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Monday, February 28, 2011

Silvia Cattori:An Interview with Gilad Atzmon-To Call A Spade A Spade

Gilad Atzmon is an outstandingly charming man. He is often described by music critics as one of the finest contemporary jazz saxophonists. But Atzmon is more than just a musician: for those who follow events in the Middle East, he is considered to be one of the most credible voices amongst Israeli opponents. In the last decade he has relentlessly exposed and denounced barbarian Israeli policies. Just before his departure on a European Spring Tour, “The Tide Has Changed “, with his band the Orient House Ensemble, he spoke to Silvia Cattori.

Silvia Cattori: As a jazz musician, what brought you to use your pen as a weapon against the country where you were born and against your people?
Gilad Atzmon: For many years my music and writings were not integrated at all. I became a musician when I was seventeen and I took it up as a profession when I was twenty four. Though I was not involved with, or interested in politics when I lived in Israel, I was very much against Israel’s imperial wars. I identified somehow with the left, but later, when I started to grasp what the Israeli left was all about, I could not find myself in agreement with anything it claimed to believe in, and that is when I realised the crime that was taking place in Palestine.
For me the Oslo Accord was the end of it because I realised that Israel was not aiming towards reconciliation, or even integration in the region, and that it completely dismissed the Palestinian cause. I understood then that I had to leave Israel. It wasn’t even a political decision — I just didn’t want to be part of the Israeli crime anymore. In 1994 I moved to the UK and I studied philosophy.
In 2001, at the time of the second Intifada, I began to understand that Israel was the ultimate aggressor and was also the biggest threat to world peace. I realised the extent of the involvement and the role of world Jewry as I analysed the relationships between Israel and the Jewish State, between Israel and the Jewish people around the world, and between Jews and Jewishness.
I then realised that the Jewish left was not very different at all from the Israelileft”. I should make it clear here that I differentiate betweenLeft ideology”— a concept that is inspired by universal ethics and a genuine vision of equality – and the Jewish Left”, a tendency or grouping that is there solely to maintain tribal interests that have very little, if anything, to do with universalism, tolerance and equality.

Silvia Cattori: Would you argue that there is a discrepancy between Jews and left?

Gilad Atzmon: Not at all. I should explain here that I never talk about Jews as a people. I differentiate between Jews (the people) Judaism (the religion) and Jewishness (the culture). In my work, I am only elaborating on the third category, i.e. Jewishness. Also it should be understood that I differentiate between the tribal “Jewish Left”, and Leftists who simply happen to be Jewish. Indeed, I would be the first to admit that there are many great leftists and humanists who happen to be of Jewish origin. However those Jews who operate under a Jewish banner seem to me to be Zionist fig leafs: they are solely there to convey an image of Jewish pluralism”. In fact, when I grasped the full role of the Jewish left I realised that I may end up fighting alone against the strongest power around.

Silvia Cattori: Do you fight alone?

Gilad Atzmon: More or less alone. I like to fight alone; I take responsibility. Along the years, there have been a lot attempts to destroy the few of us who have stood up against Jewish power. I found myself in trouble for supporting people like Israel Shamir and Paul Eisen, for standing up for their right to think freely and to express their opinions and ideas openly. I remember one of those infamous Jewish Left activists telling me, listen Gilad, once you shun Shamir we will let you be”. My answer was simple: I was not about to bargain with intellectual integrity. For me, freedom of speech is an iron rule — I would never silence anyone.
Within the liberation movement and the solidarity movement, I do not actually believe that we have any intellectuals. And why we do not have intellectuals? Because in the name of Political Correctness”, we have managed to destroy every single English speaking creative mind within our movement.
What we see here may be an endemic problem with the Left. To speak in broad (or rather Germanic philosophical) terms,the Left is “forgetful of Being Instead of understanding what Being in the world is all about, it tries to suggest to us what being in the world ought to be.The Left” has adopted a preaching mode that has led to a severe form of alienation, and this is probably why “the Left” has failed to come to terms with, fully understand, and grasp the significance and power of Islam. And this is why the Left is totally irrelevant to the current revolution in the Middle East. As we know by now, the Left’s’ tolerance”, somehow evaporates when it comes to Islam and Muslims. I find it very problematic.

Silvia Cattori: Can you explain why the Left is irrelevant?

Gilad Atzmon: Let us look at the current events in the Arab and Muslim world: where is “the Left”? All those years they were trying to tell us, the “public will rise”, but where is the left now? Is it in Egypt?
Thirir Square -Cairo

Is it in Libya or Bahrain?
Banighazi Libya
We hear about the Muslim Brotherhood, the middle class, the young Arabs and Muslims – indeed, we are hearing about anything but the Left”. Did you see any interesting Left wing analysis of the regional emerging Intifada? Not really. Recently, I was searching for an analysis of the Egyptian uprising in a famous Socialist paper. I found one article — I then realised that the words “Islam” and “Muslim” did not appear in the article even once, yet the word “class” appeared no less than nineteen times. What we see here then, is actually an example of the ultimate form of detachment from humanity, humanism and the human condition.
But I take it further: where is ‘the Left’ in Europe? Where is “the Left” in America? Why can’t they stand up for the Muslims? Why can’t they bond with, or make allies with millions of Muslim immigrants, people who also happen to be amongst the new European working class? I will mention here what I consider to be a most crucial insight: It is an idea I borrowed from the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. Lacan contends that love can be realised as making love to oneself via the other. The “Left solidarity” with Palestine in my opinion can be similarly grasped as making love to ourselves at the expense of the Palestinians. We do not want them to be Muslims. We tell them to be democratic — as long as they don’t vote Hamas. We tell them to be progressive, “like us”. I just can’t make up my mind whether such an attitude is rude, or simply pathetic.
Recently I came across a critical Trotsky-ite take on my work. The argument against me was as follows: “Gilad is wrong because he manages to explain Zionism without colonialism; he explains the holocaust without fascism. He even explains the recession, the global economic disaster, without capitalism.”
I couldn’t agree more. We do not need “working class politics” anymore. The old 19Th century clichés can be dropped — and the sooner the better. In order to explain why our world is falling apart, we just have to be brave enough to say what we think, to admit what we see, to call a spade a spade.
Actually, I would love to see “the Left” resurrecting itself. Yet, for that to happen, it must first remind itself what equality and tolerance really mean, because for “the Left” to be meaningful again, it must first grasp the true meaning of “love your neighbour.”

Silvia Cattori: When we listen to your political comments we forget that you are primarily a musician.

Gilad Atzmon: The truth of the matter is that I am not actually interested in politics — I am not a member of any party and I do not care about, or seek any political power. I am not interested in the binary opposition between “left” and “right,” and I do not care about the banal dichotomy between “progressive” and “reactionary”. And let’s face it from a Marxist point of view I am associated with the most reactionary forces: I support Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, and I support Hamas. What do you want more than that! I am the ultimate reactionary being and I am delighted and proud about it all.

Silvia Cattori: You are really a free spirit.

Gilad Atzmon: That is because I am not political. I am an artist and a musician; it is very simple.

Silvia Cattori: We can hardly imagine what would you be if you had stayed in Israel?

