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Friday, November 30, 2012

How the United States supports Israel's war crimes in Gaza

Israel is the largest recipient of US taxpayer-funded military aid and these weapons are used by Israel to commit systematic human rights abuses against Palestinians.

By Josh Ruebner
27 December 2012

BBC journalist Jihad Masharawi holding his 11-month-old son, killed in Gaza on 14 November 2012 by an Israeli airstrike.
On November 18, an Israeli air force pilot flying a US-made F-16 fighter jet fired a missile at the four-story home of the al-Dalu family in Gaza City, killing ten members of the family and two from the al-Muzannar family next door.

An on-site investigation conducted by Human Rights Watch concluded that the attack was a "clear violation of the laws of war" and demanded that those "responsible for deliberately or recklessly committing a serious violation of the laws of war should be prosecuted for war crimes."

Israel's bombing of the al-Dalu home was the single deadliest attack in an eight-day offensive last month against the blockaded and occupied Palestinian Gaza Strip that killed at least 160 Palestinians, of whom 105 were civilians and 34 children, according to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights.

Two weeks ago, on International Human Rights Day, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that the United States works to advance "the universal freedoms enshrined" in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which includes the "right to life, liberty and security of person." "When governments seek to deny these liberties through repressive laws and blunt force," she intoned, "we stand against this oppression and with people around the world as they defend their rights."

Yet, when it comes to US policy toward Palestinians, this rhetoric rings hollow. The United States arms Israel to the teeth, fails to uphold US human rights laws when Israel uses US weapons to commit abuses of Palestinians and, up to this point, has thrown around its diplomatic heft in international forums to shield Israel from the war crimes prosecutions advocated for by Human Rights Watch and others.

Israel's recent killing of members of the al-Dalu and al-Muzannar families is a tragic reminder of why 15 leading church figures sent Congress a letter in October arguing that "unconditional US military assistance to Israel" plays a role in "sustaining the conflict and undermining the long-term security interests of both Israelis and Palestinians." These church leaders urged Congress to hold hearings into Israel's violations of the Arms Export Control Act, which limits the use of US weapons to "internal security" and "legitimate self-defense," and to examine Israel's eligibility for any form of US assistance, given that the Foreign Assistance Act prohibits US aid to countries that engage in a consistent pattern of human rights violations.

Such a reevaluation of US military aid to Israel, which is scheduled to amount to $30 billion from 2009 to 2018, is desperately needed. Israel is by far and away the largest recipient of US taxpayer-funded military aid and it is patently obvious that these US weapons are being used by Israel to commit systematic human rights abuses against Palestinians. For example, the fighter jet whose missile devastated the al-Dalu and al-Muzannar families very well may have been one of the 93 F-16D fighter jets, valued at $2.5 billion, which US taxpayers financed and transferred to Israel in the previous decade.

However, far from examining Israel's misuse of US weapons in its most recent attack on Gaza, much less holding it accountable, the Obama administration is moving forward with a proposed weapons deal that would replenish Israel's arsenal. While Clinton offered platitudes about standing against aggression on International Human Rights Day, the Pentagon was busy that same day notifying Congress that it hopes to ship to Israel 6,900 Joint Direct Attack Munitions tail kits, which "convert free-fall bombs into satellite-guided ordnance," and more than 10,000 bombs to accompany them.

On previous occasions when the international community attempted to hold Israel accountable for its war crimes -- most notably with the "Goldstone Report" issued after Israel's "Operation Cast Lead" killed more than 1,400 Palestinians in 2008 and 2009, and after Israel killed nine humanitarian activists in international waters who were attempting to deliver goods to Gaza in 2010 -- heavy-handed US diplomatic pressure and its threatened Security Council veto prevented effective action being taken.

But now that the United Nations General Assembly has voted to make Palestine a "non-member observer state," potentially clearing the way for it to join the International Criminal Court (ICC), Israel may no longer be able to rely on US protection. And as long as the United States refuses to hold Israel accountable for committing human rights abuses of Palestinians with US weapons and keeps the spigot of weapons open, Palestinians should seek redress at the ICC for Israel's war crimes.

Due to ongoing US funding for Israel's oppression of Palestinians, it is the only route for families such as the al-Dalu and al-Muzanner to take to receive a modicum of justice.

Pumped: Palestinian Flag and New Palestinian Map as approved by "Arab Spring"

Palestinian flag hoisted at UNESCO, and Map of Palestine:
"The image of the great conspiracy led by Qatar"
Hamas hopes it'sjust a technical mistake - Not reported at PIC
Reserved for Palestine
In a significant diplomatic victory for the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian flag was hoisted on Tuesday at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, a first at a UN agency.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas proclaimed the flag raising as the first step towards full recognition of Palestine.

"This admission is a first recognition of Palestine," Abbas said at the ceremony in Paris.
"It is moving to see our flag raised today at a UN agency. I hope that this will be a good omen for Palestine's admission to other international organizations."

Palestine won admission into the UN's cultural agency in October, with an overwhelming majority of nations in favor of the Palestinian bid, 107-14.

The bid is part of a campaign by Abbas to gain full recognition of an independent Palestinian state.
Abbas is seeking full UN membership for Palestine, but his plans may be thwarted as any application would need to pass through the UN Security Council, where the US holds a veto.
Flag of Palestine Flies at UNESCO
The United States, Canada, Germany and Holland
voted against Palestinian membership.
The campaign has angered the US, Israel's primary backer, which is likely to veto a Palestinian bid for full UN membership at the Security Council.

