘secular’ minded ‘rebels’ in Syria actually exist.

To quote an equally moral and intelligent Western statesman, the UK is acting on the policy of “unknown unknowns”. Hague et al claim to know of ‘moderate’ and ‘secular’ fighting forces wishing to take up arms against the Syrian Government; yet literally no one in Syria or analysing the conflict from afar is able to find them. As the weapons flow increased and the funds from Gulf donors magnified, it has been the most extreme sectarian elements of militia that have been bolstered by such support, and indeed, further encouraged by Western diplomatic cover and the dutiful Western mainstream media’s glowing appraisals of freedom fighters and ‘rebel’ propaganda.

This has only enabled the Jihaddi/Salafist elements hell-bent on sectarian violence and destruction to gain in recruits and popularity. As in Central America, Afghanistan, Libya, Serbia, Kosovo, etc: these extremist elements form the ‘Shock Troops’ of a Western designed subversion model; used to great effect by Western powers to enable the social and structural destruction of a nation “outside the West’s sphere of influence”, in order to bring about regime change.

Libya, again, provides us with a recent, and very much relevant example of how the UK and France are free to manipulate what are, when first employed, supposedly ‘humanitarian’ measures to fit their own military and Imperial advantage. When the No Fly Zone resolution over Libya was first passed in the UN, it was designed to enable ‘rebel’ forces in Libya to “protect the civilian population” from air and armour attacks from the Libyan Army. What ensued almost immediately after the resolution passed was nothing of the sort: the UK and France – under US direction – took it upon themselves, in almost 10,000 airstrike sorties within six months, to not only destroy all of Libya’s meagre air-force and armour, but destroy the vast majority of the infrastructure Gaddafi had built. This ran alongside a targeted assassination campaign against Gaddafi himself to bring about the desired regime change, which just by chance, also happens to be completely against international law. The results of which were neither in the interest of civilians or humanitarianism. As former MI5 officer Annie Machon put it:
“They’ve had free education, free health, they could study abroad. When they got married they got a certain amount of money. So they were rather the envy of many other citizens of African countries. Now, of course, since NATO’s humanitarian intervention, the infrastructure of their country has been bombed back to the Stone Age,”
This “bombing back to the stone age” is what Imperialist apologists might term: holding down the competition. As previously noted by many a statesman and scholar, the last thing any Western government desires is the self-determination and independence of resource-rich, strategically placed nations.
Furthermore, as candidly revealed by Hague himself, the UK and France’s pressure to lift the embargo is solely designed to pressure the Assad government to meet their demands, stating: (my emphasis)
“[it is] important for Europe to send a clear signal to the Assad regime that it has to negotiate seriously, and that all options remain on the table if it refuses to do so”.
One thing is certain, Hague does not speak for Europe. 25 of the 27 European nations were against the lifting of the embargo. The French and British refusal to accept the popular consensus meant that no decision or required extension of the current embargo could be made, resulting in its expiration. This in turn allows EU states to act as they please, as Hague said himself, this was the exact outcome the UK was hoping for. Once more, Hague is speaking with no authority, only 16% of the UK population agree to sending arms to ‘rebels’ in Syria: UK democracy in action.

The desired outcome of the lifting of the EU embargo will be increased military support to what the CIA, and NATO aligned governments describe as “vetted moderate” rebel forces. Which for all intents and purposes, simply don’t exist. The more likely outcome will be to create further reluctance of the Syrian ‘opposition’ elements within the SNC to negotiate with the Assad Government; further encouraging them and the extremist elements on the ground in Syria to continue their futile quest for a military solution. This policy will embolden extremist rebels fighting the Syrian Army in the hope they are to receive further Western support, with the ultimate desire of Western intervention just around the corner.

As Hague warns of “conflict spread”, which is evidently already occurring in Northern Lebanon, and inextricably linked to increased sectarian strife in Iraq; his Orwellian mindset seems unable to realise that adding more arms to this conflict ridden region will result in anything other than further destabilization. Surely Western powers cannot uphold this pretence any longer, it is glaringly obvious to many that Western involvement and “concern” over Syria has nothing to do with the civilian population and everything to do with regime change by all means necessary, including  the tacit arming, funding and diplomatic support of extremist Al Qaeda affiliated ‘rebels’.