Gilad Atzmon: It would be impossible to imagine.

Silvia Cattori: Are you an exception among Israelis?

Gilad Atzmon: It is very interesting; when it comes to the Jewish left abroad, I know very few Jews whom I can trust on that level of commitment. They always go along with you, but then as soon as you question the tribal bond and their own role within the “Jewish universeyou will be stabbed in the back. Very rarely does one come across courageous Jews who are willing to engage in deep self-reflection: I refer here to people like Paul Eisen, Jeff Blankfort, Norman Finkelstein, Hajo Meyer and Evelyn Hecht Galinsky. In Israel however, it is different. You have quite a few people who are actually brave beyond belief. They are really putting their life on the line. These are the people who send us information about the army, about military secrets, about war crimes and names of war criminals. So there are quite a few Israelis who are doing incredible work.

Silvia Cattori: Is writing on political matters and composing music a way for you to contribute to a better world and to beauty? Is one inseparable from the other?

Gilad Atzmon: At the moment I am trying to establish a continuum between my music and my writing. I believe that unlike our politicians — whether they are right wing politicians, conservative politicians, left politicians, all of whom are seeking power — artists are searching for beauty. And I believe it is beauty that can unite people.
I will tell you something that I really plan to write about. For many years our so-called “political analysts” have been talking about Israel being a “settler state” and Zionism being a “colonial project”. But what kind of colonialism is it? Is it an accurate comparison?
For if Israel is a “settler state” – then what exactly is its “motherland”? In British and French colonial eras, the settler states maintained a very apparent tie with their “motherland”. In some cases in history the settler state broke from its motherland. Such an event is a rather noticeable one, and the Boston Tea Party is a good example of that. But, as far as we are aware, there is no Jewish motherland that is intrinsically linked to the alleged “Jewish settler state”.
The Jewish people are largely associated with the Jewish state”, and yet the “Jewish people” is not exactly a “material” autonomous sovereign entity. Moreover, native Hebraic Israeli Jews are not connected culturally or emotionally to any motherland except their own state.

Silvia Cattori: However, for some of the strongest advocates of the Palestinian rights, such as Ilan Pappe, Israel is a colonial State. They put forward this argument to challenge Israeli policies.

Gilad Atzmon: I am afraid that most activists and academics cannot tell the entire truth on this sensitive matter. Maybe no one can survive telling the truth. Indeed, we are daily terrorised by different measures from the thought police. I am convinced that most of the scholars who insist upon calling Israel a “settler state” are fully aware of the problems entangled with the “colonial paradigm”. They must be aware of the uniqueness of the Zionist project. It is indeed true that Zionism manifests some symptoms that are synonymous with colonialism — however that is not enough: Zionism is inherently a racially orientedhomecoming” project driven by spiritual enthusiasms that are actually phantasmic. It intrinsically lacks many of the “necessary” elements that we understand as comprising colonialism, and cannot be defined in solely materialist terms.
It seems to me that here, we come across a crucial problem of understanding and analysis within our movement, and within Western intellectual discourse in general. Our academics are suppressed, and scholarship is silenced, for within the tyranny of political correctness, our academics are forced to primarily consider the boundaries of the discourse — they first examine carefully what they are allowed to say – and then they fill in the empty spaces, formulating theories or narratives.
This pattern is unfortunately common. Yet, such an approach and method is foreign to my understanding of truth-seeking and true scholarship.
It is crucial to mention at this point that I do not claim to know the truth. I just say what I believe to be the truth. If I am wrong, I welcome people to point it out to me.

It appears to me that “the Left” mislead us and itself by depicting Zionism solely as a colonial project. The “Left” likes the colonial paradigm because it locates Zionism nicely within their ideology. It also leads us to believe that the colonial/post-colonial political model provides some answers and even operative solutions; following the colonial template, we first equate Israel with South Africa, and then we implement a counter-colonial strategy, such as the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions).
Yet, whilst I fully support all of those actions, they seem to be in some regards, not entirely effective at all. The BDS has not in fact, led to any metamorphic change within Israeli society. If anything, it has led to further intensified radicalisation within the right in Israel. Why has the BDS not worked yet? The answer is simple: It is because Israel is not at all entirely a colonial entity - as we historically understand that term - and it needs to be understood that its power and ties with the West are maintained by the strongest lobbies around the world.
So, if the Left wants to stop Israel for real, then it must openly question the notion of Jewish Power and its role within Western politics and media. But can the Left do it? I am not so sure.

Let us return now to further comparison of Israel with the colonial model — Israel is also markedly different, for example, from earlier colonial states such as South Africa, because Israel implements genocidal tactics. South Africa was indeed brutal — but it stopped short of throwing white phosphorous on its indigenous population. South Africa was a settler state, and was exploiting its indigenous population: but it wanted to keep them alive and oppressed. The Jewish state, on the other hand — would much prefer to wake up one morning to find out that all the Palestinians had disappeared, because Israel is driven by a Talmudic racist ideology. For those who have not realised it yet, the Zionism that presented itself initially as a secular project was, in fact, a crude attempt to transform the Bible into a land registry document, and an attempt to turn God into a nasty estate agent. It should be understood that Zionism follows a completely different political operative mode to any other settler state, and the colonial paradigm is simply incapable of fully addressing that.
But here is the good news: interestingly enough, it has been artists rather than “intellectuals who have been brave enough to speak out. At a certain stage they started to equate images of Palestine with those of the Jewish holocaust, and it was artists who were brave enough to juxtapose Palestinian kids with Jewish ones.

Silvia Cattori: Yes, but can we really compare the two?

Gilad Atzmon: Why not? We compare between two ideologies, between two racist ethnocentric precepts. It was the artists who came up with that simple and essential truth. It was the artists who dismantled the colonial paradigm in just a one swift move. Seemingly our artists are well ahead of our “intellectuals”.

Silvia Cattori: I would like further understand your objection to those who consider Israel a colonialist State. Already in the sixties, South Africa severed institutional relations with Great Britain and had withdrawn from the Commonwealth. Thus there was no more a "motherland" outside South Africa. And yet the Black population fought the “settlers” who had installed the apartheid. In that sense, can we not consider that there is a similarity with the present struggle of the Palestinians for their rights against Jewish settlers who settled on their land, and that this struggle is, in a way, a struggle against colonialism? It is true that white South Africans did not implement murderous tactics against the natives. Is it because you’re focusing on this point and emphasising the comparison with the Nazi holocaust that you put forward the uniqueness of the Zionist project, instead of colonialism?

Gilad Atzmon: The big question I try to raise here is: why can’t we practice coherent scholarship? The issues surrounding the appropriation of the colonial paradigm is obviously just one example. We are subject to a lethal tyranny of political correctness.
You are right suggesting that some settler states drift away from their respective motherlands; however, Israel didn’t drift away from any motherland because it has never had a motherland. Zionism was never a colonial project in that sense — The colonial paradigm is a spin.
The big question to ask is; why are “the Left” and Jewish anti-Zionists desperately clinging to the colonial paradigm? And here is my answer:

1. It is safe; it makes the criticism of the Jewish state look legitimate.
2. It conveys the hope of a resolution: If Israel is indeed, just a settler state like any of the other earlier historical examples it will eventually assimilate into the region and become a “normal” state.

