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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sayyed Nasrallah to Al-Rai: Israeli Project Nearing End

29/04/2010 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed the goal of the uproar over the alleged Scud Missiles transfer from Syria to Hezbollah “is to pressure Syria and Hezbollah and to prevent us as a resistance from defending ourselves.”

Sayyed Nasrallah was speaking during an interview with the Kuwaiti television Al-Rai on Thursday.
“Their campaign has failed because Syria has denied the claim and Hezbollah traditionally does not comment on such issues,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

His eminence asked about the implications of such campaigns on the Israelis on the moral and psychological levels. He added that “this is in our interest, and all those who support the resistance have become more reassured because we’ve said that we’ll defend ourselves and Lebanon and that we’ll strike their infrastructures if they target ours.”

Sayyed Nasrallah underlined that the resistance is capable of fulfilling its commitments to defend the country. “In July 2006 the resistance proved it possesses defensive capabilities and the enemy was stunned to see what had taken place because they did not expect to face a resistance of this kind. We will not allow them to target our cities. There are red lines and we’ll hit back and we are capable of it, however we do not discuss the nature of the weapons we’ll be using.”

The Hezbollah chief said the picture taken in Damascus (President Bashar Assad, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Sayyed Nasrallah) was enough to send a message that the circumstances in the region have changed. “I assure that any new Israeli war will be an adventure with uncalculated results for the Israeli side and will eventually change the face of this region…My brothers and I believe that this intimidation does not entail a war.”

On the assassination of Resistance commander martyr Imad Moghnieh, Sayyed Nasrallah said that vengeance for his death is a matter of time. “I can’t say that operations to avenge martyr Moghnieh’s death had taken place and failed and the Azabeijan issue is a different issue. I assure that the Islamic Resistance will not be lax in avenging him. We are engaged in a battle with the Israeli enemy and when our leaders get killed anywhere we will have the right to respond in the framework of the ongoing battle. Speaking of vengeance bares some tolerance in its meaning. If we sought after vengeance by killing Israeli tourists we would have been able to so easily but we do not look at the issue from this perspective. We know where to respond and when to respond and who to target. The Israelis know this and it is only a matter of time.”

Speaking about National Dialogue in Lebanon, Sayyed Nasrallah said that “our ally, General Michel Aoun threatened to withdraw from the dialogue to protest the attack on the arms of the resistance and its intentions.” He added: “General Aoun expressed resentment from this rhetoric. Hezbollah’s representative was very clear when he told the other camp that if they wanted to bring the issue to the media, there was no problem and if they wanted to tackle it around a round table there was no problem either. Some say that the arms of the resistance give Israel the pretext to wage war on Lebanon. We condemn this rhetoric because it contradicts the simplest axioms. We cannot accept giving legitimacy to an Israeli assault on Lebanon and our people. True, there is an historic difference that dates back to the establishment of the resistance. Some political powers never believed that Israel was an enemy, and this difference in ideologies was present even before I was born. The only way to resolve this difference is through a national dialogue. This is why we were the first to present our vision on this matter. Some groups have declared through written statements that they insist on raising the arms issue to establish that it is a controversial matter.

The resistance has never had consensus in any country at any time and Lebanon is not a special case. The resistance in 1982 did not enjoy consensus as there were parties who were in the same camp with the Israelis fighting for them. “

Sayyed Nasrallah stressed the resistance in Lebanon was strong especially after the 2000 Israeli withdrawal from most of Lebanon and victory in the 2006 war with Israel. He added that the arms of the resistance were not and will not be used in Lebanon to change an internal political equation or to change the constitution. “The resistance won the war but we did not ask for power and we never sought after it. Everybody remember May 25, 2000 when I spoke in Bint Jbeil. I said that what we achieved was our obligation and we didn’t want anything in return. We called on the Lebanese army to have full reign in south Lebanon, we never asked for a constitutional amendment to change the sectarian distribution of powers in Lebanon…Our experience is enough evidence that Hezbollah’s ambitions is not based on sectarian interests, in fact it is founded on national interests and I admit that Lebanon cannot stay separated from the Palestinian cause.

Speaking about the May 7, 2008 incidents in Beirut, the Hezbollah chief explained that what happened was to reverse an unjust decision by then PM Fouad Saniora’s government that was aimed at the arms of the resistance, namely its communications network which played a major role in defeating Israeli in the 2006 war.

“Some ex-March 14 figures admit that those decisions were a strategic mistake. That government attacked us and it sought to ignite sedition between the army and the resistance. We were not represented in the government. When the Arab delegation arrived in Beirut we told them that our only demands were to reverse the decisions and sit around the national dialogue table, nothing else. We did not set conditions on electing a new president or on giving Saniora another term as PM. Our arms were not and will not be use in Lebanon to change equations.

Our arms are to defend Lebanon and the resistance, and we do not tolerate attacking our arms because our weapons are legitimate according to all standards.”

On the investigations committee probing the assassination of former PM martyr Rafiq Hariri, Sayyed Nasrallah warned that Hezbollah did not trust the panel. “We have evidence that lead us not to trust the panel as well as the tribunal itself. If the committee does not prove it is conducting a technical and serious investigation we will reconsider cooperating with it.

Mohammed Zuhair Siddiq has made a couple of statements and for the first time he implicated Hezbollah cadres in the crime. Siddiq is a false witness who deluded the investigation panel and the whole world and his false testimony led to the detention of four generals, the death of dozens of Syrian workers in Lebanon, and could have led to war in the region. He is still at large and the spokeswoman of the tribunal says that the court has nothing to do with Siddiq. How come? We will formally ask the Lebanese government to arrest Siddiq wherever he was, whether in the UAE or in the Netherlands.