Furthermore, while the UK was desperate to lift the arms embargo on Syrian ‘rebels’. It was at the forefront of attempts to uphold the crippling economic sanctions put in place against the Syrian Government. These sanctions, as applied to devastating effect many times before, are again, solely designed to punish the civilian population in attempts to create civil unrest and discord against the Syrian government to bring about regime change, a wholly illegal act in itself. Hague, in another world-class show of diplomatic cognitive dissonance, candidly admitted the failure of these sanctions as a reason to lift the arms embargo, stating: “The EU arms embargo must be lifted because the current economic sanctions regime is ineffective.” If the economic sanctions aren’t working, yet evidently punishing the civilian population, why is the EU keeping them in place? Simply as a tool to further pressurize the Syrian Government and push the civilian population into chaos, poverty and revolt.

Whilst the UK government declares a “battle against terrorism” on its own soil, its Foreign Policy willfully follows the Western trend of fomenting, arming and supporting the very same ideologues abroad. All to suit the pernicious Western establishment agenda of economic and military dominance throughout the Greater Middle East and beyond.

Phil Greaves is a UK based writer/analyst, focusing on UK/US Foreign Policy and conflict analysis in the Middle East post WWII.

Arming Syria Militants Greatest Miscalculation since Rise of Fascism: Guardian

Local Editor
In an article published by the Guardian on Tuesday, Simon Jenkins considered that “by helping to destroy secular politics in the Middle East, the west has unleashed the Shia/Sunni conflict now tearing it apart.”

Under the headline “Our Greatest Miscalculation since the Rise of Fascism”, Jenkins asserted that “there is no more dreadful idea than to pour more armaments into the sectarian war now consuming Syria. Yet that is precisely what Britain's coalition government wants to do.”

Syria militants“For two years pundits have proclaimed the imminent fall of Syria's President Bashar Al-Assad. High on Arab spring, they declared he would fall from the logic of history. Or he would fall because western sanctions would bring him down. Or he would fall because the media, as in the novel Scoop, were with the rebels and had decided they would win,” the writer added.

He pointed out that “Assad has not fallen. He is still there, locked in the lethal Muslim schism that resurfaced with the demise of the region's secularist dictators,” indicating that “they had faults in abundance, but they succeeded in suppressing religious discord, instilling rudimentary tolerance and keeping the region mostly in order. This was in the west's interest, and the rulers, like those in the Gulf, were supported accordingly.”

In this context, Jenkins emphasized that “pouring arms into Syria will no more topple Assad or drive him to the negotiating table than did two years of blood-curdling sanctions. Hague knows this perfectly well, as he knows there is no way arms can be sent to "good" rebels and not to bad ones. He knows that if you want one side to win a civil war, the only honest way is to fight on its side. We did that in Kosovo and Libya.”

He indicated that “Britain's military judgment is no more coherent than its political. It thinks it can conquer Syria… But sending weapons cannot make a difference, and will merely entice Britain into promising troops, unless it wishes to desert the rebels. Like American backing for the Taliban in the 1990s, the idea that "my enemy's enemy must be my friend" could yet see British Special Forces fighting alongside Al-Qaida in Syria.”

Meanwhile, the writer stated that “most of Europe's rulers have other matters on their hands, but Britain and France, two nations whose ancient empires carved up the Levant between them, cannot keep out of it. They see national interest and danger where none exists. They cannot relieve Syria's agony, yet hope some vague belligerence might bring relief.”

“The reality is they hope that belligerence might draw attention from political troubles back home. That is the worst reason for going to war,” he concluded.
Source: Newspapers
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اذا جاء جون ماكين والفتح؟ .. انه السل الفكري

اذا جاء جون ماكين والفتح؟ .. انه السل الفكري ...

‎بقلم: نارام سرجون‎

أخشى أن أقول بأن القراءة في كتابات المفكرين العرب هذه الأيام من أقصى اليمين الى أقصى اليسار صارت بلا جدوى ان لم تكن اضاعة للوقت وربما كان الوقت في حل الكلمات المتقاطعة وصفحة التسليات أكثر ثراء بالمعرفة والطمأنينة ..