Where is the problem in such an approach, you might ask? Well, it is pretty obvious — this entire discourse is actually completely irrelevant to the Zionist disease. It is like treating a patient who has bowel cancer with some strong diarrhea pills — just because the symptoms are slightly similar.
Disastrously enough, this is the level of our left-intellectual discourse at the present time.

Silvia Cattori: But those within the solidarity movement, who denounce “Israeli colonialism”, criticise Israeli racist agenda and support the right to return— aren’t they saying exactly the same thing as you are saying?

Gilad Atzmon: To start with, we are indeed part of the same movement, and I guess that we are driven by the same ethical intuitions.
However, there is a clear difference between us, because by employing the “colonial paradigm” their intention is to communicate the idea that the Jewish national project is entirely reminiscent of a 19Th century national trend. This is to say that, just like most other European settler nations, the Jews happened to celebrate their “national symptoms” — it is just that they did so after everyone else.
The “colonial paradigm” is then, invoked to also support the idea that Israel is an apartheid state, and pretty much like most other earlier colonial settings. My approach is totally different, because I would argue that Israel and Zionism is a unique project in history, and the relationship between Israel and the operation of the Jewish Lobbies in the West is also totally unique in history. I would even take it further, and say that whilst the Palestinians are indeed at the fore front of a battle for humanity, the fact is that we are all subject to Zionist global politics. According to my model, the credit crunch is in fact a Zionist “punch”. The war in Iraq is a Zionist war. I would argue forcefully that Zionism has a long time ago moved from the “promised land” narrative into the “promised planet” nightmare. I also argue that it would be impossible to bring peace to the world unless we confront the true meaning of contemporary Jewish ideology.
Interestingly enough, many of those who enthusiastically support the “colonial paradigm”, were also very quick to denounce the work of John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt on the Israeli Lobby. If Mearsheimer and Walt are correct, and I think that they are, then it is Jewish power which we have to confront.
And this is exactly what the “Jewish Left” and Jewish intelligentsia are there to prevent us from doing.

Silvia Cattori: Your views clearly oppose intellectuals such as Bernard-Henry Lévy who support Western expansionism and Israeli policies. For you Israel is the danger. Don’t you think that some people see there an element of provocation?

Gilad Atzmon: Provocation is not a bad thing. I wrote an article recently about Bernard-Henry Lévy. The man is lame beyond belief. We have more than a few “Bernard-Henri Levys” here in Britain too, Jews who portray a false image of scholarship. And as it happens, we intellectually smash them, one by one. We expose them for what they are. By the way, Norman Finkelstein did a great job with Dershowitz. We should not be scared about it all.
Also, I think that by the time people don’t have enough money to put petrol in the car let alone buy bread, they will start to look at who is to blame, and when that happens, the Israeli State and its relentless lobbies will emerge at the top of the list. I think that some people are starting to see it now, already. The change will be drastic. I guess that in retrospect, some people can look at my writing now, and admit that I was warning the Jewish lobbies for years.

Silvia Cattori: What differentiates Gilad Atzmon from those who say, "I am a Jewish anti-Zionist"; "We are Jews for peace", etc, yet always highlighting their tribal identity?

Gilad Atzmon: It is very simple: for me, the fight for peace is a fight for a universal cause. For me, to support the Palestinians is an ethical necessity. And if it is a universal cause and an ethical necessity, I do not see any reason to fight it “as a Jew”, “as a man”, or “as a jazz artist”. When I come across those who call themselves “Jews for peace” and “Jews for justice”, I stand up and say what do you really mean by calling yourself a ‘Jew’? Are you religious? When a Torah Jew says he identifies as a Jew I know what he refers to. When Torah Jews say “we are religious Jews and we support Palestine in the name of our faith”, I say “go ahead, you have my support”.
But when secular Jews tell me that they work for Palestine in the name of their Jewish values, I must ask themWhat are your ‘Jewish secular values’”? I have studied and carefully considered the subject, and, as embarrassing as it may sound, there is no such thing as a Jewish secular value system”.
Those who refer to such ideas are either lying, misleading others, or even misleading themselves.

Silvia Cattori: If I understood well, those who identify themselves as “anti-Zionist Jews” or “Jews for peace” believe that this makes their voice louder than others’ voice.

Gilad Atzmon: For sure, and that is a valid point. But again, I still have some reservations, because if I say “I am a Jew for peace,” and I believe that this is enough to make my voice more important than yours, what it really means is that I am still consciously celebrating my chosen-ness. And isn’t that exactly the problem we have with Zionism?
So, fundamentally, Jewish anti-Zionism is still just another manifestation of Jewish tribal supremacy. It seems peculiar that peace activists, who claim to be universalist leftists, end up operating in racially oriented cells.

Silvia Cattori: Is this consciously a way to humiliate non Jewish people?

Gilad Atzmon: That is possible; but I do not think that Jews who succumb to Jewish tribal politics are really conscious of the effect it has on others.

Silvia Cattori: Israelis who describe themselves as ex-Israelis, ex-Jews, are very rare. Are you the only one?

Gilad Atzmon: I may as well be the only one. However, I do not really talk as an ex-Jew — I talk as Gilad Atzmon. I avoid collective banners. When you read me, you read what I think. You see it for what it is, and you either agree, or you don’t agree. I do not need flags or phantasmic identities to hide behind.

Silvia Cattori: Few famous artists have had the courage to stand up openly and firmly for victims of Israeli oppression. We know that, in general, well known people are afraid to be placed on the "anti-Semitic" list. Rogers Waters has dared to break the taboo. David Gilmour, Robert Wyatt, followed. What do you say to those who are still scared?

Gilad Atzmon: I believe that the only way to liberate ourselves is to begin to talk. The only way to fight is to express ourselves openly. I have taken that risk and if I can do it, then I think that everyone can do it. I have paid a price in that my career has suffered a little, and I make less money. But I can look at myself with pride.

Silvia Cattori: To those who would argue that your political positions are, let’s say, “borderline”, what do you answer?

Gilad Atzmon: I do not actually know what “borderline” means. For years I encountered endless attempts to silence me, but they all proved to be counter effective because if anything, the repressive measures taken against me brought many more people to read my materials, and encouraged more people to think things through for themselves. I was accused by Zionists and Jewish anti-Zionists of being racist and anti Semitic, but embarrassingly enough for them, not a single anti Semitic or racist argument has ever been found in my many papers. On the contrary, there is an anti racist attitude that stands at the very core of my criticism of Jewish identity politics and Jewish ideology. I have been writing now for ten years, and for all those years, I have had a note on my web site saying “If you find something racist or anti-Semitic in my writings, let me know. I will apologise and remove it immediately”. And not a single person has ever come up with anything.
As I mentioned before, I differentiate between Jews (the people), Judaism (the religion) and Jewishness (the ideology). I am against Jewish ideology — not against Jewish people or Judaism. If this makes me into a “borderline case”, then I will have to live with it.

