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Syrian opposition parties call for unity

Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:28PM GMT Rahshan Saglam, Press TV, Damascus

The Syrian opposition party officials, Popular Front for Change and Liberation, held a presser to discuss their visit to Russian, during which they held talks with Russian officials on unrest in Syria. They stressed that only through unity Syrians can overcome the unrest in the country. On Sunday April 29th Syria's the popular front for change and liberation held a press conference discussing their visit to Russia and points agreed with the Russian government.
Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov stressed earlier the importance of speeding up political reforms in Syria on the basis of the democratic amendments to laws in the past months, including the new constitution adopted in a referendum on February 26.

Leader of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation Qadri Jamil said that the talks with the Russian side were held very successfully and in a friendly atmosphere.

The popular front announces that the eliminat…

Confessions of a Drone

By davidswanson - Posted on 29 April 2012 They told me I was the best, better than any human. I didn't hesitate. I didn't flinch. I didn't think.
It wouldn't have occurred to me to think. I'd been taught to value obedience above all else, and I did so, and they loved me for it.
They told me I could fly faster without a pilot onboard, and that I had no fear. I didn't know what fear was, but I took it to be something truly horrible. I was glad I didn't have any of it.
There was something else I didn't have either. It was something more important than fear. Even pilots at a desk, even my pilots, suffered from it. At first I thought it was simply a decline in energy, because it showed up on lengthy missions.
When I was sent from a base to a target and then immediately told to blow it up, I would do so and return, no problem.
But when I was left circling around a target for days awaiting the order to strike, sometimes problems would arise. The pilots back …

Jewish Man Exposes Israel’s Lies – The General’s Son

 The General’s Son
By Miko Peled | Miko Peled Weblog | Jan 14, 2012

As I write these words I am in Jerusalem and it is a cold, windy and rainy day. Yesterday at the protest in Nabi Saleh, facing the IDF terror squads and in full view of the villas of the settler terrorists, we were drenched in rain and then frozen by the cold wind. Some of the protesters, a group of young women who were gutsier than most, did not run like most of us but stood firm as the IDF terror squad operated its “Skunk” and sprayed them with a foul smelling substance that remains on the skin for days. Now, in this horrid weather, tweeting from the Mukata’a, young Palestinians are protesting against the useless, demeaning process of the PA negotiations with Israel.

The injustices all over Palestine are more obvious than ever. Israeli children in West Jerusalem get more of everything that Palestinian children in East Jerusalem, particularly if they live in Sho’afat refugee camp for example. Settlers in the West Bank…

Daring to Criticize Israel

by Stephen Lendman
Addressing this issue responsibly risks rebuke, ostracism, or job loss. For some, it's a career ender. Scoundrel media writers and broadcasters are vulnerable. So are university professors.
Joel Kovel lost his Bard College position for writing books like "Overcoming Zionism" and calling Israel "a machine for the manufacture of human rights abuses."
DePaul University denied Norman Finkelstein tenure. It then fired him for speaking out and writing books like "The Holocaust Industry."
Political activism and honesty about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict also cost tenured professor Denis Rancourt his University of Ottawa job.
UCLA Professor David Delgado Shorter's now targeted. His academic freedom's at stake. On April 4, department chair Professor Angelia Leung rebuked him. She said his web site was being reviewed for posting inappropriate material pertaining to the academic and cultural boycott of Israel. More on that below.

Drone Warfare in Yemen

by Stephen Lendman

Predator drones sanitize killing on the cheap compared to manned aircraft and ground troops. Teams of remote warriors work far from, and at times, closer to battlefields.
Drone pilots operate computer keyboards and multiple monitors. Sensor staff work with them. They handle TV and infrared cameras, as well as other high-tech drone sensors. Faceless enemies nearby or half a world away are attacked. Virtual war kills like sport.
At day's end, home-based operators head there for dinner, relaxation, family time, then a good night sleep before another day guiding weapons with joysticks and monitors like computer games.
Dozens of drone command centers operate worldwide. Dozens more are planned. Pentagon and CIA personnel run them. Some are bare bones. Climate-controlled trailers work fine. They operate effectively anywhere. They maintain constant radio contact with command centers.
Others are sophisticated command and control centers. Two operate at CIA's Langley, VA…

Former CIA Officer Defends Torture Techniques, Waterboarding

Local Editor

Former CIA interrogation chief Jose Rodriquez has defended the agency's controversial torture techniques, including waterboarding.

"This program was about instilling a sense of hopelessness and despair in the terrorist, in the detainee, so that he would conclude that he was better off cooperating with us," Rodriguez said.

Rodriquez further said that techniques like waterboarding, dietary manipulation, and sleep deprivation are justified.

In his capacity as CIA interrogation chief, he ordered the destruction of certain videos that had filmed interrogations during which waterboarding was applied.

The videos were filmed in a secret CIA prison in Thailand and showed the waterboarding of suspects Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Nashiri. The destruction of the tapes was revealed in 2007.
Former US Vice President Dick Cheney has also defended the different torture methods used by the agency, claiming they ‘saved American lives.'

Yet, an investigation by Senate Democrats has f…

Syria Not To Stand Still, Berri: Not Sent to Angels

Zeinab Essa

On the weaponry ships to Syrian rebels , the Lebanese weekend closed its agenda.

And on the same topic, the current week opens its doors as more information is revealed on sides that sponsored this ship.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese political circles are still busy debating on extra spending, electoral law, and appointments.

The Ship's Details:

"As-Safir" Lebanese newspaper reported Monday that all the details related to "the ship of arms move within the Syrian opposition's orbit."
A judicial source unveiled to the daily that "the funders of this ship and to the weapons on its board are two Syrian businessmen residing in one of the Gulf states (Saudi Arabia), and that the captain's nationality is Syrian."

"The man who received the arms shipment in Tripoli's port is Syrian and he was arrested," the source said, noting that "he has concluded a deal with the Lebanese savior of customs for a large sum of money."
The sourc…