We have to know who was behind him, who gave him passports, who provided shelter for him, and who has been funding him. We do not believe in making a balance between justice and stability in Lebanon. We have to be convinced that this investigation is being conducted to learn the truth and to establish justice. “

His eminence added that “if Le French Figaro was right and after it the Kuwaiti Assiyasiyya and then the German Der Spiegel and now the French Le Monde, then there is no need for an investigation, because the bill of accusation is ready against Hezbollah. We refuse any accusation Hezbollah, be it the party as a whole or members of it.

There is a Israeli Mossad agent who is sentenced to death who confessed of picking up Israeli handbags full of explosives and that he used to deliver them to certain locations.

Were those explosives used in some attacks or not?

There are threads that lead to Israel, but there is a trend to rule out Israel from the assassination of Hariri and this is an insult to the martyr.”

Addressing Kuwaitis, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed all plots to dominate this region and the Israeli project have failed and they are nearing their end. “The last draw is to incite sedition between Shiites and Sunnis. There are some Shiites and some Sunnis who are involved in this sedition plot and they know they are. This is why I call on all Muslims to realize the danger behind this project.

His eminence said that the verdicts in Egypt against the freedom fighters who were offering support to the resistance in the Gaza Strip are politicized and unfair. He added that “when those brothers were arrested in Egypt, we stressed – and I’ve said this personally – that those are honest resistance fighters, not outlaws, criminals, and terrorists as the judge described them. They are honest people and their only crime is that they were supporting their brothers in Gaza and giving help to the legitimate Palestinian resistance which should be embraced by everybody.

Those men were fulfilling their duty and everything beside this are mere fabrications to cover the measures that were taken against them.”

Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the detained resistance men and their families: “When you chose the path of backing the Palestinian people, you knew that you could be arrested or maybe killed as martyrs at any time. What you have gone through in Jail and the sentences that have been issued today is a badge of honor on your chests.”

The Hezbollah chief added: “For Arab and Muslim peoples to know that we get detained and jailed because we believe that Allah is our God and we only abide by His order to support our brothers in Palestine and Gaza is something to be very proud of. I don’t see in this any loss for any Arab depth. On the contrary, this confirms the credibility of our position and commitment to the Palestinian people. Of course, we seek more support to them, but even this much backing is costing us. Yet, this is all under Allah’s eyes and for His sake.”

He continued: “Of course the doors are not closed in Egypt, and we are surely not going to let those brothers in prison. We will follow up this case even if a sentence was issued, and we’ll seek to resolve the matter as we did in the past, through legal and judicial channels...This case is no longer a judicial matter, so perhaps the only available exits are political ones.” “We will seek, through political and diplomatic channels to resolve this issue, establish our brothers’ rights, and not letting them in prison,” he added.

At the end of the interview, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed “this current stage requires communication and dialogue between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. We should focus on common point, not on matters that leave us apart. We have so much in common and our interest is one. We are targets, particularly when we speak about plots and schemes seeking to plunder our riches and separate us.”
His eminence warned that “What is taking place in occupied Palestine is extremely dangerous and it threatens our nation,” suggesting that all Muslims gather around this common cause.

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The Complete Manual for The British Jewish Voter by Gilad Atzmon

Friday, April 30, 2010 at 8:01AM Gilad Atzmon

With Britain’s three-way race for prime minister entering the final lap, many Brits are still wondering who to vote for. As if it makes any difference. However, if you are interested in my take on the subject, I would suggest you opt for Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats. If you want to know why, it is pretty simple - just because the Jews don’t like Clegg at all. This is at least the impression I gathered after reading the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA).

The JTA grasps that no single party is expected to capture a majority of the British parliament in the May 6 ballot. They realise, like the rest of us,  that the office of Prime Minister may go to whichever party leader is able to secure a coalition deal or win the support of another party. This is indeed horrible news for our relentless Zionist fundraisers. Usually they buy just one party. In fact, in this particular election, they already gambled on the Conservatives. As it happens, now they have to buy all three leading parties.

A few days ago the JTA published a manual for the British Jewish voter. As one might expect, the JTA and the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BOD), a rabid Zionist institute that claims to represent British Jewry, are convinced that British Jews are a top British political priority. “One thing is certain,” says Rosalind Preston of the BOD, “whoever is elected will have to deal with some very real and pressing issues, not only on the national and international level, but as they affect British Jews on the home front.”  British Jews, she said, are concerned with “boycotts of Israeli goods, the spike of anti-Israeli resolutions and speakers on university campuses.”

I myself would be far more optimistic if I knew that British Jewry were actually concerned with war crimes committed in their names by the Jewish state. This leaves us with a very clear picture, as much as a growing number of Brits try to resurrect Britain’s stand on humanism, the BOD and the JTA want this kingdom to continue to be subservient to the interest of one tribe only.

Nick Clegg, the Lib Dems leader is not exactly the favorite candidate as far as the BOD and the JTA are concerned. During the IDF’s 2009 genocidal attack on Gaza, Clegg penned an Op-Ed in the Guardian newspaper calling on the Labour Government to "condemn unambiguously Israel's tactics" and demanded an “immediate arms boycott of Israel by Britain and the European Union”. As much as it is transparent that Clegg’s polite humanist stand is something the JTA disapproves of, Brits should start to identify just who promotes murderous regimes and ideologies in the midst of their politics and media.