Silvia Cattori: Your voice helps people to understand what Israel is all about. In general, covering this subject is not easy. However, should not journalists take more responsibilities in exposing the power games that devastate the Middle East? What have been the responsibilities in this regard of Western media?

Gilad Atzmon: I will be very honest with you; Western media has failed all the way. Western media has betrayed us. It has failed to understand that Palestine is not that far from our “Western haven”. The media have failed to see that we are all PalestiniansPalestinians are at the forefront of the battle against evil, but the rest of us are fighting in exactly the same battle, and we are all confronting the same enemy. What happened in America with the credit crunch and evolved into economic turmoil is the direct outcome of global Zionist politics.
America invests its tax payers’ money maintaining the Jewish State and it launched its people into a war to “save Israel”. Consequently, we are all facing a financial disaster, and as we speak, the Arab masses are rising: they demand liberation, and they want an immediate end to the Zio-political grip. What you see now in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen is there to prepare us all, and we may well see the same thing unfolding soon in Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, and New York City, because we all face the same enemy.

Silvia Cattori: I wonder whether your readers understand what you refer to when talking about Zionism and global Zionism.

Gilad Atzmon: That is indeed a very crucial point. You may find it hard to believe but even Israelis do not understand what Zionism is all about. Zionism is the belief that Jews (like all other people) should be entitled to celebrate their right for a national homeland, and this homeland is Zion (Palestine). Though this idea sounds almost innocent, it is entangled with very problematical ethical issues, because Zionism has morphed into political reality in the shape of a Jewish State, built entirely at the expense of the ethnically cleansed and abused Palestinian people. Moreover, along the years, the Jewish State has been utilising some very powerful lobbies and think tanks in our Western capitals; and these bodies promote global Zionist interests such as endless confrontation with Islam and the Muslim world.
While early Zionism presented itself as a promise to redeem all the Diaspora Jews by means of settlement in the so-called “promised land”, in the last three decades Zionism has changed its spots in some regards — The Jewish State actually prefers some of the Diaspora Jews to stay exactly where they are so they can mount pressure on their respective governments for the sake of what they interpret as their Jewish interests.
The role of Jewish lobbies such as of AIPAC, J-street (USA) and Conservative Friends of Israel (UK) is far more advantageous to Israel than any wave of Jewish immigration to Palestine could be. This transformation in Zionist thought signals a shift from the local to the global, and therefore, Zionism should no longer be solely perceived as a demand for a Jewish home in the “promised land” — Rather it must be grasped as a global operation, seeking a safe haven for the Jews within the context of “promised planet.”
The Israelis and their allies know very well why they promote Islamophobia. But what is Islamophobia? What, and who, does it serve? It serves Zio-centric Capitalist interests. Islamophobia is the true face of Hasbara (Israeli propaganda). It is there to make sure that Israel’s “survival war” is actually a Western war.
This is obviously misleading, and for the sake of Western interests, shunning Israel immediately would be the right thing to do.

Silvia Cattori: When do you see the emergence of Islamophobia and what was the cause?
Gilad Atzmon: That is a good question — historically, it probably first arose in the seventies, soon after the energy crisis. I think that by 1973, we could clearly detect the first signs of modern political and institutional anti-Muslim antipathy as the Western public began to realise the strategic role of the Middle East. The shift towards a “popular anti Muslim culture” was exacerbated further by the success of Salman Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses”, and I would argue that by 9.11. 2001, the Western public was primed for an outbreak of “Muslim bashing”. I will never forget Ehud Barak being interviewed on that day, spreading bile and Islamophobic accusations on every Western media outlet. For Israeli Hasbara agitators, 9/11 was proof of the “unified ethos” shared between Israel and the (Western) Goyim.
I would like to elaborate more on your question regarding Islamophobia. I realised some time ago that the general acceptability of certain minorities can always be measured by the popularity -or unpopularity- of its “self-haters”. The growing popularity of Muslim “self-haters” in the 1970-90’s era could have suggested that a wave of anti Islamic feelings was on its way to our shore. Similarly, the antagonism towards Jewish “self-haters” in the last decade confirms the success and influence of Jewish lobbies within media and politics. I guess that the rise of my popularity certainly indicates that the tide has indeed turned. We can firmly anticipate a tidal wave of resentment towards Israel.

Silvia Cattori: What is fascinating about you is your freedom of speech. You can’t stand the truth being “half told”. Isn’t it the case?

Gilad Atzmon: I think that is a good way to put it. I have developed a severe allergy to spins and deceitful narratives. As I said before I do not claim to know the truth; however, I am pretty effective in detecting lies, ploys and diversions. Being a philosopher I am also effective in raising questions and deconstructing inconsistencies. I am puzzled by the activists around us who believe that we can beat Zionism by sketching out some phantasmic narratives of resistance. I honestly believe that truth-seeking and total openness will prevail. If you want to grasp the growing popularity of my writing, I guess that this is what it is — instead of playing political games I really try to get to the bottom of it all. I try to understand what it is that drives and fuels Zionism, Israel, Jewish lobbying, neoconservative expansionist wars and even Jewish anti Zionism.
And I guess that by now, you realise that I identify Jewish Ideology — rather than Jews or Judaism — as the crux of these precepts and political views.

Silvia Cattori: Thank you.


ARAB UPRISINGS: Time-Out For Israel Is Over

Muammar Gaddafi
February 26, 2011 posted by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat ·

History is taking a new turn in the Middle East and so is the Arab-Israeli conflict.

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat / Staff Writer 
 “I have not yet ordered the use of force, not yet ordered one bullet to be fired … when I do, everything will burn.”  .. Shouted Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, and pounded his fist in a furious speech to the Libyan people.

He referred to the Libyan protesters who called for his stepping down from office as stray dogs, rats and drugged youth, he even went so far as to follow the American vogue trend and amusingly alleged that this uprising was orchestrated by Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda.

For anyone who’s not familiar with Gaddafi or haven’t seen or heard him talk, this might come as a total shock for what came in that speech and the rude and threatening tone in which it was delivered represented the ultimate paranoia and detachment from reality any dictator could reach. Even the Arabs and Libyans familiar with Gaddafi have also been stunned by his outrageous and humiliating words.
Haunted by the successful ousting of the leaders of two neighboring countries of Egypt and Tunisia, Gaddafi has already set up his mind not to follow in the footsteps of Zine Elabedine or Mubarak. Contemplating the scenarios of the two uprisings, He reached one conclusion and one conclusion only; he would not make any concessions nor start a dialogue with the protesters.  

The Libyan leader has decided to show no leniency in dealing with this uprising – which he never saw it coming his way- he relentlessly began to crack down on protesters allowing his paramilitary and mercenary forces to use live ammunition in a desperate attempt to crush the revolt leaving thousands wounded and dead so far.  

Historical changes

The uprising of the Libyan people is bound to succeed; it is only a matter of time before another Arabic tyrant falls down in the convulsing Arabic countries in North Africa & the Middle East.  
And as the unprecedented images of the millions of Egyptian protesters swarming Tahrir Square in Cairo gave the world the truest picture of people longing for free and dignified life, the Gaddafi’s pathetic speech and his crimes against the Libyans gave the perfect example of a dictator with delusions of grandeur nearing utter insanity.  