The US withdrew funding for UNESCO after Palestine was successfully admitted, forcing UNESCO's director general, Irina Bokova, to announce drastic savings.

Washington is the largest sole contributor to UNESCO, making up 22 percent of the agency's budget.
Israel also reacted angrily to Palestine's admission, slapping a freeze on tax revenues owed to the Palestinian Authority before the Israeli cabinet lifted the ban earlier this month.

Israel is also accelerating the construction of illegal settlements in the West Bank, announcing this week the building of 40 new settler homes in Bethlehem.

But US and Israeli pressure has not deterred Abbas, who remains adamant in achieving full recognition of Palestine from the international community.

"We are currently holding talks with the parties," he said when asked about the Security Council at a press conference.

"We have not yet asked for a vote but this could happen at any moment. If we don't have a majority, we will repeat our request again and again."

"We intend to address all international organizations," he said, adding: "But we will choose the right time to do this." *

UNESCO's Bokova welcomed Palestine at the ceremony in Paris, expressing hope for a peaceful solution between Israel and the Palestinians.

"A solution with two states living in peace and security has been long-awaited," she said.
"I'd like to believe that this admission to UNESCO is a chance to show that peace is also built through education and culture."
* It is is not the moment to open a front against Israel, therfore, PA gave-up its 6 months presidency term in Arab league.

According to Khalid Amayereh, its the moment to "reform" Syria once for all,

His brother Ibrahim Hamami, based in LONDON wrote in Libya Today:

Piling up higher, he ended his piece of...
We promised them with every revolution to rejoice their defeat and our next gloat will be soon from free Damascus, God willing, that's a promise! (without losing a single nato life)

In case you missed it:

By exilem

Abbas' PA will soon pay compulsory contributions to UNESCO, thereby Palestinians will unknowingly participate in the financing of Judeo-centric propaganda tools imposed on poor kids in starving Somalia and elsewhere.
Indeed, UNESCO has programs to conduct "Holocaust Education" in poor countries ...More here

"One of the most important direct results of Arab revolutions it dropped masks on many self-anointed culture and thought and even organizations and movements, (hinting to Hezbollah) which stood at the beginning with Egypt and Tunisia revolutions, then quickly changed the course when the train of change regulations reached the so-called revolutionary regimes) trading in everything, especially when the Syrian regime start shaking the verge of collapse to follow previous systems of oppression and domination.
Shocked, defeated psychologically and on the ground, they dislike what is happening, They find difficult to accept that the world has changed, that the slogans of the past century and its cries and silly media no longer have a place among the people revolted, with space media (Al-Jazeerah) conveying what's happening moment by moment by the sound and image.

In a desperate attempt, perhaps in a miserable awakening before final doom, they are trying to grab the news here or there, even if the sites have not been heard of before, or from blogs or unknown sources, everything important to distort the image of the revolutions...."

"The PA ought to press the new rulers of Egypt to make the Egyptian commitment to honor and uphold the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty subject to Israeli treatment of the Palestinian people. The same thing applies to all new governments and regimes in the Arab world. This is what everyone would call smart politics." he said

The real roots of Nusra front

The "Nusra Front "armed group is the most organized and most funded and widespread in Syria, from the northern border with Turkey to the Lebanese border, its fighters are the most trained and equipped between armed groups fighting against the Syrian state, not to mention that its extensive spread is the biggest proof of the lack of affiliation to al-Qaeda, as raised in the media for reasons revealed in Nidal Hamadi's current report.

Nidal Hamada argues that the Front victory was founded in Turkey by the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood under the leadership of a military junta led by Farouk Tayfur Deputy Comptroller General of the group. Because what is known about the political and leadership weakness Mohammed Rayak Baynouni, Tayfur is considered the de facto leader of the group,

Farouk Tayfur is one of the leaders of the 1981 battle of Hama. Nusra fighters fighters follow directly the office Tayfur in Istanbul and the international operations chamber built on Turkish-Syrian border erated by French, Americans and Qataris and Turkish officers, as revealed by the French weekly Okanard Oncinih several months ago.

References familiar with the subject, attributed the reasons for not adopting Nusra front by Brotherhood to three goals the Muslim Brotherhood want to achive in Syria in this period, that require hiding the Syrian brotherhood's direct link with Nusra and the objectives are the following:
  • Syrian opposition sources confirm that the Muslim Brotherhood has decided to carry out massacres against the supporters of the Syrian regime for two reasons: first retaliation for the previous decades of conflict and the second consilidation of its control in the towns and villages controlled by MB in the Syrian countryside.
  • In hiding its relation with Nusra terrorist, Al-qaeda shall take the burden of responsibility for the atrocities committed, especially as the Brotherhood aspires to assume power in Syria if the Assad regime fell.
  • In case of any change in the Syria, the Name of Nusra would replaced by another name, Nusra name is no more than a banner serving the brotherhood's policy in this phase of war.

According to General Jamil al-Sayyed, the Nusra name was unknown until the assanssination of Rafik Al-Hariri by Al-qaeda, therefore, the Name was perfect for Syrian brotherhood terrorist to shift the blame to Al-qaeda.