Last December Clegg was also the lead signatory of a letter addressing the fact that Israel has 1.5 million Palestinian prisoners. In addition he wrote that the legacy of Israel’s operation in Gaza is a “living nightmare” for Gaza’s residents. Again, as much as the JTA is disgruntled about Clegg’s public stance, the Brits should be very proud to find such a voice of reason amid their overwhelmingly ‘Blue & White’ funded politics.
We also have the story of the adorable Lib Dems, Jenny Tonge who the Zionists despise. Tonge is a former member of Parliament who became a member of the House of Lords in 2005. In 2004, Tonge said she would become a suicide bomber if she had to suffer the indignities of the Palestinians. In 2006 she suggested that the pro-Israel lobby had "financial grips" on Britain and on her party. Last March she met with Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal in Syria. Clearly the JTA doesn’t approve of Tonge’s sincere refreshing call for justice. Last February, Tonge requested an inquiry into the claim that the Israel Defense Forces' earthquake relief teams in Haiti had harvested the organs of quake victims.  Obviously, this claim was reasonable, considering the Israeli share in the vast global market of organ trafficking.

Interestingly enough, Tonge’s remark prompted Clegg to fire her as the party’s spokeswoman for health in the House of Lords. In fact this act is something the Brits should take note of before giving their vote to the Lib Dems and Nick Clegg. Indeed, like the Conservatives and New Labour, the Lib Dems also have their ‘friends of Israel’. At the end of the day, it appears that all major British parties find it impossible to refuse the Zionist pound or shall I say the Shekel. To eliminate any doubt in the matter, the Lib Dems spokesman reassured the Jewish Chronicle that, ‘It was because they are friends of Israel that they will be candid and critical.’

As one might expect, Jews want to punish Labour for its failure to  comply with Jewish pressure. As the JTA reports, “Jews are upset with Labour’s failure to amend the universal jurisdiction law that permits private citizens to apply for the arrest of Israeli politicians for alleged war crimes while they are on British soil.” This shouldn’t take us by surprise. You cannot expect a ‘tribal’ operation to support ‘universal’ jurisdiction. Cameron (Conservatives) has said that he would rescind the law. Clearly with 50% of his shadow cabinet being members of the Conservative Friends of Israel, I expect the protocols of his cabinet to also be transcribed into Hebrew or at least Yiddish.

Brits may be shocked to find out that in the JTA’s review of the British election there is not a single word about British national interests. The article leaves the impression that Jews who live in Britain for generations have zero interest in their neighbours. All they are concerned with is the level of subservience of British politicians to what they regard as Jewish interests (Israel and Zionism).

But do not get the wrong impression. The JTA also has some positive news for its  readers. According to the rabid Zionist media outlet, some Jews also participate in the democratic game as equals amongst equals. “In the midst of this year’s extraordinarily tight race, candidates for Prime Minister and hopefuls in Jewish districts appear to be stepping up their pandering to Jewish voters.” Geoffrey Alderman, a historian of British Jewry, sees this as a positive development. “Appealing for a Jewish vote is a sign of a vibrant democratic state,” he said.

I hope British politicians might realise before it’s too late, that there are some other migrant communities in this country that deserve at least as much attention and care.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

The South Reduced: How News Promotes Mistaken View of the World

The western media will continue to reduce non-Westerners.

By Ramzy Baroud

I am not good at flying kites. But during a recent visit to the Olympic Village of Beijing, I felt compelled to do so. Despite the cold and late hour, there were many kite runners around me. A salesman insisted that I try my hand before committing to any purchase, and I did. Once I finalized the purchase of ten small kites, I shared the one I was already flying one with a most adorable boy. He thanked me, then asked me not to play with his hair.

Earlier, at Tiananmen Square, I had watched throngs of people giddily roam the vast expanse, snapping endless photos in front of the Gate of Heavenly Peace, in the Imperial City and around every monument in the Square.

A formation of about 10 soldiers was suddenly in tatters when I asked if I could take a photo with them. Their excitement seemed to surpass mine.

None of this should by any means take away from the seriousness of the violent crackdown at the Tiananmen Square protest of 1989. That date should be remembered and lessons must be gleaned. But why the reductionism? When one thinks of Tiananmen, why does one only conjure visions of hordes of protesters and gangs of soldiers? The bloody scene is used time and again to single out China as an anti-democratic regime, juxtaposed conveniently against Western ‘democratic values’.

One hardly ever reads positive news from China, or any other ‘non-Western’ countries – unless an agenda exists for promoting selective positive news from those countries, for example, a supposedly successful election in Afghanistan conducted under the auspices of Western armies.

In Thailand last week I saw no signs of the Red Shirts, or the Yellow Shirts either. I did, however, see some shirtless Thais. Considering the heat and humidity, this was not surprising. The point remains that aside from a standoff at a major Bangkok shopping center, the rest of the metropolis seemed to operate as normal. A Thai man struggled to communicate his political views on to me in English. I had found him watching a video on some social network website. The video featured a dog and a cat, the cat representing the Red Shirts, and a dog, the current government. They barked, meowed and hissed, but they didn’t physically engage. The man laughingly commented, “This is how things are in Thailand.” Then, in a more somber tone, “It’s all about power and control; no one cares about Thais who cannot afford a shirt - red, yellow, or otherwise.”
True, but it also seems that Western media cares little about these countries, outside of a very narrow context. The story of China is only worthy if it involves government restriction (e.g. of Google), or economics, i.e. how China’s economic growth will affect Western economic recovery. Even if the story is related to art rather than politics, somehow it finds its way back to the same old theme, for example, the government censoring struggling artists.