Gaddafi’s harsh reaction to the uprising has evoked worldwide resentment and contempt of the Libyan regime which in a rare and historical moment of truth has been stripped off its fake patriotic masquerade and exposed its stark contempt and exploitation of the Libyan people for the entire world to see.  

Arab popular uprisings
 The Arab world is witnessing historical changes nowadays; it has proven beyond most political analysts and observers` expectations, no one has clearly seen this coming. As a matter of fact, there Were some speculations of upheavals and uprisings across the Middle East but they were expected to erupt amongst the economically underprivileged communities, as there has been speculated in Egypt with this reiterated talk amongst the intelligentsia of what they called “revolution of the hungry” 

 To everybody’s amazement, the Arab people- in Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia – did not revolt against the ruling regimes out of economic and political grievances only but mainly out of a deeply rooted sense of humiliation, contempt and injustice by autocratic and self-serving regimes.    

The people who were marching in Tunisia or Bahrain were neither starving nor homeless, they were the middle class taking to the streets, camping out on squares, bleeding on the streets and even willing to die on the streets for one cherished goal of change. The change in the Arab world means dealing with a lot of socio-economic grievances but change in the broader sense means changing the way those Arab people have been ruled in the last decades.  

Regardless of what some observers are saying of a conspiracy theory behind this expanding phenomenon and the alleged covert role of the American CIA or Israeli Mossad in these uprisings, the thing that sounded absolutely ridiculous and rather offending to the young generations steering this heroic uprisings and who have been totally underrated for their abilities to spark a new dawn over the political horizon of the region, these uprisings proved that those same American and Israeli covert policies in their close support and collaboration with most dictatorships in the Arab world are to be partly blamed for lingering and maintaining such regimes in power knowing how much corrupt they have been.  

Israel, as a Middle Eastern nation and being in conflict with the Arab world, has substantially benefited from decades of neighboring dictatorships oppressing the Arab people and denying them their true demands and aspirations, after all Israel is an oppressive regime and a military dictatorship whose aims runs counter to most arab people’s and which acted with more audacity in an environment of surrounding and lingering political dictatorships. 

 For decades the Arab people ached and felt for their Palestinian brothers and their political right to their homeland, but there was not much they could do, with all this corrupt and backstage policy by corrupt and traitorous regimes. Israel has been able to illegally grab most of Palestine’s land but at the same time failed to hijack the all Arabs’ dream of free Palestine. The Arab voices always wanted free Palestine and liberated Jerusalem; this is the actual  Arab street policy.  

The Arab-Israeli game

After being internationally recognized as a new nation amidst Arab countries in 1948 and in order to serve its aggressive and expansionist policy in Palestine, Israel needed time-more than anything else- to make those new Zionist geo-political findings as facts on the ground and nothing seemed to serve those end goals better than ever new Israeli aggressions, strong and blind support from the united states and backstage deals with authoritarian and corrupt Arab rulers, whom while trying to guarantee their grip on power, were willing to give Israel more than she even asked for.  

 Arab rulers gave Israel the long peace and quiet on the Egyptian and Jordanian borders, they gave her the normalization of political relations with Tel Aviv offered by many capitols in the Arab world from Doha/Qatar in the east to Rabat/Morocco in the far west and even some of the corrupt negotiators of the Palestinian authority have offered to give Israel unbelievable concessions regarding the hot topics of the west bank and East Jerusalem thus denying millions of Palestinians the right to return to their homeland as revealed lately by the Palestine papers leaked by Aljazeera.  

Egyptian Revolution
 These Arabic uprisings are obviously grassroots movements gaining momentum by the power of the people all across the Arab world, no country is considered immune from this revolutionary tide in the Middle East as expectations have been growing that the strong wind of change would reach as far as Damascus and Tehran.    

Amidst that unprecedented tide of change Israel is caught up in amazement with her ongoing plan for inciting another American military suicide in Iran undeterred and covering the whole west bank with settlements shamefully uninterrupted by the white house.    

Part of the rage displayed by the people in these uprisings is at the Israeli aggression and the crimes committed against their Palestinian brothers as one of the major and obvious demands of the Egyptian January 25th revolution is to stop exporting the Egyptian crude natural gas to Israel in a clear message that urges the Egyptian government to stop supporting and collaborating with the occupying and aggressive Zionist regime.    

The Arabic street is the one who is calling the shots now, the coming Arab policies will try and reflect the pulse of the Arabic street. The united Arab sounds are to be heard at last where no American veto could come out to obliterate the truth and where no need to waste more than one million innocent Arabs to allegedly get rid of a dictator.  

 It is time for the Palestinian intifada to spread beyond the borders of Palestine. It is time for Arab solidarity to come into action and effect and for pan-Arabism to be revived again; it is time for the Arab-Israeli conflict to be conducted by regimes that won’t sell out the Palestinian cause in secret.  

All the Arab authoritarian regimes like that of Gaddafi will soon come to an end; history is taking a new turn in the Middle East and so is the Arab-Israeli conflict. 

Israel’s bargain with corrupt Arab dictatorships is over. These corrupt regimes have given Israel the greatest gifts of all, namely time to allow and fortify the Zionist expansion on the ground. The time out for Israel in the Arab-Israeli game is over. Another round is soon to begin with hopefully new rules.  

For more articles by Dr.Ashraf Ezzat visit his website ” Pyramidion”  

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Israel Worried: Russian Missiles Could End Up in Hezbollah Hands

The Israeli enemy has expressed concern over Russia's decision to fulfill its contract to supply Syria with cruise missiles, claiming they could end up in the hands of Hezbollah.

The Israeli Defense Ministry issued a statement Saturday regarding publications that Russia intends to complete a deal to transfer cruise missiles to Syria. "This deal was signed two years ago and has been in the process of implementation for some time, despite Israel's appeals to Russia regarding the matter."

Security officials warned that the Russian cruise missiles are potentially dangerous weapons and they may come fall into the hands of Hezbollah, just as other weapons systems came from Syria.

"The question of these missiles' delivery to Syria really has triggered a negative reaction in Israel," the Israeli ambassador to Moscow, Dorit Golender, told the Interfax news agency. "And this is understandable since Hezbollah has repeatedly used weapons that they received either from Lebanon or Syria."

"The contract is in the implementation stage," news agencies quoted Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov as saying.

Russia planned on selling two surface-to-air rocket units armed with P-800, or Yakhont, missiles to Damasacus in a deal worth $300 million, Russian media previously reported.

Spreading Activism for Change

by Stephen Lendman

Egyptians want it. So do Palestinians, Arabs throughout the region, protesting East and West Europeans, others across the world, and growing numbers in America, especially in Wisconsin - ground zero to save organized labor.

At issue is freedom v. tyranny, what Aaron Russo's 2006 film called "Freedom to Fascism," identifying America's money system as inimical to liberty and justice for all. Along with American-style corporatism, it lets banking giants control money, credit and debt for private self-enrichment, colluding with government for laws favoring them, as well as others destroying democratic principles, fast eroding and disappearing throughout the country.