The U.S. decision to put the Nusra front on the "terrorist list" pushed the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and political groups thereto such as "Syrian National Council" and " Syrian" opposition Coalition to reveal the hidden through a campaign of disapproval and opposition to U.S. decision. George Sabra, the President of the National Council, Maaz Khatib, the President of the opposition coalition strong statement against the U.S. decision, as well as the statements of senior group leaders objecting the decision.

Why America put the Nusra Front on the "terrorist list"?

There is no doubt that Gaza war pated a role in the U.S. decision. It seems that the United States considered that the Gaza war proved lack of commitment of the Muslim Brotherhood international network the to the agreement between held with Washington via Turkey and Qatar, as former French foreign minister Alain Juppe sumed up at the Institute of the Arab World in Paris on April 16, 2011, in one sentence, "Sharia for you and the security of Israel and oil for us"

The United States wants the Muslim Brotherhood to prevent the bombing of Tel Aviv with Fajr rockets owned by the Islamic Jihad movement, and it is required of Hamas member of the global regulation to prevent Jihad from the use of these missiles, and this is what Hamas failed do and angered America, moreover Tel Aviv. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to ease the America rage through statements confirming the commitment of the group to "Camp David agreement,"

Although thePrime Minister Recep Taibb Erdogan and his Qatari counterpart Hamad bin Jassim Al-Thani to Egypt russhed to inform Mursi that he went away in withdrawing his ambassador, Mursi was under sever popular pressure as well as seeking to exploit the situation in the Gaza war in the process control joints power through constitutional declaration that angered the opposition and the Egyptian street two years after the fall of Mubarak .

America entered in the crisis Egyptian, neutralizing the army as it did in the process of disqualification Mubarak and encouraging the opposition and put pressure on Mursy and kowing the importance of Syria in the International Brotherhood project for the region, America throw the towel for MB. Out of sudden the king of Jordan forget his earlier theory of "Shiite crescent" and attacked what he called Muslim Brotherhood Project to control the Arab world. The king poured his anger on Turkey, due to the fact that Washington considers that Turkey is the first direct sponsor of the MB-American agreement.

About three weeks ago Nidal Hamadeh wrote that Jordan is on the crater, an edited translation is posted here

It seems to be the king of Jordan had resolved his position and decided to distance Jordan from Syrian crisis, in response to Egypt cutting the gas supply, Jordan deported thosands of Egyptians working in Joran.

Out of sudden he visited Abbas in Ramallah, moreover, according to General Amin Htait in todays interview with Al-Manar, since two weeks, no single terrorist was allowed to cross the Syrian borders. Moreover, after Nusra's Attack on Yarmouk camp, (Thanks to Hamas), Jordan declared that they will not host any Palestinian, and I guess Hamas played a role in convincing Nusra to leave the Yarmouk camp, to avoid a new Nahr Al-barid.

Amman tightens security measures on Syrian-Jordanian illegal border crossings

Al Nusra does not only want a 'Syria without Assad'; It does want Syria!

"... According to Site Intelligence group, Nusra claimed responsibility in one day alone last month for 45 attacks in Damascus, Deraa, Hama and Homs provinces that reportedly killed dozens, including 60 in a single suicide bombing.“In 18 communiques issued on jihadist forums ... most of which contain pictures of the attacks, the Nusra Front claimed ambushes, assassinations, bombings and raids against Syrian security forces and ‘shabbiha,’ pro-Bashar Assad thugs,” Site said.

Members of the group interviewed by Reuters say Nusra aims to revive the Islamic caliphate, which dates back to the Prophet Mohammad’s seventh-century companions, forerunners of the large empire that once stretched into Europe.

That prospect alarms many in Syria, from minority Christians, Alawites and Shiites to traditionally conservative but tolerant Sunnis who are concerned that Nusra would try to impose Taliban-style rule.

Fear of religion-based repression has already prompted Kurds to barricade their quarter of Aleppo city and was behind fierce clashes between Kurdish and Nusra fighters in the border town of Ras al Ain in November..."

الجذور الحقيقية لجبهة النصرة

نضال حمادة

تعتبر "جبهة النصرة" الجماعة المسلحة الأكثر تنظيما والأكثر انتشارا في سوريا، وهي تتواجد من الحدود الشمالية مع تركيا الى الحدود اللبنانية، ومقاتلوها هم الأكثر تدريبا وتسليحا بين الجماعات المسلحة التي تقاتل ضد الدولة السورية، فضلا عن امتلاك هذه الجبهة لإمكانيات مالية أضعاف ما لدى الجماعات الأخرى ما يدل على حجم القوى الدولية التي تمولها، ناهيك عن ان انتشارها الواسع أكبر برهان على عدم تبعيتها لتنظيم القاعدة مثلما يثار إعلاميا لأسباب سوف نشرحها في تقريرنا الحالي.

والحقيقة أن العارفين بتأسيس "جبهة النصرة" وبالقيمين الحقيقيين عليها يسخرون من محاولة نسبها لتنظيم القاعدة رغم دخول أيمن الظواهري على خط تبنيها عبر خطاب صوتي بثته قناة الجزيرة القطرية .