Once the Red Shirts and the government sort out their problems, Thailand will certainly disappear off our radar. It would take an economic crisis, rigged elections, or even a tsunami to bring it back as a story worth telling. In the meantime, the country will return to its convenient role for the West - a cheap destination for adventure-seeking travellers with some money to spare, a topic in blogs advising ways to get more money for your buck, or baht, and clever ways to dodge Thai con artists.

China and Thailand are the norm, not the exception. In a recent discussion with a Reuters editor, I complained about the fact that every story on Malaysia had some kind of negative undertone. Example include: Muslim, Christian clashes over the use of the word “Allah”; the trial of Anwar Ibrahim; the ugly politicking. The news makes it easy to quickly imagine Malaysia as the most dysfunctional and unfortunate society on earth.

This was not the impression I got during my last visit to Malaysia. It is, in many respects, a thriving society. It has its internal politics, like anywhere else, but essentially Christians and Muslims seem to be getting along just fine, as they have been for many years.

Media channels – especially those dispatching their news from various Western capitals - focus not simply on sensational news, but they also intentionally sensationalize news, and purposely relay the news so as to be understood within Western contexts. Thus ‘democracy’, ‘elections’, ‘government restrictions’ and ‘terrorism’ are the usual buzzwords.

Sadly, the south is also stereotyped in the south itself. Newspapers in non-Western societies depend on coverage provided by Western news agencies for their international news. An Indonesian friend recently commended on my ‘bravery’ for going to South Africa. For him, South Africa is just ‘Africa,’ where ‘primitive’ people, along with lions and other wild animals prey on innocent white tourists. Thank you, Hollywood, for perfecting the art of stereotype.

Similarly, some people show utter disbelief when they discover that Iran is one of the world’s busiest travel destinations - not necessarily for Americans or Israelis, but for people across the globe. Yes, Iran has much to offer in terms of culture, history, scenery and societal achievements. There is far more to the country than clashing soldiers and youth, or fiery statements pertaining to nuclear weapons, Israel and the Holocaust.
A few years ago, in Stockholm, I asked a group of officials to tell me the images that popped in their heads when they thought of Palestinians. I asked them to be honest, assuring them that nothing they said would offend me. But when I heard back from them, I was indeed very offended. The images were unfailingly gory. Even the ‘positive’ images amongst them were disturbing and stereotypical.

The western media will continue to reduce non-Westerners, for they have a vested interest in doing so, and it has become habitual. A first step in overcoming this would be to empower our own local and regional media, and to create rapports amongst them. We can only challenge the abhorrent narratives about us when we start to present our own truth and experience, and support others to do the same.

- Ramzy Baroud ( is an internationally-syndicated columnist and Editor of His latest book is "My Father Was a Freedom Fighter: Gaza's Untold Story" (Pluto Press, London), now available on

Settlers plan provocative march near the Aqsa Mosque

[ 30/04/2010 - 03:03 PM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- Israeli occupation police gave permission for the organisation of a Zionist march around the Aqsa Mosque called "the flag march" to mark the anniversary of the "unification" of Jerusalem under occupation.

Extremist Jewish organisations declared that they will organise a huge march on Thursday on this occasion and fixed the route of the march which will start at the Bab al-Amoud gate, one of the most famous gates of the old city of Jerusalem.

The march will go through Sultan Sulaiman Street, through Saherah gate to the Asbat gate on its way to the old city to pass by the Aqsa Mosque's gates. A separate march for women will start at the Yafa gate and Nabi Daud gate.

Extremist Jewish groups have, over the past few days, conducted an advertisement campaign to market this march.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gates' message to those in the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff & CENTCOM: "clam it on Israel..."

Via Friday-Lunch-Club

Laura Rosen/ here
"... “Don’t forget that the office of the Secretary of Defense [sees its role as to] ride herd on the uniformed personnel,” the Washington Institute for Near East Policy’s Patrick Clawson said. Part of their job "is to keep the uniformed military [from] speak[ing] out on policy issues.”

The suggestion is that Gates’s showing of high honor to the Israeli defense chief may have been a message to those specifically in the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Central Command to, in essence, clam it. ......
...... At a joint Gates-Barak media appearance at the Pentatgon Tuesday, Israeli Channel 10’s Gil Tamari asked ... “Secretary Gates and Minister Barak, …. if you can just explain us, why do you host this press availability now?" Tamari asked. "Is it because this administration would like to portray a feeling of business as usual with the Israeli government when the general perception, as you well know, is that business is not so usual between Israel and the United States right now?““And … is the real perception of the Pentagon -- that, like [Centcom commander] General [David] Petraeus suggested, that the United States is paying a price with the life of American soldiers when Israel is not reaching peace with the Palestinians?” Tamari continued.

Gates jumped in to answer the second question.

“First of all, General Petraeus did not say that the lack of progress in the peace process is costing American lives,” Gates said. “And no one in this department, in or out of uniform, believes that.”

Posted by G, Z, or B at 8:25 PM
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Israel at 62, a failed Zionist enterprise.

Israel at 62, a failed Zionist enterprise.