It produces:

-- pervasive public and private corruption;

-- concentrated wealth;

-- government serving America's aristocracy, not popular interests;

-- alliances with global despots, replaced when they forget who's boss;

-- America's war machine and imperial arrogance;

-- subjugation, not freedom;

-- mass impoverishment and human misery;

-- a war on dissent; and

-- another preventing constructive change, forcefully when other ways fail.

It makes America and similar societies unfit to live in, heading them for tyranny and ruin. It also fuels popular anger, bubbling eventually to the surface, growing and now spreading across the Middle East and parts of America.

On Saturday February 26, all 50 states held pro-labor "Save the American Dream" rallies, promoted by

"in every major city to stand in solidarity with the people of Wisconsin" and workers in their own states under attack. Wisconsin is ground zero. The cancer is national, pitting an alliance of bought-and-paid-for governments, corporate bosses, and corrupted union heads against organized labor, democratic values, and basic freedoms, including a living wage, essential benefits, decent living standards, and a seat at the table representing themselves.

On February 26, AP writers Patrick Condon and Todd Richmond headlined, "Protesters across US decry Wis. anti-union efforts," saying:

"Rallies were held across the country Saturday to support thousands of protesters holding steady at the Wisconsin Capitol in their fight against Republican-backed legislation aimed at weakening unions."

In fact, Walker's bill wants them and democracy destroyed, so other state governors and Washington can do the same thing. It's been happening incrementally for decades.

"Union supporters organized rallies from New York to Los Angeles....(Thousands) gathered (in) Columbus, Ohio....(Others were held across America, including) "Topeka, Kan; Harrisburg, Pa; and Olympia, Wash. (In) Los Angeles, public sector workers and others held signs (saying) 'We are all Wisconsin.' Some wore foam 'cheeseheads' in support."

In St. Paul, MN, union leader Eliot Seide addressed protesters, saying, "The right to collectively bargain is a American right. You can't have American democracy if you don't have a strong trade union movement."

Others in Madison and across the country expressed anger, saying they won't stand for what Walker wants. Maintaining that spirit is key to stopping him.

On February 26, New York Times writers Richard Oppel and Timothy Williams headlined, "Rallies for Labor, in Wisconsin and Beyond," saying:

In Wisconsin, tens of thousands rallied for worker rights, chanting, "This will not stand!" Over 100,000 turned out in Madison, including celebrities like Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary fame. The Times estimated the crowd at "70,000." It was more than half again that size. Others rallied in support across America, "a call (drawing) thousands of demonstrators to state capitals and other cities from Albany to the West Coast."

Al Alt, a teacher for 40 years, said, "We've had bargaining for 50 years (actually 75), and (Walker) wants to end it in a week." For two weeks, thousands protested peacefully, hundreds camping out every night in hallways, stairwells, and public areas of the Capitol.

Battle lines are now drawn after state officials said they'd be evicted Sunday afternoon at 4PM. Claiming health and safety issues, it's a ruse to weaken resistance and push for passage of Walker's anti-labor bill. Union officials and protesters object, saying conflict may result.

Wisconsin's Professional Police Association (WPPA) head Jim Palmer called on police to join the sleep-in, saying:

"As has been reported in the media, the protesters are cleaning up after themselves and have not caused any problems. The fact of the matter is that Wisconsin's law enforcement community opposes Governor Walker's effort to eliminate most union activity in this state, and we implore him to not do anything to increase the risk to officers and the public....Law enforcement officers know the difference between right and wrong, and (Walker's) attempt to eliminate the collective voice of Wisconsin's devoted public employees is wrong. That is why we have stood with our fellow employees each day and why we will be sleeping among them" overnight.

On February 27, Palmer said authorities were backing away from their eviction plan, saying, "Now it sounds like they are going to let people stay." Protesters will only be asked for "voluntary compliance." Some said if evictions happen, they'll circle the Capitol holding hands.

Prior to Palmer's Sunday announcement,'s web site headlined, "The Whole World is Watching! The Capitol Belongs to the People!" They build it. They paid for it. They deserve support from everyone. Maintaining pressure is essential, inside and outside the building, across the state and country. It's not just a Wisconsin issue. It's a national and worldwide one - freedom or fascism, global Walkers v. working people everywhere, struggling for justice against dark forces wanting greater empowerment and enrichment at their expense.

On February 24, the Social Justice & Labor Center headlined, "Why Wisconsin matters in New York, and throughout organized labor," saying:

"Unionists from across the nation have come out in force to support our colleagues in Wisconsin, as well as those in Idaho, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio and Tennessee. Other states are facing unprecedented threats as well. And New York state is not exempt."

"Make no mistake about it," worker rights are on the line everywhere. It's resist or die. "What is happening right now in Wisconsin is historic." Standing firm there is crucial. Workers didn't cause fiscal problems. Bad governance, Wall Street crooks, corporate greed, predatory capitalism, and corrupted union bosses are responsible. They tanked the economy. Make them fix it, not workers, suffering grievously as a result.

Moreover, an Economic Policy Institute (EPI) study showed Wisconsin public workers make on average 4.8% less in total compensation than private sector ones. In addition, teachers are on the front lines educating future generations, and police, firefighters, nurses, sanitation workers, and many others provide essential services without which societies can't function.

They deserve support from everyone for a living wage, essential benefits, a decent standard of living, and right to bargain collectively for self-betterment. It's them against America's Walkers, struggling for rights too important to lose. Everyone's in this fight together against dark forces heading America for a future no one wants, except elitists and their political allies benefitting from other people's pain. Now's the time to stop them. Below are 10 more reasons.

A Final Comment
On February 26, the web site Think headlined, "REPORT: Top 10 Disastrous Policies From The Wisconsin GOP You Haven't Heard About." Access it through the following link:

In Walker's agenda and bill, much more is at stake than stripping workers of collective bargaining rights and making them pay more for healthcare and pensions. A previous article partly explained, accessed through the following link:

Included is more, repeating some of what the bottom link covers:

(1) "Eliminating Medicaid:" Healthcare czar Dennis Smith (Wisconsin's Health and Human Services Secretary) may "override state Medicaid laws as (he) sees fit and institute sweeping changes," including big cuts, "limiting eligibility," perhaps ending state responsibility altogether at a future time.

(2) "Power Plant Privatization and Environmental Neglect:" Use the above lower link for full coverage.

(3) "Dangerous Drinking Water:" New bills introduced would end "requiring municipal governments to disinfect their water."

(4) "Destroying Wetlands:" Walker's bill "exempt(s) a parcel of wetland owned by a Republican donor from water quality standards," and affects the entire county where it's located. Perhaps later the entire state.

(5) "Fiscal Irresponsibility:" Another Walker bill requires a two-thirds supermajority to raise taxes. "Republican lawmakers are now reportedly considering a constitutional amendment that would make the rule permanent." At issue, is imposing a "fiscal strait-jacket" on Wisconsin residents.

(6) "Disenfranchising Voters:" Another proposed bill "require(s) voters to present a photo ID from the (Department of Motor Vehicles) at the polls," causing added hardships for elderly, disabled and rural residents as well as students and persons without cars.