وأعترف أنه صارت لدي مشكلة مع كل كتاب لمفكر ولمثقف عربي لايزال على قيد الحياة لأنني لاأثق بما كتب على انه علم أصيل وقناعة متجذرة ولا أثق بما سيكتب غدا ان كان تنكرا لكل ماكتبه .. لأن مارأيناه من رحلات العقول ورفع المراسي الفكرية الفوضوي في عام واحد يدل على أن كتاباتنا ليست أصيلة وأن ما نكتبه ليس الا تقليدا وليس بيننا مبدعون ولاأصحاب أفكار خلاقة بل مقلدون وأتباع ودراويش .. وأن العقل العربي الحالي ليس الا جسما طافيا خفيفا تتقاذفه الأمواج .. وأننا أمة لانبدع بل نقلد .. حتى أن ابداع العرب الفكري هو صدى لأفكار ويشبه تقليدنا لفكرة سوبر ستار الغنائي ..دون أي فارق ..

وها أنذا أحضر نفسي غير نادم ولاآسف ودون أن يرف لي جفن لافراغ مكتبتي من الكتب العربية التنويرية التي كانت تجلس منفوشة الريش مثل الطواويس على رفوف مكتبتي وتتباهى كالملوك على العروش والبروج .. وهي في الحقيقة لاتساوي في نظري الآن أكثر من مجلات صالونات الحلاقة والجرائد الصفراء لأنه تبين لي أنها كانت تمارس الغش والخداع وهي ترتدي الثياب الأنيقة والأغلفة الفخمة وتنتمي الى عائلات العناوين العريقة وسلالات الكتب النبيلة .. ولكنها لاتستحق اليوم الا رميها في هولوكوست الكتب .. لأن كتّابها تنكروا لها فكيف أحتفظ بها ؟؟ ولاأدل على ذلك الا كتب برهان غليون وصادق جلال العظم وغيرهما .. كتب تبين انها كأصنام قريش لاتضر ولاتنفع لأنها لم تحم كاتبها من العاصفة فكيف بقرائها المساكين .. كتب تشبه أصنام التمر عند العرب الوثنيين تؤكل عند الجوع .. كتب تنتظر من يحطمها كالأصنام عندما يجيء اليها نصر الله والفتح ..

في عام 2006 عقب تحطيم الجيش الاسرائيلي وعلى نكهة النصر الالهي انتشرت في المغرب العربي تفسيرات لاهوتية للنصر مستقاة من سورة الفتح (واذا جاء نصر الله والفتح..) ونسبها العقل الشعبي التفسيري الى أنها تعني السيد حسن نصر الله ذاته لأن الناس كانت مفتونة به وبانتصاره ..وهذا ماجعل الهدف الأول لاسرائيل وثوار الربيع أن يكون نصر الله غير مقترن بالفتح بل ليكون حسن الشيعي .. وقائد حزب اللات .. ولكن من يقدر على حذف عبارة "نصر الله" من القرآن ومن سجل الانتصارات؟؟ .. فمشكلة عرب الناتو أن اسم حسن نصر الله اسم مشتق من المصطلح القرآني ولايمكن أن يكون حسن برنار ليفي أو حسن آل ثاني أو حسن الحريري أو حسن غليون أو حسن الخطيب او حسن هيتو أو حسن القرضاوي كي يتم تغييره .. انه حسن نصر الله .. ونصر الله يجيء معه الفتح دوما .. وقد جاء زمن "نصر الله" وبدأ الفتح وتحطيم التماثيل والأوثان .. بدأ الفتح من حيث سينزل نصر الله .. فلنحطم تلك الأصنام ونحن نردد: جاء الحق وزهق الباطل .. ان الباطل كان زهوقا ..