28 04 2010

I am sure if Haim Weizmann, Theodor Herzl or David Ben Gurion were alive and were invited by Bibi Netanyahu to attend Israel’s 62nd birthday, they will be very disappointed with the State of Israel and wonder what wrong with the Zionist Enterprise? Not all “Diaspora Jews” are in and not all Arabs are out! Very disturbing facts for Zionism. The idea of an independent state for the “Jewish Nation” is not there, simple. I am also sure if the State of Israel was a “supermarket” or a “liquor store” or a “department store” owned by a savvy and smart Jewish owner he or she would have shut the store long time ago, too expensive to keep, and too ugly to be proud of.

It is true Israel as a Zionist Enterprise was able to defeat hapless, incompetent, poorly lead, corrupt Arab armies and leadership, and it is true that Israel was able to drive some 700,000 Palestinians into exile in 47-48 using terrorism and cold blooded murder and deliberate ethnic cleansing to drive them out. Israel succeeded in wiping off the face of the map some 600 Arab villages and replaced them with Jewish settlements Israel, but Israel was unable to change the nature of the country and make it “Jewish”. The landscape will always be a “Palestinian” notwithstanding all of the Jewish settlements, and the caravans on all of the hilltops.

It is true that Israel as a Zionist Enterprise was able to win all the wars it initiated in 48, in 56, in 67 and was able to win in 73 and was able to invade Lebanon in 82 and occupied its South for 20 years and was able to attack and destroy Iraq nuclear facilities and was able to bomb PLO head offices in Tunis, and of course was able to wage relentless wars against Lebanon destroying its infrastructures and dropping some one million cluster bombs (gifts from the government of the US to the people of Lebanon) and was able to attack Gaza and destroy its infrastructure leaving some 25,000 homes destroyed not to mentions scores of schools, hospitals and clinics and to commit the worst crimes in 21st century and yet it failed to subdue Lebanon or destroy the will to survive in Gaza. There is so much resilience among Arabs that all of the world “Jewish” psychologists will fail to explain.

However Israel as a Zionist Enterprise, with the 4th largest army in the world after China, US and Russia with an nuclear arsenal of some 300 nuclear bombs and an army that can defeat all Arab armies combined, only because of diplomatic cover from the US), and of course it has the best weapons that the US can provide it from the new F-22 to F-15, F-16, Apache, Copra’s, and of course an array of missiles not available in the Middle East. It simply failed to secure the peace. Israel also have the largest fleets of submarines in the Middle East, compliment and as gifts from the German people, submarines equipped to carry nuclear bombs and frigates stolen in the day light from under the eyes of the French. It also succeeded in having all of West Europe provide it with arms and weapons.

President Obama should have noted in his first conference on nuclear security that Israel was the first and only terrorist organization that succeed to steal ‘nuclear material” from all places the United States thanks to Israeli loyalists who were running the US nuclear facility. It is also true that Israel was able to continue with its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza for 43 years, thanks in large part to the continued legal, diplomatic and financial support from the US, and was able to send its “armed settlers thugs” to the West Bank to steal and rob the people from their homes and land and settle every hill tops and uproot hundreds of thousands of trees thanks to a very generous philanthropic American Jewish community, but it will not be able to drive All Palestinians out. It is also true that Israel was able with the active support from the American Jewish leadership and community and American Jewish Zionist policy makers to build and expand its settlements and build and expand its Apartheid Wall taking with it more and more Palestinian lands and depriving Palestinians the rights to their homes, farms and water wells, but it will not make All Palestinians disappear. It is also true that Israel was able to transfer and exile, ethnically cleans tens of thousands of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem, and was able to destroy tens of thousands of homes under the pretense of “no construction permits” while allowing “Jews” not only to build hundreds of thousands of homes on stolen Arab properties but allow Jewish settlers to commit fraud in order to rob Palestinians from their homes, However Jerusalem will always look an Arab city.

It is also true that Israel and since 67 jailed over 800,000 Palestinians at one time or another with more than 95% of them under the laws of “administrative detention” which allows the state to jail people for an indefinite period of times without ever bring formal charges or opening legal proceedings to establish guilt. Yet it achieved nothing but full resentment and earned the hate of those jailed and their families and friends. It is also true that Israel was able to establish loyalty among substantial number of “Diaspora Jews” to serve its purpose, policies and undermine the political and economic integrity of certain countries encouraging and paying “ Jewish “ citizen from the US to commit spying and treasons against the US and was able to get a number of them to pass top secret materials to Israel which in turn it pass it on to countries deemed hostile to the US, but these acts again only create distrust and resentment among loyal Americans and sooner than later America will let go of Israel.

The day will come when there will be Israel without the USA. It is also true that Israel was able to attract “Diaspora Jews” to serve in its own army and shun military service in their countries of origin and was able to attract tens of thousands of “Diaspora Jews” to travel to Israel under a fully funded “ Birth Rights Israeland was able to get tens of thousands of “Diaspora Jews” to donate and plant trees as part of the “Barmetzva” in parks established over destroyed Arab villages and stolen Arab land, and it was able to convince the Simon Wiesenthal Center of Los Angeles to build a Museum of Tolerance over an ancient Muslim cemetery in contrast to its own objections of desecration and destructions of “Jewish” cemeteries. Of course it is Ok to destroy an Arab cemetery and build a Museum of all things a Museum of Tolerance, how hypocritical of both Israel and the Simon Wiesenthal Center. It is also true that Israel has used the “Holocaust” as a cash machine, a milking cow and was able to fleece the German of some $120 billions in reparations for its crimes against the Jews during the Nazi regime and it continues to milk Germany under Markel of more and more money. It was also able to milk and fleece the US out of $1.6 Trillion dollars since 73 War and this is according to a consulting economist Thomas Stauffer a published article in the Christian Science Monitor published on December 9. 2002 and of course in addition to the more than $100 billions since then, not to mention the more than $ 50 billions donated by “Diaspora Jews” over the last 40 years or so. However in the words of Avi Shavit writing in Haaretz “The grace period granted the Jewish state by Auschwitz and Treblinka is ending. The generation that knew the Holocaust has left the stage. The generation that remembers the Holocaust is disappearing. What shapes the world’s perception of Israel today is not the crematoria, but the checkpoints. Not the trains, but the settlements”