(7) "Cutting Jobs, Losing the Future:" Walker killed a fall 2010 "$810 billion federally funded high-speed rail project," preventing potentially 130,000 new jobs.

(8) "Stifling Innovation:" Walker introduced a bill to ban wind-powered energy, making Wisconsin more dependent on coal. A public outcry killed it.

(9) "Naked Power Grab:" Along party lines, Wisconsin's "legislature ceded 'extraordinary control' of the state's rule-making oversight process to the governor," giving him near-dictatorial power.

(10) "Politicizing State Agencies:" Walker's budget repair bill "convert(s 37) state employees from civil servants to political appointees," seizing even more power.

Fascism landed in Wisconsin under Walker and his cronies, aiming to turn the whole state into Guatemala in the worst sense of its meaning. More than ever, exposing and stopping him is crucial. It's no exaggeration saying, as Wisconsin goes, perhaps also America, a possibility too grim to allow.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.
posted by Steve Lendman @ 1:48 AM

Israel needs NATO membership for its survival

Posted on February 28, 2011 by rehmat1|
On February 8, 2011 – The Jewish Chronicle reported that Ronald Lauder (Reagan’s ambassador to Austria), President of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) has “called for Israel to be admitted into NATO in order to guarantee its survival in the future. NATO membership “would send a strong signal to other countries not to take on Israel”. Interestingly though, it’s the Zionist entity which has invaded all its neighboring countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Gaza and Syria) and not the other way around.

Earlier this month, attending the Herzliya conference in Israel, NATO secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen had called for the alliance to expand cooperation with Israel.
Bruce Riedel, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer, in an article in the September-October 2010 edition of the National Interest had warned that an Israeli attack on Islamic Iran would be a “disaster in the making”, and recommended that Israel should join NATO and benefit from its nuclear umbrella. Israel is known to be the only nuclear power in the Middle East with estimated 240-400 nuclear bombs.

Spain’s former Prme Minister, Jose Maria Aznar (1996-2004), is listed as an “Author” on Israel Hasbara Committee’s list – wrote an article for The Times (June 17, 2010), titled If Israel goes down; we all go down. He wrote: “Israel is our first line of defence in a turbulent region that is constantly at risk of descending into chaos; a region vital to our energy security owing to our overdependence on Middle Eastern oil; a region that forms the front line in the fight against extremism. If Israel goes down, we all go down”.

I must say, Ronald, is honest to admit that after Jewish army’s military humiliation in Lebanon in 2006, Israel has lost its ‘fear deterrent’.

The idea of the Zionist entity joining NATO came from a 2005 study by Hoover Institution at Stanford University (a Zionist think tank) which said: “We want to be clear on one point. Much of the recent discussion in the West about Israel and nato has focused on a possible peacekeeping or monitoring role for Alliance forces in connection with a possible Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. But what some Israeli strategic thinkers are starting to discuss  – and what we are addressing here  – is something different, namely an upgraded strategic relationship between Israel and Euro-Atlantic institutions like nato and the eu that would lead to increasingly closer ties and could include eventual membership.

Turkey is only Muslim country among NATO’s 28 members. Turkey has diplomatic, military exchange and trade relations with the Zionist state since 1950. Irrespectic of pro-Palestine rhetoric and criticism of the Zionist-regime – Turkey is still maintaining its diplomatic relation with Tel Aviv. Therefore, Israel doesn’t expect a military attack from Turkey. Same goes for Egypt and Jordan. Though Israel occupies Syrian Golan Heights, Damascus has no military muscles to attack Israel, otherwise it could have done that during the past 40 years. Iran is too far away and has never attacked its neighbors for the last 100 years. This leaves Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah – which has already inflicted military defeat on Israeli army, in 2000 and 2006. Now, Hizbullah has become politically more dangerous for Israel as the new Lebanese government owes its existence to Hizbullah. It doesn’t mean that Hizbullah will attack Israel but Israel fears that Hizbullah will not stop its military resistance against Israel until it liberates the remaining Lebanese territory under Israeli occupation (Shebaa Farms and Northern Ghajar).

It’s due to fear of Hizbullah that Israel wants to join NATO, so that in future, Israeli war against Hizbullah would be fought by NATO’s 28 members along with the Jewish army.


 February 28, 2011 posted by Veterans Today ·

This video and song demands the kind of attention that ‘We Are the World’ was given.

While Gaza exists the way it does, and Israel continues with its Apartheid policies, the lies of politicians who said they wanted change should forever dog their footsteps.

Obama didn’t want ‘Change’ he wanted to get elected so that he could implement the policies of those who backed him, financially:  AIPAC — The Voice of America. Until that Voice is silenced, nothing is going to change.

–Anthony Lawson / STAFF WRITER


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U.N—U.S.—E.U. Fine to kill Gentiles—But Protect the Jews

Former Israeli P.M. Areil Sharon
February 28, 2011 posted by Mohamed Khodr ·

“Israel may have the RIGHT to put others on Trial, but Certainly NO ONE has the Right to put the Jewish People and the State of Israel on Trial.”

–Ariel Sharon, Quoted by BBC, March 25, 2001

Mohamed Khodr / Veterans Today

“You can call me anything you like. Call me a monster or a murderer. … Better a live Judeo-Nazi than a dead saint…”Even if you prove to me that the present war in Lebanon is a dirty immoral war, I don’t care. ..We shall start another war, kill and destroy more and more, until they will have had enough..   Let them tremble; let them call us a mad state. Let them understand that we are a wild country, dangerous to our surroundings, not normal, that we might go crazy if one of our children is murdered, just one! If anyone even raises his hand against us we’ll take away half his land and burn the other half, including the oil. We might use Nuclear arms…Even today I am willing to volunteer to do the dirty work for Israel, to kill as many Arabs as necessary, to deport them, to expel and burn them, to have everyone hate us. … And I don’t mind if after the job is done you put me in front of a Nuremberg Trial and then jail me for life. Hang me if you want, as a war criminal. … “What you don’t understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it.”
–Ariel Sharon, Interview with Amoz Oz, Davar, December 17, 1982, after Sharon’s invasion and genocide of Lebanon in 1982)

So goes the modern hypocritical, murderous, double standard history of the United Nations, the United States, and European Powers when dealing with the massacre of Gentiles by Gentiles versus the long history of genocide and ethnic cleansing by Jewish Israel against the Palestinian Gentiles.

In Dealing with the massacre of Libyans by the oil patron of the west, the Butcher of Libya, Muammar Al-Ghaddafi, the U.S. (after a 9 day silence during which Gaddafi massacred hundreds of his people with American and European weapons), Britain, and France pushed a U.N. Security Council Resolution, Number 1970, demanding the freezing of Ghaddafi’s and his family’s asset, an arms and travel embargo, and most importantly, referring Al Ghaddafi’s “war crimes” to the International Criminal Court for prosecution.
The Resolution was passed unanimously, 15 – 0, under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter which authorizes the use of force if its conditions are not met
However, all U.N. Security Council Resolutions that demand Israel withdraw from Arab occupied territories, demands it halts its invasions and genocide against Arab civilians, especially the Palestinians, or allow humanitarian aid to besieged civilians, were all passed under Chapter 6 of the U.N. Charter which, unlike Chapter 7, does not authorize the use of force against Israel.