في القريب العاجل سيتابع العالم فنونا في الدهاء العسكري والتكتيكي لنصر الله ورجاله وسنعرف أن الله لم يقل: اذا جاء جون ماكين والفتح .. بل (اذا جاء نصر الله والفتح ورأيت الناس يدخلون في دين الله أفواجا ).. وقد بدأت طلائع الهزيمة تتحدث عبر هستيريا تصريحات عربية من البحرين الى السعودية وحتى المسكين عبد الحليم خدام الذي يتوعد الحزب بالاقتلاع .. وسيرى العالم ماسيذهله بعد ان نزل حزب الله لملاقاة جون ماكين وحزبه الجمهوري ولملاقاة أوباما وحزبه الديمقراطي .. ولملاقاة نتنياهو وجيشه الاسلامي .. سيلاقيهم في قرى وشوارع الشرق وليس في شوارع نيويورك .. فيما تستعد حلب لارسال رسالة قوية الى جون ماكين الأسير السابق الذي ماان ينزل في مكان حتى تحل به هزيمة ماحقة وماان يعتني بجيش الا ويهزم ..

في هذه الأيام ينهض حزب ديني اسمه حزب الله ليمارس علمانية رفيعة ويطبق علوما عسكرية ونفسية بديعة .. وقد فوجئت بكمّ المعلومات الهائلة التي يمتلكها الجيش السوري وحزب الله عن القصير وماحولها وأسماء المقاتلين فيها وأعمارهم واعدادهم وجنسياتهم وعدد أنفاقهم بل وحتى عدد قطع السلاح وغرف العمليات الغربية التي تديرها بالأسماء والرتب .. ويعرف بالضبط كل رسالة تدخل وكل رسالة تخرج .. ومن هنا نعرف أن هذا الحزب الخطير هو ماتريد اسرائيل رأسه في هذا الربيع بأي ثمن .. ولذلك يتسابق الرهط الثوري من أتفه ثورجي يأكل لحوم البشر الى عبد الحليم خدام الذي أصابه جنون البقر يتسابقون الى اظهار القدرة على قطع رأس حزب الله .. هذا حزب عندما يمارس السياسة والتفكير فانه يمارس اقصى درجات العلمانية والعلمية والأخلاقية المدنية .. والدهاء العسكري والتقني الذي ينفذه سيثير الاعجاب ..وسيثير الدهشة .. وكل مدارس العالم الحربية تتابع مايفعله هذا الحزب الآن كي تعدل نظرياتها .. وكي تتعلم فن الحرب .. لأول مرة لدينا شيء يتعلم العالم منه ويقلدنا به .. بعد ان كنا نقلد العالم في كل شيء حتى في نقد العقل الديني ..

ولكن للأسف في مقابل هذا الحزب الديني اللاهوتي ذي الخطاب السياسي الناضج العقلاني رغم أجواء تحريض الغرائز ..فان كل المفكرين العرب والمثقفين المتنورين تعرّضوا في الربيع العربي لفضيحة مخجلة وصرت عندما اقرأ كتابا أو رأيا لأحدهم لاأطمئن على عقلي .. وليس لدي شك أن الظاهرة التي تستحق الدراسة هي تناقضات المسار بين التيارات الفكرية والدينية العربية .. فاليسار العربي وأقطاب العلمانية الشرقية رغم رسوّهم على موانئ التنوير نصف قرن فقد رحلوا الى حيث الحركات الدينية الفاشلة .. أي الى حيث الفكر الاخواني والسلفي الذي أخفق في تحقيق أي انجاز معتبر منذ نشوئه .. والتقت كل التيارات الفاشلة مع بعضها أي حركات وشخصيات تنويرية فشلت في اطلاق التنوير مع تيارات دينية فشلت في الخروج من ظلامية دينية قروسطية .. فيما انتقلت حركات وشخصيات دينية اعتقدنا انها ستوغل في التدين والقروسطية (لأنها تعتقد أنها انتصرت انتصارات الهية) الى ممارسة فيها وطنية علمانية منقطعة النظير رغم رسوها على موانئ الله وأديانه منذ عقود .. وأعني حزب الله .. وزعيمه حسن نصر الله ..