فاروق طيفورأسست "جبهة النصرة" في تركيا من قبل قيادة جماعة الإخوان المسلمين تحت قيادة مجلس عسكري يقوده فاروق طيفور نائب المراقب العام للجماعة، والذي يعتبر الزعيم الفعلي للجماعة، "وهو من قيادات معركة حماه عام 1981 ضمن الطليعة المقاتلة"، بسبب ما يعرف عن ضعف محمد رياق الشقفة في المجالين السياسي والقيادي، ويأتمر مقاتلو الجبهة مباشرة بمكتب طيفور في اسطنبول وبغرفة عمليات دولية أقيمت على الحدود التركية السورية تضم ضباط فرنسيين وامريكيين وقطريين واتراك، كشفت عنها أسبوعية "لوكانارد انشينيه" الفرنسية منذ عدة اشهر.

مراجع مطلعة على الموضوع، أرجعت أسباب نسب "جبهة النصرة" الى تنظيم القاعدة الى أهداف ثلاثة تريدها جماعة الإخوان المسلمين في سوريا في هذه الفترة، منها التعمية على ارتباط "النصرة" مباشرة بها والاهداف هي التالية:

تجزم المراجع المعارضة السورية أن جماعة الإخوان المسلمين قررت تنفيذ مذبحة بأنصار النظام السوري لسببين الأول انتقاما من عقود الصراع السابقة والثاني تثبيتا لحكم الجماعة في البلدات والقرى التي تسيطر عليها في الأرياف السورية.
  1. تعلم الجماعة ان نسب جبهة النصرة في هذه المرحلة الى تنظيم القاعدة يريحها من عبء تحمل المسؤولية عن الفظائع التي يرتكبها مسلحو الجبهة، خصوصا أن جماعة الإخوان تطمح لاستلام الحكم في سوريا في حال سقط نظام الرئيس الأسد.
  2. تقول المراجع السورية المعارضة أن أي تغيير في معادلة الحكم الحالية في سورية سوف يؤدي الى إلغاء اسم "جبهة النصرة" واستبداله باسم آخر، فالاسم لا يعدو كونه يافطة تخدم سياسة الجماعة في هذا الوقت من الحرب.

وقد أتى القرار الأمريكي بوضع "جبهة النصرة" على "لائحة الإرهاب" ليدفع قيادة جماعة الإخوان المسلمين في سوريا والجماعات السياسية الملحقة بها مثل "المجلس الوطني السوري" و"الائتلاف السوري" المعارضين لكشف المستور عبر حملة الاستنكار والاعتراض على هذا القرار الأمريكي، حيث صدر بيان عن رئيس المجلس الوطني جورج صبرا يعارض وضع "جبهة النصرة" على "لائحة الإرهاب"، فيما أصدر رئيس الائتلاف المعارض معاذ الخطيب بيانا شديدا ضد القرار الأمريكي، فضلا عن تصريحات كبار قادة الجماعة المستنكرين والمعترضين على هذا القرار.

لماذا وضعت أمريكا "جبهة النصرة" على "لائحة الإرهاب"؟

لا شك ان لحرب غزة دورا في هذا القرار الأمريكي كما تقول المراجع. ويبدو ان الولايات المتحدة اعتبرت ان حرب غزة أثبتت عدم التزام التنظيم العالمي للإخوان المسلمين بالاتفاق المبرم بينه وبين واشنطن عبر تركيا وقطر والذي تكلم عنه وزير الخارجية الفرنسي السابق آلان جوبيه في ندوة في معهد العالم العربي في باريس يوم 16 نيسان/ابريل 2011، والذي يختصر بجملة واحدة "لكم الشريعة ولنا أمن إسرائيل والنفط".

وكانت الولايات المتحدة تريد من جماعة الإخوان المسلمين منع قصف تل أبيب بصواريخ فجر التي تمتلكها حركة الجهاد الإسلامي، وكان المطلوب من حركة حماس العضو في التنظيم العالمي منع الجهاد من استخدام هذه الصواريخ، وهذا ما لم يكن بمقدور حماس فعله ما أثار غضب امريكا التي لم يرقها أيضا قيام الرئيس المصري محمد مرسي بسحب سفير بلاده من تل أبيب رغم استدراك جماعة الإخوان المسلمين في مصر للموقف عبر تصريحات لأكثر من مسؤول في الجماعة حول التزام الجماعة بـ"اتفاقية كامب ديفيد"، ورغم زيارة رئيس الوزراء التركي رجب طيبب اردوغان ونظيره القطري حمد بن جاسم آل ثاني لمصر لإبلاغ مرسي انه ذهب بعيدا بسحب السفير، غير ان الأخير كان في وضع شعبي ضاغط فضلا عن سعيه لاستغلال الموقف في حرب غزة في عملية السيطرة على مفاصل السلطة عبر الإعلان الدستوري الذي أغضب المعارضة وانزلها للشارع بعد سنتين من سقوط نظام مبارك.

دخلت امريكا على خط الأزمة المصرية، حيدت الجيش كما فعلت في عملية تنحية مبارك في عملية تشجيع للمعارضة وضغط على مرسي، وبدأت عملية ضغط اوسع على التنظيم العالمي من سوريا بوضع "جبهة النصرة" التابعة لجماعة الإخوان المسلمين لمعرفتها بأهمية سوريا في مشروع الجماعة الدولي، واوحت الى ملك الأردن صاحب نظرية "الهلال الشيعي" سابقا بالهجوم على ما سماه مشروع الإخوان المسلمين للسيطرة على العالم العربي صابا جام غضبه على تركيا، ولا يخفى ان ذكر ملك الردن لتركيا في بيان ديوانه الملكي يعود الى أن واشطن تعتبر ان حزب العدالة والتنمية الكفيل المباشر والأول للاتفاق المذكور.