Thus Chapter 7 applies to all Gentiles; Chapter 6 only applies to the self proclaimed Chosen People.

Ironically, neither the U.S. nor Israel are members of the I.C.C. and refuse to allow their politicians, military, or civilians to appear before the court for their decade’s long history of “war crimes”, and “crimes against humanity.”

There has been no speech, statement, veto, or action by the United States that applies to the Gentile world that is not replete with hypocrisy and deliberate disconnect from reality that such endeavors never apply to Israel.

Like the U.N. and Europe, the U.S. sees the world as two spheres—The Gentile sphere where all divine and international laws apply and the Jewish/Israeli Sphere where no such laws, ethics, or morality apply; thereby reinforcing Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s statement that the basic function of a goy, a derogatory word for a gentile, is to serve Jews.

By its unshakeable support of Israel, the U.S. appears to also endorse a recent book, “The King’s Torah” written by Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro that allows Jews to kill Gentiles who threaten Israel, including the murder of babies and children.

Rabbi Shapiro writes:

“It is permissible to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation,” adding: “If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments – because we care about the commandments – there is nothing wrong with the murder”.  (Haaretz, November 9, 2009)

HYPOCRISY AND DOUBLE STANDARDS:   Damn the Gentiles, Fear Jews and Israel
Let’s begin with highlights from President Obama’s statement on Libya 9 days too late, where he never mentions Ghaddafi’s name unlike the numerous times he referred to Mubarak of Egypt, and let’s highlight the hypocrisy where his statements never apply to Israel and the Palestinians.  (February 23, 2011)

“Now, throughout this period of unrest and upheaval across the region the United States has maintained a set of core principles which guide our approach.  These principles apply to the situation in Libya.  As I said last week, we strongly condemn the use of violence in Libya.”
(Not Applicable to Israel and the Palestinians)
“The American people extend our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of all who’ve been killed and injured.  The suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and it is unacceptable. So are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters and further punish the people of Libya.  These actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. This violence must stop”.
(Not Applicable to Israel and the Palestinians)

“The United States also strongly supports the universal rights of the Libyan people.  That includes the rights of peaceful assembly, free speech, and the ability of the Libyan people to determine their own destiny.  These are human rights.  They are not negotiable.  They must be respected in every country.  And they cannot be denied through violence or suppression.”
(The Entire Statement:  Not Applicable to Israel and the Palestinians)

“In a volatile situation like this one, it is imperative that the nations and peoples of the world speak with one voice, and that has been our focus. Yesterday a unanimous U.N. Security Council sent a clear message that it condemns the violence in Libya, supports accountability for the perpetrators, and stands with the Libyan people”
(Not Applicable to Israel and the Palestinians)

“Like all governments, the Libyan government has a responsibility to refrain from violence, to allow humanitarian assistance to reach those in need, and to respect the rights of its people.  It must be held accountable for its failure to meet those responsibilities, and face the cost of continued violations of human rights.”
(Not Applicable to Israel, Gaza and the Palestinians)

“And throughout this time of transition, the United States will continue to stand up for freedom, stand up for justice, and stand up for the dignity of all people.”
(EXCEPT for the Palestinian People who are Forgotten and Sacrificed to Israel because the U.S. is also Occupied by Israel and its lobbies)

“Thank you very much.”
No Mr. President it is Israel that must Thank You, thank every previous American President and Congress for never having the gonadal courage to apply any uttered words or actions to the greatest American protected rogue state since World War II.
The most egregious example of this is the investigation and issuance of the U.N. Human Rights Council Report, the “Goldstone Report”, named after the famed Jewish Judge Richard Goldstone, describing Israel’s pre-emptive attack and genocide against Gaza in 2008 – 2009 as “war crimes” where1,400 civilians, including hundreds of children was killed.
Israel launched a massive public relations campaign in Europe and the U.S. to kill the report.   Barack Obama put enormous pressure on the Palestinian Authority and the Arab world to withdraw the report from a vote in the U.N. Human Rights Council.  As expected the Palestinians withdrew the report from consideration thereby effectively killing the it from being referred to the U.N. Security Council for consideration.   The U.S. Congress in almost total unanimity passed a resolution (House Resolution 867: November 3, 2009, passed by 344 – 36) condemning the report as flawed and biased.  The Resolution was co-sponsored by two Jewish Representatives, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Howard Berman.  The Gentile members of Congress are too intimidated and in need of Jewish money for their reelection to dare not rubber stamp every such resolution.
Amnesty International accused the U.S. and Europe of Shielding Israel Over Gaza War Crimes.  In its annual report, the rights group accuses Israel of continually violating human rights in Gaza with its ongoing economic siege. (Haaretz, May 27, 2010)

Another recent American example of U.S. fear and capitulation to Israel and its powerful AIPAC lobby in Washington is Obama’s first Veto of a U.N. Security Council Resolution calling Israel’s continuous settlement construction in the West Bank that began in 967 as “illegal”.  Although the Resolution was sponsored by more than 100 nations, America cast the single Veto against this Resolution (14 – 0) despite Obama’s pronouncements that settlements are “illegitimate” and an obstacle to Peace.   It has been U.S. policy since 1967 to call such settlements “illegal” while many U.N. Security Council Resolutions have also deemed them “illegal.”

To cast such a veto effectively kills any future peace negotiations (there never was a peace process) which Obama claims to be in U.S. interests.  To do so at a time when the Arab world has found its voice and feet to revolt against America’s tyrants is beyond any political explanation.

Since 2000 the U.N.S.C. members have Vetoed a total of 14 Resolutions regarding the Middle East; 9 came from the U.S. alone shielding Israel from any criticism.

How dirty you must feel, Mr. President, knowing that your lofty rhetoric will be seen around the world as simply garbage, a reflection of a tiny country’s power over every American government since 1948.   Not even a hot shower can cleanse your soul, a soul you sell for your Jewish supported reelection.  Some Jews have even claimed you as the “First Jewish President.”
(Haaretz, 11/13/08)

President Barack Obama, along with THREE ZIONIST TERRORISTS, MENAHCHEM BEGIN, YITZHAK RABIN, AND SHIMON PERES, won a most undeserving Noble Peace Prize.   The world must launch a campaign to strip him of this peace prize.   He was elected for his peace declarations but is now transformed to a war President, much like his preceding war criminal President Bush.
America and Palestine must be free from Israel’s Occupation.

Can the American people follow the lead of the peaceful Arab revolts in the Middle East to overthrow Israel’s stranglehold on our government?   They could and should if they care about their independence and freedom from the tyrannical rule of Israel and AIPAC. (PLEASE VISIT and READ the Extraordinary Poem written by a Jew on Sharon’s and Lebanese Christian Phalange Massacre of 2000 Palestinians in Sabra and Chatila Camps in Beirut, 1982),6903,1604576,00.html
Article and Film Details on the Massacre of Sabra and Chatila, 1982)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR : Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim born in the Middle East.  He is political activist who frequently writes on the plight of Palestinians living under the brutal occupation of Israel, U.S. Foreign Policy, Islam, and Arab politics
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