لن أستحي من القول بأنني عندما كنت أغوص في النقاش الحر مع الأحرار الثورجيين السوريين بحثا عن جذور الحرية والكنوز المخبأة تحت التراب كنت أفاجأ أن لاجذور للحرية لديهم ولاكنوز مخبوءة .. وأن كونتا كينتي الافريقي فتى الأدغال الشهير (في رواية اليكس هيلي) الذي أخذ عنوة الى العبودية هو أثرى منهم احساسا بالحرية والمعرفة والكرامة .. وكلما فتحت المغاليق والأسرار تفاجئني ضحالتهم المخبأة وأعرف أن مالديهم هو مجرد عقدة طائفية تشبه مرضا مزمنا كالسل الكامن والجذام الذي يأكل الجسد والذي ينهض في الجسد العليل كلما وهن وتعب .. ولذلك سنعرف كيف استحالت ثورة قيل انها للحرية الى ثورة دينية طائفية بسرعة البرق وأطلقت اللحى وأخرجت الثورة أثقالها الدينية وأطباق القيح المدمى وقدور الصديد والغسلين .. وبسرعة عجيبة التهم الناس كل مافي الأطباق والقدور من فتاوى وتكفير وغمس الجميع أصابعهم في الدم والخيانة ووصل بهم الأمر أنهم تحولوا الى قصابين وأكلة لحوم البشر بالمعنى الحرفي للكلمة دون خجل وتحولت ثورة الحرية الى "ثورة أبو صقار" .. وثورة "أبو صقار" وصمة عار في جبين الشرق كله وكل ثواره ومثقفيه الذين عليهم ان يسألوا أنفسهم ان كان اي نظام قادرا على أن يحول انسانا الى وحش مالم تكن نخب الشعب فاشلة ونخب الثورة أكثر فشلا وغير قادرة على حماية القيمة الانسانية للفرد .. هذه هزيمة للمثقفين جميعا الذين لاتنفعهم دفوعهم بأن النظام قد خلق وحوشا بوحشيته .. بل انهم مثقفون فاشلون عندما لايقدرون على تحصين القيم الانسانية لمجتمعاتهم وتحصين الفرد أخلاقيا فتنهار انسانيته أمام كل ريح وتجربة .. والقلب الذي التهمه الوحش وهو يكبّر سيبقى دمه النازف يخضب كل اللحى الى يوم الدين .. وسيلاحق كل المسلمين في أصقاع الأرض الى يوم يبعثون .. وسيتدلى من صفحات كل كتاب لأي مثقف عربي الى مالانهاية ..

لم أعد أعتقد ان المشكلة في الماكينة الاعلامية لأن الماكينة الاعلامية ذات سطوة على العامة والدهماء فقط .. لكن الجذام الفكري لتنويري العرب يثبت أن صخور العلمانية لدينا رملية .. وأن مافينا من بذور قبلية لايزال حيا .. وأن الاعلام كان مثل السماد "العضوي" يذروه دهاقنة السياسة على بذور مدفونة في عقولنا .. لقد ألقى الغرب سماده "العضوي" الاعلامي وروثه الأخلاقي على موروثنا من البذور الدينية فينا فأورقت بسرعة ونهضت من تحت التراب ونمت بين مفاصل الصخر العلماني الشرقي .. كل صخور العلمانية تفتتت عندما نهضت البذور ..فوصل جون ماكين الى مضافات الأحرار صهيونيا محررا فيما أحرقت صور حسن نصر الله الشيعي .. ووصلنا الى عهد نردد فيه (اذا جاء ماكين والفتح ورأيت الناس يخرجون من دين الله أفواجا ..) ..

ستعرفون ماأعني بضحالة الفكر عندما تقرؤون عبارة مذهلة لمثقف سوري متطرف في علمانيته فتعتقدون أنها ليست لمفكر علماني بل لقائد من قادة طالبان أو أنها للمستشار الديني لأيمن الظواهري أو من تلامذة ابن عثيمين وليست لأستاذ في الفلسفة .. ولكنه صادق جلال العظم بجلالة قدره الذي يبدو مأزوما بشدة وحائرا في كيفية اعادة الزمن الى الوراء .. وصرت أراه نموذجا حقيقيا لعمق أزمة العقل العربي ويكشف بؤرة السل التي تنهك هذا العقل الشرقي حتى وان ادعى الشفاء ودفن السل تحت صخور العلمانية .. لأن صاحب "نقد العقل الديني" الذائع الصيت وصاحب كتاب "مابعد ذهنية التحريم" وكاتب "دفاعا عن المادية والتاريخ" والذي كاد أن يكون كارل ماركس العرب وجد معلقا من عرقوبه الى سلسلة الدين والطوائف بلا حول ولاقوة في ملحمة الربيع العربي كما علق موسوليني من عرقوبيه في ملحمة من ملاحم ايطاليا .. وتبين أن الرجل لم يعد ينقد العقل الديني بل انتقل ليمجد العقل الطائفي ..