Syria: External Opposition rejects Peace Talks in Russia


By Reem

Syria: Staged opposition not interested in a peaceful solution.

Units of the Syrian Arab Army have eliminated several foreign-backed groups of extremists and religious fanatics near the Syrian capital Damascus.

According to some sources like Suria TV and contacts in the capital of Syria, these foreign-backed terrorist groups were liquidated by the Syrian Arab Army in the region between the two Syrian towns of Yabrud and Nabak.

Both Syrian towns are located about 55 kilometres away from Damascus and it is still the situation that some armed wings of the Islamist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are still active in the southern outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus.

Although the Syrian Arab Army has already carried out a lot of operations against these armed groups of religious radicals, terrorists and mercenaries, which are mainly not Syrian but citizens from other Arab countries, there are still more and more which penetrate into Syria in order to fight against the Syrian army and the government in Damascus – due to the constant support of Gulf States like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and other Arab countries as well as some European countries and the US administration.

In addition, the cover by the NATO media of the crimes against humanity, which are carried out by these foreign-backed terrorists, helps a lot to maintain the propaganda that these armed groups only defend themselves against the attacks of the Syrian army and would fight for democracy, freedom and peace; although everybody who cares about situation in Syria should already know that there is no good side in this conflict anymore.

Both sides, if one is really able to speak about two sides although it is obvious that one should rather speak about more sides in this conflict, have committed crimes while the Syrian people suffer more and more from week to week.

Furthermore, the hypocritical sanctions of the West against Syria only harm the population as usual. That these sanctions would (only) harm the Syrian elite / leadership is a typical fairy tale of Western politicians.

Of course, these Western politicians and governments do know that these sanctions harm the Syrian people first but they just do not care because these sanctions and the decreasing living standard which go hand in hand with the sanctions and the upgrade of these terrorists with weapons and ammunition by the West (which means on-going violence, terrorism and massacres against civilians and minorities) should trigger the turning away of (more and more) Syrian people from their President Bashar al-Assad and the government in Damascus.

At least, after all the time, it seems that this plan of the West has partly failed because a huge part of the Syrian people still oppose this “regime change” by force and some even have increased their level of support of the Syrian government and their rejection of the Western-backed terrorist groups like the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). Although the known “Salvador option” is working as this horrible plan is often (or even always) working, not all of the Syrian people have fallen into this sectarian trap and then started to lose their Syrian values.

This “Salvador option” always bares the dangers of a too religious society of different sects and this is a weak point in all Arab states (and some other areas on this planet). In addition, it is very obvious that this so-called “Salvador option” is a good way to destabilize a state and to decrease the level of support between the different sects and minorities within this state.

Of course, it also increases the clashes between these groups. Thus, religion is a weak point since centuries and if an administration such as the government of the United States does not care about the civilians of another state and starts to use this “Salvador option” in order to achieve their questionable geo-political and economic goals, it seems legitimated to say that this has always worked and will always work as long as this foreign state has a lot of different religious minorities / sects on its soil.
The “Salvador option” is a horrible method to achieve the destabilization of another country due to the fact that it also triggers a high level of violence between the different religious minorities and that these “sectarian conflicts” will stay for a very long time.

Richard Dawkins is truly correct with statements such as “At least the fundamentalists haven’t tried to dilute their message.

Their faith is exposed for what it is for all to see” or “Bush and bin Laden are really on the same side: the side of faith and violence against the side of reason and discussion. Both have implacable faith that they are right and the other is evil. Each believes that when he dies he is going to heaven. Each believes that if he could kill the other, his path to paradise in the next world would be even swifter. The delusional “next world” is welcome to both of them. This world would be a much better place without either of them.”

Not to mention the statements of others like Albert Einstein or Mark Twain who once said “Man is a Religious Animal. Man is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion — several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbour as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t straight. He has made a graveyard of the globe in trying his honest best to smooth his brother’s path to happiness and heaven…. The higher animals have no religion. And we are told that they are going to be left out in the Hereafter. I wonder why? It seems questionable taste.”
The conclusion is easy and obvious – religious people can be easily misused in order to achieve specific aims. The levels of religiosity and the levels of being such an easy target to be misused could even be conformable lines. Of course, other values such as prosperity / poverty / education (…) affect these levels.

Now back to the Syrian conflict. The so-called external Syrian opposition – a staged bunch of Syrian exiles, Islamists, careerists and propagandists who are not united in their aims, goals and intentions – rejects the invitation to so-called peace talks in the Russian capital Moscow. As usual, this questionable Syrian opposition is not interested in real peace talks which could lead to a political solution for the crisis and conflict in Syria. They have always rejected such negotiations and talks.
This external “Syrian opposition” is still the staged political arm of the Western- and Gulf-backed terrorists in Syria and it seems obvious that real peace talks will not lead to the dubious aims of these militant fighters. Thus, that they reject the invitation to peace talks in Russia is understandable but condemnable.

That the Western NATO media only condemns one side of this conflict, the Syrian government, is a normal method in this propaganda war against Syria and only confirms that the Western mainstream media is not objective.

Russia has sent this invitation to the so-called president of the questionable “National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces”, Moaz al-Khatib, on Friday. Of course, Moaz al-Khatib has rejected to take part in these peace talks in Russia. Instead, Moaz al-Khatib said that he wants an apology of the Russian government for its support of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the government in Damascus.