Now if we are to add up all of the money given to Israel, and all the weapons stolen or given to Israel and all the political, legal and diplomatic covers given to Israel for its war crimes, for its wars and for its occupation, Israel did not mature enough to be a country on its own. A country that does not need or live off the pouring of money from the US, Europe and Diaspora Jews. A country that can survive the abandonment of the United State or the lifting of its political and diplomatic cover not mention the stopping of financial and military support of the US. Israel is an army with a country and not a country with an army, and its is true that has a very powerful army, but this army certainly is made up of war criminals, war mongers, racists young recruits who enjoy killing for the hell of it “ born to kill”, enjoy humiliating Palestinians for the fun of it, and an army that at best can be described as the most criminal army in the world. If its leadership, its commanders and soldiers were Americans or British or French even Germans they all will be in jail and the defense minister will have to resign even the president or prime minister will be under so much pressure to disband such a criminal army. Its army make good use of civilians and children as human shields and use targeted killings to commit war crimes and liberal use of cluster and phosphorus bombs against civilian targets, and was able to commit war crimes in Qana 1 and Qana 2, in Qibya, in Jennin, in Sabra and Shatilla, in Nablus, and in Gaza. Even with blank check from Israel’s political and military leadership, its army simply failed to subdue unarmed civilian populations and failed to scare even young children from facing soldiers with tanks and machine guns with a “sling shot”. Israel with all the military power, all of the financial support, all of the cover for its war crimes and its continued crime of putting some 1.5 millions under siege for the last 3 years was unable to make the Palestinians to give up and simply disappear, notwithstanding the PLO collaborations with Israel as a manager of the Jewish Occupation.

Israel army simply failed to achieve peace and security for Israel. Israel failed at any given time from getting an exiled Palestinians to give up the hope and the “Right of Return”. I say Israel, as a Zionist Enterprise is a failure because it failed to gather All the Jews of the world, it failed ethnically cleanse and drive the Palestinians from historic Palestine West of the River Jordan; it failed to make Jordan an “alternative” Palestine. It failed to achieve an “engaging” peace with Jordan and Egypt with peace treaties nothing more than an “armistice “ agreements rather than peace and engagement between countries and people such as we saw between France and Germany, the US and Japan after WWII. Israel at 62 remains dependent on a very generous and an emerging resentful US, awaking from the sedation and drug fixes the Jewish Lobby injects members of Congress and senior members of the administration, the media, and academia.

Israel at 62 failed to have a viable agriculture and failed to make the desert bloom even with hundreds of billions donated and the free use of stolen land and water. With that kind of money, I am sure the people of Arizona will make the “Moon Bloom”. So there is nothing exceptional about Israel’s achievement in agriculture. Israel as a Zionist Enterprise was a disaster for Judaism, going further than Hitler in his attempt at wiping out the Jews. Israel was able to destroy and erode any and all “Jewish” values and any sense of human decency and respect for human lives that survived some 3000 years. Thanks to Israel, Judaism we know it no longer exists except within few strong willed communities that were able to survive the constant assaults of Zionism and survive some within Israel some within Belgium, certainly within the US. Yes, there are Jews in the hundreds of thousands who do not believe and subscribe to the Zionist Enterprise that is Israel. Israel may have one of the best enterprising technology centers and entrepreneur, but even these people for the most part have lost any sense of basic cultural and human commitments to the nation and their only concern is to make money. Ethan Bronner of the New York Times writes about the ugly mood in Israel. as 62 is a nation that has failed its “people” and failed to give them peace and security and sense of worthiness. Recent BBC survey put Israel as among the most despised nations along with Iran, North Korea and Pakistan.

Its greed that can match only a “Shylock” that can best describe Israel and its inability to give up the Occupation and its inability to give up the drug fix and habit of stealing land, building settlements, drug habit that will destroy it from within. Only the fools in Ramallah, and Washington believe in a two state solution. It will never happen. Israel’s good friends in Washington made sure of that. A two state solution could not happen with so many Israeli “facts” on the ground and the only way forward is a One State solution. Yes, my friends, Israel at 62 is a failed Zionist Enterprise and if Israel was a business, even and idiot will shut it down. If Communism could not survive so will Zionism. It is only a matter of time.

Israel Born in Deception

A Nation Born in Deception


By William A. Cook* | Sabbah Report |

Eliahu Epstein letter to President Harry S. Truman, May 14, 1948

As Israel attempts today to gloss over the reality of its birth 62 years ago with a sweeping public relations campaign extolling the miraculous "resurrection" of ancient Zion in contemporary times, a new nation seeking only peace with its neighbors, it might be enlightening and valuable to examine the truth.