عندما نقرأ آراء صادق جلال العظم ندرك كيف أسقط الجذام الديني لحم صادق جلال العظم الفكري وكشف عظمه الجاهلي .. في قراءة تحولات صادق العظم قد نصل الى جذر الثورة وكنزها المخبأ في العقدة الطائفية القبلية ونعرف كيف وصل جون ماكين الى حدود سورية كضيف جليل وهو الشهير ببرنامجه الانتخابي كخليفة لجورج بوش بأنه لن ينسحب من العراق بمئة سنة .. وبدل أن يرجمه ثوار الحرية ويعدموه فقد استقبلوه وطلبوا منه تطبيق برنامج لاحتلال سورية لمئة سنة قادمة .. وفي المقابل يتهيأ ثوار الله لمواجهة حسن نصر الله .. صاحب النصر الالهي ..

يقول صادق العظم عبارة تنخر العظم الفكري للثقافة والتنوير وتنخر عظمنا وعظم فيورباخ وهيغل في قبريهما .. فهو يقول: "أنا متفاجئ من قدرة المكون السني على ضبط النفس في سورية .. ولم نسمع عن خروج قرية سنية للانتقام من قرية علوية خرج منها شبيحة " ويقول أيضا عن الأحداث السورية:

هناك "نظام أقلـَّوي معسكـَر عسكرةً عاليةً جدًا ومسلح تسليحًا هائلاً يستند إلى عصبية طائفية صغيرة وهو يفتك بثورة الأكثرية السنية في البلاد مستخدمًا الأسلحة كافة من الخفيف إلى الثقيل... لضرب المدن والقرى والأحياء والمزارع والأحراش والغابات التي تقطنها هذه الأكثرية وتعيش فيها منذ قديم الزمان .. كما أن تطرف النظام في عسكرته وتدميره ومذابحه لا تقاس على الإطلاق بالتطرف الذي كثيراً ما ينسب إلى الثورة نفسها أو لبعض مكوناتها، علماً بأن التطرف يستجر التطرف والبادئ أظلم"

ان دراسة السل الفكري والجذام الديني الذي يسكن فينا عبر تحليل مرض صادق جلال العظم وعقدته الدينية الدفينة التي تشبه في السيكولوجيا عقدة أوديب نعرف كيف يتصرف رائد فضاء مثل محمد فارس ويصبح شيخا لافرق بينه وبين الشيخ فضل شاكر العبسي أو أحمد الأسير .. فما هو الفرق بين فضل شاكر ومحمد فارس ؟؟ وتشخيص السل الفكري يجعلنا ندرك أنه ليس المهم أن يكتب شخص في نقد العقل الديني اذا كانت فيه عقدة الدين متأصلة ومتجذرة .. وليس مهما أن يرتقي الجسد الى الفضاء الخارجي ويدور حول الأرض بل الأهم ان يأخذ عقله معه في تلك الرحلة لأن ما ارتقى الى الفضاء هو رأس وجسد فيما بقي العقل على الأرض مدفونا في أحاديث شيخ الجامع وشيخ الحارة حتى صار عقل رائد الفضاء كالدمية بيد شخص شبه أمي مثل عمار الداديخي .. أنه قبل الصعود الى القمر والدوران حول الأرض لابد من كسر السلاسل التي تربط العقل بسفوح الوديان السحيقة وترغمه على الدوران حول عقل شيخ جاهل ..

الكتب التي تكتب عن النور لايجب أن تكون موصولة بأسلاك الكهرباء السياسي كي تضيء بل ذاتية الاضاءة والتوهج .. والأجساد الصاعدة الى القمر لاتقدم الأمم اذا لم ترتق عقولها وتركتها بيد شيوخ الفتنة .. والأفضل أن تغني للقمر (نحنا والقمر جيران) لأن محمد فارس مثلا الذي اختارته سورية ليكون رائد الفضاء السوري الأول دون الانحياز لطائفة منافسه منير حبيب كان أكبر دليل على ان الحكم في سورية تجاوز الطائفية والا لاختار منير حبيب (النقيض الطائفي) شاء من شاء وأبى من أبى ..

منذ مدة وأنا أتواصل مع مثقفين مسلمين من مختلف الجنسيات ولاأعرف سبب انحيازهم لثوار الناتو مثل صادق جلال العظم .. وكنت أعتقد أن الاعلام يتلاعب بالعقول ولكن عرفت أن البلاء كامن فينا وفي ثقافتنا عندما اجتمعت مع أستاذ للكيمياء في احدى جامعات فرنسا وهو مسلم من أصول باكستانية أدهشه مارآه من عنف الثورجيين السوريين ولكنه كان صريحا وقال بأنه لايستطيع الميل ضدهم لأنه مسلم "سني" وهو لايريد الخروج عن رأي الجماعة في المسجد الذي يصلي فيه ورأي الامام .. ولم تنفعه الدكتوراه في الكيمياء ليخرج عقله عن رأي شيخ الجامع القادم أصلا من سفوح تورا بورا .. شيخ من تورا بورا يقود عقلا حاملا للدكتوراه في الكيمياء كما يقود رجل ثورا الى دكان القصاب ..

لذلك لم يعد يعنيني اقتناء الكتب التي تتوهج وتظلم حسب مزاج المآذن والكنائس وتتأرجح حروفها كلهب الشموع وتنطفئ في الرياح فتتحول الى قطع الليل المظلم .. بل يعنيني الكتب والأفكار التي تكتب حروفها بشظايا النجوم التي لاتنطفئ .. ومايكتبه فكر حزب الله النضالي ضد الظلام الاسرائيلي والصهيوني وقطع الليل المظلم الكافر هو مايعنيني ..والفرق بين صادق جلال العظم وبين فكر حسن نصر الله غريب جدا ومأساوي جدا .. الأول يكتب في العلمانية والفلسفة عن "سنية" ثورة للحرية وعن لاهوتية ثورات الحرية .. والثاني يكتب بعمامته وعقلانيته عن عالمية الحرية ضد الفكر الديني للصهيونية المسيحية .. وعن انسانية اللاهوت .. كتب الأول صارت قطعا من الليل .. وخطابات الثاني استحالت شهبا في هذا الليل ..

قديما كما نعلم أقدم ابو حيان التوحيدي على احراق كتبه احتجاجا على فقره لأن الكتب لم تجلب له ثروة .. لكن أبا حيان فضّل احراق كتبه بالنار على أن يحرقها بالتنكر لها وممارسة النقائض وبيع اسمه للأمراء والولاة وتغيير ماقاله .. وأحمد الله أن أبا حيان لم يدرك ربيع العرب والا فربما كان من بطانة الأمراء وتذوق باصبعه مذاق النفط واستقبل جون ماكين في بيته .. ودعا له بالنصر على حسن نصر الله .. وبشار الأسد ..

وأنا سأرمي بالكتب الى النار وسأنصحكم بأن تتبرعوا بكتب صادق جلال العظم وغيره من مثقفي الجذام والسل الفكري الى صالونات الحلاقة .. وسأستمع وكلي انتباه واصغاء .. لفكر لاهوتي لحسن نصر الله يعلمني أكثر من كتب العلمانيين كيف أكون انسانا وحرا وعاقلا ولاآكل لحوم البشر .. بل أخشى حتى على الحجر .. فماذا تنفعنا كل كتب العرب وأضواء كتبهم ان لم تمنعنا من أكل لحوم البشر .. وسأنتظر مجيء نصر الله والفتح .. ولن أنتظر مجيء جون ماكين .. ولن أنتظر عودة اللحم الى عظم صادق جلال العظم ..الذي سقط لحمه عن عظمه ..

   ( الأربعاء 2013/05/29 SyriaNow)