Such impertinence is then still backed by certain Western states and their violent regional allies like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Turkish government under the head of the Ottoman madman Erdogan.
Of course, the further statements by Moaz al-Khatib only confirm that he is just another clown for the staged show of a so-called democratic opposition which is anything but really democratic. Instead, it is a bunch of religious fanatics, careerists and vindictive expatriate circles which receive their orders by Hillary Clinton.

He was so bold that he has even explicitly demanded an excuse by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov because the Russian FM Lavrov has “all the time said that the Syrian people will decide their destiny without foreign intervention”. What a hypocritical statement and demand by Moaz al-Khatib. Not to mention that it shows the true colours of this staged opposition council outside Syria, which has even not the support by the majority of the Syrian people.

Moaz al-Khatib suggested in a statement at the Qatari propaganda station Al-Jazeera that he and Mr Sergej Lavrov could meet in an Arab country (he sure means Saudi Arabia or Qatar probably…) if there would be a clear agenda” – This is again a brazenness.

The members of the several staged opposition council never were able to deliver a real again. Instead, a lot of them have constantly demanded a military intervention in Syria although this would trigger much more dead and also increase the already bad situation of many Syrians in Syria.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again said shortly before Christmas that any decision about ending the conflict and crisis in Syria should be made by the Syrians themselves and he demanded that all different parties should be included in this process. Of course, the Russian President Vladimir Putin knows about the real stances and powers behind all sides in this conflict and he also represents a side – the Russian interests.

Vladimir Putin has also called for the establishment of a so-called “democratic order” that will “reflect the will of the Syrian people” although some would say that one should not throw bricks when he lives in a glass house due to the fact that Russia and a “democratic order” it itself not really congruent.

At least, the Russian President Putin has also once again underlined the need for a political process in order to reach a peaceful situation in Syria. Putin further said that Russia is not interested in a chaotic situation in Syria.

These peace talks are small glimmers of hope although it is very questionable whether these peace talks about Syria are really the way to solve the conflict in this Arab country.
Although peace talks about Syria sound good and desirable, it would be an important first step for peace if the Western governments and their allies, the totalitarian dictatorships of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, would just stop the delivery of arms and ammunition to the Islamist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in Syria.

So-called democratic governments in the West should not support the supply of weapons to Islamists and militants because this is just not democratic. It`s simple like that. Not to mention that the currently supported militants and fanatics in Syria are tomorrow’s enemies of the West.

What do they want from Syria?

What do they want from Syria?

A general view of the scene of a car bomb explosion in Jaramana, a mainly Christian and Druze suburb of Damascus, on November 28, 2012
A general view of the scene of a car bomb explosion in Jaramana, a mainly Christian and Druze suburb of Damascus, on November 28, 2012
Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:25AM
The terrorist war on Syria, which the Western media trumpet as a 'pro-democracy uprising,' is aimed at precisely the opposite of pluralist coexistence. What the terrorists want is to tear the tolerant soul out of the country and plunge its people into an internecine, hate-filled sectarian bloodbath."
"What do they want from Jaramana? The town brings together people from all over Syria and welcomes everybody.” These were the anguished words of one distraught resident in the Syrian town of Jaramana that was devastated by multiple deadly explosions this week.

The death toll has yet to be confirmed. Early reports on the blasts said 34 were killed. Later, the toll was put at more than 50, with over 120 injured, many critical. All of the victims were civilian.

Over the past 20 months, Syria has witnessed dozens of massacres and horrific car bombings in its capital Damascus and in other cities and countless villages across the country. But the latest atrocity in Jaramana, located close to the capital, is distinguishable perhaps because it most clearly shows the vile Machiavellian mentality of the perpetrators in their broader strategy towards the Middle Eastern country.

As the words of the shell-shocked resident above indicate, Jaramana can be seen as an exemplar of the pluralist nature of the Syrian society, “welcoming everybody”. The town is particularly known for its Christian and Druze Muslim communities, who by all accounts have coexisted peacefully for centuries. The populace is also largely supportive of the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.

This Wednesday morning, as workers, mothers and school children were going about their usual daily routine, two massive no-warning explosions ripped through the heart of Jaramana. The second blast was detonated minutes after the first one when bystanders were rushing to the scene to aid the wounded. The heinous calculation of the perpetrators was to maximise the killing and suffering.

“What do they want from Jaramana?” The answer is revealed in the resident’s subsequent words: “The town brings together people from all over Syria and welcomes everybody.”

The terrorist war on Syria, which the Western media trumpet as a “pro-democracy uprising”, is aimed at precisely the opposite of pluralist coexistence. What the terrorists want is to tear the tolerant soul out of the country and plunge its people into an internecine, hate-filled sectarian bloodbath.

The targeting of Jaramana is a deliberate, brutal calculation to precipitate such a bloodbath. The town has been inflicted with several similar, although less deadly, bombings in recent months. On 29 October, a car bomb killed 11 people.

There are no military or state security installations in Jaramana. As noted, it is a urban district known for its tolerance towards mixed religions and cultural heritage. But, for the terrorists and their fiendish mentality, that civic virtue made Jaramana a prime target.

The armed militants in Syria are driven by Sunni extremists of Wahhabist or Salafist tendencies, who see pluralist coexistence of Sunni, Shia, Alawite, Druze, Christian, Jews and non-believers as anathema to their demented puritanical ideology.

Other elements within the Syrian armed militant groups would appear to be simply “soldiers of fortune” - mercenaries and criminal opportunists who have no particular religious affiliation.

However, taken together, these various militant factions are united by one criminal goal: to smash Syria, ruthlessly and recklessly.

The Syrian society, as it currently exists with its emphasis on secular pluralism, must be destroyed at all costs by these extremists and criminal opportunists. The most effective way to sabotage Syria is to unleash a sectarian bloodbath and to pit communities at each other’s throats. That will ensure the collapse of the central government and the splintering of society into sects. In this intended milieu of violence, chaos and fear, Syria will then be at the mercy of those who want to dominate this proud, historic country.
The enemies are well known. Western governments have had their knives out for Syria over many years, seeing it as a strategic obstacle of popular resistance to Western imperialism and Zionism in the Middle East. The Sunni regimes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and latterly Egypt under Mohammed Morsi want to see Syria roped into their camp, with the added appeal of undermining Iran’s regional influence.
Saudi Arabia’s autocrats are particularly obsessed with defeating what they perceive jealously as the Shia Crescent represented by Iran, Syria and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Both of these agenda converge on the objective of isolating Iran and setting up the Islamic Republic for an all-out military assault.

Syria is therefore a crucial geopolitical prize for the West and its regional allies. The supposed advocacy of democratic reforms by Western governments and their corporate media mouthpieces is of course a cynical cover for their criminal imperialist agenda. That particular ridiculous lie is exposed by the West’s collusion with the most repressive dictatorial regimes on the planet - the Persian Gulf monarchies - in “liberating” Syria.

Also, if Saudi Arabia and Qatar are so concerned about the welfare of their Arab Muslim brothers in Syria, why aren’t these supposedly chivalrous monarchs sending weapons and fighters to help the besieged Palestinian people of Gaza?

A measure of the Syrian prize is the criminal lengths to which the enemies of Syria are willing to go in order to vanquish the country and install their self-styled regime.
The massacres of families and children in villages like Houla and Qubair; the cold-blooded execution of civilians forced to kneel before their killers; and the callous bombing of civilians as seen this week in Jaramana are techniques of terror that the Western governments and their allies have perfected elsewhere over several decades. The Americans used such demonic scientific terrorism in Central America; the French in North Africa; and the British in East Africa and more recently in Northern Ireland.
Syria is witnessing the worst of all possible criminal assaults - the evolution and amalgamation of Western state terrorism fuelled with the petrodollars of mindless Arab despots.

Adding to the abomination, many of the crimes in Syria have been filmed by the perpetrators and subsequently released claiming that they were the action of government forces. One incident was the explosive demolition of a mosque by the mercenaries in Aleppo, who were filmed laughing at their war crime. Western media claimed it was the Syrian national army, only for it to emerge that it was actually the members of the so-called Free Syrian Army.

Recent claims that the Syrian armed forces are using cluster bombs to kill children have been given the usual Western media prominence. But given the track record of the Western-backed mercenaries and the Western propaganda machine, the weight of suspicion surely lies on them.

Within hours of the mass murder of the innocents in Jaramana, the United Nations General Assembly in New York adopted a draft resolution condemning the Syrian government for what it called “widespread human rights abuses”.

The condemnation was co-sponsored by the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey - the very sponsors of Western state terrorism plunging the Syrian people into a bloodbath. The UN stands as an institution that is not just a debased propaganda tool, it is a propaganda tool splattered with the blood of innocents.


"A disaster for the revolution!"

"...It wasn't the government that killed the Syrian rebel commander Abu Jameel. It was the fight for his loot. The motive for his murder lay in a great warehouse in Aleppo which his unit had captured a week before. The building had been full of rolled steel, which was seized by the fighters as spoils of war.
But squabbling developed over who would take the greater share of the loot and a feud developed between commanders. Threats and counter-threats ensued over the following days.
Abu Jameel survived one assassination attempt when his car was fired on. A few days later his enemies attacked again, and this time they were successful. His bullet-riddled body was found, handcuffed, in an alley in the town of al-Bab.
Captain Hussam, of the Aleppo military council, said: "If he had died fighting I would say it was fine, he was a rebel and a mujahid and this is what he had set out to do. But to be killed because of a feud over loot is a disaster for the revolution. ..."

Iran: Terrorists not Allowed to Attend Syrian Dialogues

As he was elaborating Iran's peace plan for Syria, Iranian ambassador to Lebanon said Friday that those who have killed innocent Syrian civilians are not allowed attending any of meeting negotiating future of Syria.
According to IRNA, Ambassador Ghadanfar Roknabadi made the comment in a meeting with the Roman Orthodox Archbishop of Beirut, Priest Elias Odeh, while congratulating the auspicious birth anniversary of Jesus Christ (P) and the beginning of the Christian New Year.

Roknabadi in the meeting elaborated on Iran's Six Article Peace Plan for Syria, reiterating that Iran has taken practical steps aimed at implementing this plan by sponsoring the Tehran Conference on Syria in the presence of Syrian dissidents, hoping that by implementing this plan peace and stability would be resorted in Syria.

Also, at a press conference, he said, “The entire military engagements in Syria have reached a dead-end and it is high time for getting involved in talks.”

Roknabadi referred to Iran's plan for crisis solving in Syria, adding, “Among the articles of this plan there is freedom of the entire political prisoners and presenting humanitarian contributions to the entire Syrian people without any discrimination.”

“France and the administrative apparatus that called the National Syrian Coalition which has be recognized as legitimate by some countries are opposed to any type of dialogue about Syria under the shade of continuation of work in office of Bashar al-Assad as the president of that country,” he said.
The Iranian ambassador indicated that everyone knows that the majority of the Syrian people favor implementation of reforms in their country under the leadership of Bashar al-Assad and based on this condition, “free and fair elections must be held.”

Roknabadi added, 'The proponents and the opponents that are both present inside Syria today, along with the people of that country have the right to be present in the course of the national dialogues, and to make decisions in that respect along with the entire Syrians inside Syria and abroad and no one has the right to come from abroad and dictate his will against the will of the Syrians.'

The Archbishop of Beirut's Roman Orthodox Church Odeh, too, emphasizing the need for ending the aggressions and the bloodshed in Syria, said, 'The matter of great importance for us is preserving the stability and security of the regional countries and taking greater care to safeguard the rules of democracy, and these points cannot be achieved except by strengthening the basics of dialogue and respecting the rights and votes of the others.'
Source: IRNA

US-NATO-Israeli Agenda: Syria to be Subdivided into “Three Weaker States”


Egyptian media pundit Tawfik Okasha, owner of the Egyptian opposition TV channel al-Fara’een, blamed the Mainstream Media of being complicit with the Muslim Brotherhood in feeding the Egyptian people lies about the Syrian crisis.
He calls for all free Syrians to back President Bashar al-Assad as the issue is not about him but goes beyond to include the destruction of Syria and its transformation into three weaker states incapable of confronting Israel.

Transcript of Tawfik Okasha’s statement

Bashar Al Assad’s war is with Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.
The issue is not about Bashar it is about the destruction of Syria and its transformation into three states
It is about Syria being owned by the muslim Brotherhood and its Security Apparatus being destroyed and replaced by that of the Muslim Bportherhood. There’s a deal being struck between Israel, Turkey and the EU to transform Syria into three states, so that the issue of the Golan Heightsa as well as Syria. So there won’t be any state that will have armed forces capable of confronting Israel.
The issue is about the destruction of the Syrian Army asnd the destruction of the Syrian leadership and the Syrian Armed Forces
You liars, you who tell the Egyptian people lies upon lies, You tell them that Bashar al Assad is slaughtering people. Bashar al Assad’s war is with Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, It is with those people sent in by Turkey, the US and Israel,
Are we not supposed to be telling the Truth

New Egypt draft constitution upholds Sharia


Flanked by bodyguards, Egypt's Islamist then president-elect Mohammed Mursi salutes tens of thousands of Egyptians he addressed in Cairo's iconic Tahrir Square on June 29, 2012. Mursi paid tribute to Egypt's Muslims and Christians alike and symbolically swore himself in as the country's first elected civilian president. (Photo: AFP - Mohammed Hossam)
Published Thursday, November 29, 2012
An assembly drafting Egypt's new constitution voted on Thursday to keep the principles of Islamic law as the main source of legislation, unchanged from the previous constitution in force under former President Hosni Mubarak.

The issue was the subject of a long dispute between hardline Salafi Islamists and liberals in the assembly which will vote on each of 234 articles in the draft constitution before it is sent to President Mohamed Mursi for approval.

After that, Mursi must put it to a popular referendum.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group that nominated Mursi for the presidency, hopes that quick approval of the constitution will help end a crisis ignited by a decree that expanded his powers.
While Article Two of the constitution - describing the source of legislation - stays the same, the constitution includes new provisions explaining what is meant by "the principles" of Islamic law, known as sharia.

The assembly also approved a new article that states that Al-Azhar, a seat of Sunni Muslim learning, must be consulted on "matters related to the Islamic sharia".

The final draft makes historic changes to Egypt's system of government. For example, it sets a limit on the number of terms a president may serve to two. Mubarak stayed in power for three decades.
It also introduces a degree of civilian oversight over the powerful military establishment, although not enough for some critics of the document.

The process has been plagued by disputes between the Islamists who dominate the body writing the constitution and secular-minded parties who say the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies have marginalized them in the process.

Prominent assembly members including former Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa have withdrawn from the assembly, as have representatives of Egypt's Coptic Church.

Egypt's new draft constitution can be found on the Al-Ahram website, along with those of several other local media.
The constitution draft should technically lead to Mursi eliminating a polarizing decree passed last week which gives him legal immunity from the country's judiciary.

The Islamist-dominated drafting panel was accused by secularists and Coptic Christians of railroading the charter. Protests have mounted over President Mohamed Mursi's assumption of sweeping powers, which has plunged the country into its worse crisis since he took office in June.
A court had disbanded a previous constituent assembly and was due to rule on the validity of its replacement on December 2. Liberals and representatives of Christian churches had already withdrawn from the panel.

Mursi last week stripped courts of the power to disband the panel in a decree that gave him broad powers which cannot be challenged by courts, sparking a judicial strike and largest opposition rallies since his June election.

The official Al-Ahram newspaper reported that Morsi would give an address at 1700 GMT Thursday, in which he is expected to defend his decree.
More to follow...

(Reuters, Al-Akhbar, AFP)