On May 14, 1948 President Harry S. Truman received a letter from the Jewish Agency for Palestine announcing the impending proclamation of the independent republic of Israel (Harry S. Truman Library, document filed August 22, 1949).[i] That date marks not only the beginning of the State of Israel but, sub missa voce, the assumption by the State of Israel of the calculated, systematic and determined ethnic cleansing of the indigenous population of the land of Palestine that had been the business of "The Consultancy" and its agents before May 14, as identified by Dr. Ilan Pappe in his monumental The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.[ii]

The letter notes that the republic has been established within "frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution of November 29, 1947, and that a provisional government has been charged to assume the rights and duties of government for preserving law and order within the boundaries of Israel, for defending the state against external aggression, and for discharging the obligations of Israel to the other nations of the world in accordance with international law." The letter was signed by Eliahu Epstein, Agent, Provisional Government of Israel.

The letter is notable not for what it announces, but for what it does not reveal. Truth requires revelation of all the facts, not concealment by omission of that which would prejudice an understanding. During the six months between the adoption of UN Resolution 181 and the date of this letter, and in subsequent months, the prospective state of Israel launched a massive military incursion into territory designated by that same Resolution for the Palestinian people, creating in its wake "three quarters of a million Palestinian refugees," the destruction of "hundreds of entire villages … not only depopulated but obliterated …and houses blown up or bulldozed" (Walid Khalidi, All That Remains, xv).[iii] Khalidi's massive study focuses on 418 villages, once the homes of Palestinians, 292 completely destroyed, 90 others "largely destroyed," the remainder re-inhabited by Jews called Israeli settlers.

In blunt terms, the Jewish Agency for Palestine lied to the American President that it had established a provisional government that "has been charged to assume the rights and duties … for preserving law and order within the boundaries of Israel … and for discharging the obligations of Israel to the other nations of the world in accordance with international law."

The Agency's deception made no reference either to the President or the international community that it had created the "Catastrophe," or as the Palestinians termed it, the Nakba, the days of infamy that created what has become the largest Diaspora of refugees in the world and a time of remembrance for those killed in a series of massacres, estimated at 24 by Benny Morris, Israel's preeminent Historian of that period. Indeed, the Agency had acted against international law in invading Palestinian land as designated by the very Resolution that had given them the right to a state of Israel even as it lied without remorse to the international community that it would live in accordance with their laws.

This letter, coupled with an earlier one to the President, dated May 10, 1948, will serve as a microcosm of political deceit characteristic of the Zionist led forces that controlled the nascent state of Israel. This second letter from The Nation Associates, notified the President that

Tomorrow morning the Washington Post will carry, in the form of a full-age (sic) advertisement, the text of an open letter to you requesting the implementation of the November 29 resolution on Palestine…I have been requested to send you the enclosed text of this open letter by the signators …It is our hope that in the week which remains before the end of the British Mandate, action will be taken by you to insure the recognition of the Jewish state as a means of maintaining the prestige of this country, the authority of the United Nations, and peace in the Middle East (Signed by Freda Kirchwey, President; document available at the Truman Library).[iv]

The Nation Associates supported the establishment of the State of Israel and used its publishing arm to further that goal. The "Open Letter" referred to above argued against the moves by "the British and our own State Department" to "sabotage" the partition resolution despite the President's determined effort to support Israel. Indeed, the Associates went so far as to publish "The British Record on Partition" published in The Nation, America's Leading Liberal Weekly, on May 8, 1948 detailing their selected reading of "British Military Intelligence Sources." This document was simultaneously submitted to the Special Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations. The Open letter published in the Washington Post amounted to a synopsis of this larger document including its primary argument that "there was no reason why the Jewish state could not be set up (if the Arabs resisted partition) and the Arab area turned over to the Trusteeship Council." Note that this argument is being made even as the Jewish Agency and its affiliates have driven hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes and villages and massacred untold thousands in the area designated for the Palestinians recommended to be turned over to the Trusteeship Council.

The open letter cited an amendment to the resolution inserted by Truman's representative, Herschel Johnson, "the Security Council should determine as a threat to peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression, in accordance with Article 29 of the Charter,any attempt to alter by force the settlement envisaged by this resolution." Yet no mention is made here of the invasion by the Jewish forces of the towns and villages in the area designated for the Palestinians. Rather, the Associates allege that it is the British Mandate government that has supported the Arab League against Israel since 1945, "under the direction of Foreign Minister Bevin, {who} (has) resisted every American proposal for a decent settlement of the Palestinian question." "This was true," the letter continues, "in 1946 when he refused to accept the proposal of the Anglo-American Committee and your own, for the admission into Palestine of 100,000 Jews." What is left unsaid by the Associates is the British promise to the Arabs in the Balfour Declaration that they would maintain a strict ratio of Jews entering Palestine to the indigenous population, the second of the Balfour Declaration promises never referenced as the companion piece to the establishment of a home for the Jews in Palestine.[v]

So now we see the strategy of the Zionists as they manipulate the President: (a) advance publication of a major document detailing British subterfuge in eroding the possibility of establishing a Jewish state sent to the United Nations, thereby placing blame for the deterioration of conditions in Palestine on the British; (b) a subsequent letter to the President informing him that a public "open letter" will be published in the Washington Post detailing subversion of the Jewish people, placing him in the unenviable position of not aiding the "victims" of this subversion or carrying through with recognition of the Jewish state "as a means of maintaining the prestige of this country"; (c) and, finally, another letter, this from the Jewish Agency for Palestine, on the 14th, seeking his recognition by "welcoming Israel into the community of nations" with no reference to the breaching of international law by the very Agency seeking his support.

Control and manipulation of the events coming out of Palestine has been and continues to be the modus operandi of the Zionist leaders of the state of Israel. The above letters to President Truman offer insight into this manipulation. Moreover, Truman was acting on behalf of the American people in recognizing the State of Israel on the 15th of May 1948. What the American people knew was the suffering of the Jews under Hitler and the apparent logic of the United Nations partition plan to provide a state for the two peoples residing in Palestine. What they did not know was the Zionist entity that had different goals and the will to deceive the citizens of America to achieve them. But the American people were not alone in being deceived. More importantly is the deception kept from the British people about these "disappeared years," as Robert Fisk terms them. What's missing is the perspective of the Palestinians and the British Mandate government.

The United Kingdom had mandatory authority from the League of Nations to govern the area with the establishment of the Palestine Mandate in 1922, an action that imposed a western colonial and national mindset on an area familiar with tribal and imperial authority. Prior to the official implementation of the Mandate, the British Government had enunciated a "declaration" concerning the desirability of His Majesty's Government in the "establishment of a national home for the Jewish people," called the Balfour Declaration.

Discussions that resulted in the final text of the Balfour Declaration clarify the intention of its wording. The use of "national home" was used intentionally instead of "state." Additionally, the first draft of the declaration referred to the principle "that Palestine should be reconstituted as the National Home of the Jewish people." In the final text, the word that was replaced with in to avoid committing all of Palestine to the Jews only.[vi]

Between 1939 and 1947, the mandate Government found it more and more difficult to maintain its position as the responsible governing force servicing the Arab population and the growing Jewish population, determining by 1947 that these two populations could not coexist. As a result, the British Government placed the resolution of the problem in the hands of the United Nations. That in turn resulted in a partition plan of the land of Palestine, proposed in November of 1947 to the General Assembly, to be implemented in May of 1948, sixty two years ago this May.

British authority in Palestine continued under the United Nations until the implementation of the Partition Plan in May 1948. Consequently, the mandate government had to abide by the Charter of the UN and its Conventions. Ironically, as the Zionist forces, estimated by the Jewish Agency personnel in documents seized by the Mandate Police at 20 to 60 thousand (see top secret file of Sir Richard C. Catling, The Plight of the Palestinians), continued their massacres of Palestinians into 1948, the UN debated the adoption of a Convention defining "genocide" based on Nuremberg principles, a definition approved that same year.

In 1944 the term "genocide" appeared in Raphael Lemkin's Axis Rule in Occupied Europe created out of the conditions that allowed for the Nazi action against those suffering in their concentration camps. Therefore once the State of Israel was created by the Jewish leaders of the area by declaration May 14, 1948, and, subsequently, was recognized for membership in the UN in 1949, it was expected to abide by the UN Conventions. The United Nations does not appropriate to itself the authority to create states. The United Nations only authorizes itself to recognize states for membership, states that are formed or proclaimed by the people of said state.[vii]

What should be obvious now, after the carefully researched and scholarly work of Dr. Ilan Pappe in his Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine and the equally well-researched work of Dr. Benny Morris in his Righteous Victims, both based on recently released evidence from the Israeli archives and those of the Israel Defense Forces Archives, complemented now with the materials preserved by Sir Richard C. Catling, to be made available in The Plight of the Palestinians from Palgrave Macmillan in June, is the truth about the creation of the state of Israel: acceptance of UN Resolution 181 by the Jewish Agency Provisional Government as the designated Jewish state was not done with intent to abide by the goal of the UN General Assembly, to provide a state for two peoples in the land of Palestine, but rather to use it as a means of subterfuge to gain eventual control of all the land and cleanse that land of its indigenous people to whatever extent possible. Put bluntly, what was true then is true today; the current government in Israel continues the practices of past Israeli governments, cleanse the land of its rightful inhabitants to make that land part of the Jewish state. This is what is termed, "slow motion genocide," not, one would hope, a civilized policy to be extolled either by the Israelis or the international community.

This essay is a modification of the opening chapter of William A. Cook latest book, "The Plight of the Palestinians: A Long History of Destruction", to be issued by Palgrave Macmillan in June.

* William A. Cook is a professor of English at the University of La Verne in southern California and author of The Rape Of Palestine: Hope Destroyed, Justice Denied, Tracking Deception: Bush Mid-East Policy and The Chronicles Of Nefaria. He can be reached at:


[i] Eptstein, Eliahu. (1948). Agent, Provisional Government of Israel. Letter to President Harry S. Truman. May 14, 1948. Filed August 22, 1949. Truman Library. 12/15/2008.

[ii] Pappe, Ilan. (2006). The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. Oneworld: Oxford.

[iii] Khalidi, Walid. (1992). All That Remains. Institute for Palestinian Studies: Washington, D.C. xv.

[iv] Kirchwey, Freda. (1948). President, The Nation Associates. Letter to President Harry S. Truman. May 10, 1948. Filed May 11, 1948. Truman Library.

[v] Prior, Michael. (1999) Zionism and the State of Israel: A Moral Inquiry. London: Rutledge.

[vi] Stein, Leonard. (1961). The Balfour Declaration. New York: Simon and Shuster, 470.

[vii] Harb, Jim. (2009). "The UN did not create Israel." 6-11-2009.

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Please Vote: Brit MP George Galloway Should he be allowed into Canada

Via I4P

All I can say is ROFLMAO:
The Comedy Central website has created a game called “I.S.R.A.E.L. Attacks,” in which a bloodthirsty murdering robot called "Israel" is out to kill every cartoon character on the show.

And of course the Zionists are in attack mode here asking people to complain and have it removed.


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S.R.A.E.L. ATTACK! Times Played: 19,199
Drawn Together
On DVD April 20

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian