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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Missing exit strategy" ... again.


[OXFAN: Excerpts]

1. Strategic overview. Meetings have involved a broad strategic overview: a general background to the current state of affairs in AFPAK, the stability of Pakistan and effects of drone strikes, options for US troop increases, the prospects for a 'civilian surge' of diplomats and aid workers, estimates for training Afghan forces, and the long-term effect on the US military of alternative strategies.

2. Military approach stressed. The discussions have emphasised US military force levels and how and where they would be employed. Other approaches that focus on diplomacy, regional players, international organisations and the role of Afghan government have received relatively little attention. The dominance of the US military in the discussions was the subject of a complaint by US Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry, who suggested an alternative civilian approach putting the State Department and the US Agency for International Development in the lead -- but there is no evidence that his proposal has gained any backing.

3. Afghan government marginalised. Deep distrust of Afghan President Hamid Karzai's government is evident, although all the options discussed require a friendly 'host nation' partner. Traditional Western counter-insurgency strategies require that a foreign force support a perceived 'legitimate' government, though this has been replaced in the current debate by unofficially acknowledging the corruption of the Afghan government, and hoping instead to develop partnerships with provincial governments, tribal structures and militias. This approach suggests that while Washington still supports building up certain ministries within the Afghan government, particularly the armed forces, it may simultaneously try to distance itself from Karzai.

Course of debate. The timing of the review suggests that Obama was dissatisfied both with the results of the strategy he announced in March, and sceptical about the cost and utility of the increase in US military forces requested by the top US commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal....

Missing exit strategy. There has been little emphasis on re-evaluating fundamental assumptions during the course of the debate. In contrast, considerable attention has been paid to finding a middle ground (described by some officials as a counter-insurgency plan for the cities and a counter-terrorism plan for the countryside) -- although this has satisfied neither side, and there are doubts about whether it creates a reasonable chance of 'success'.

None of the options presented provide any indication as to when demonstrable progress could be achieved to the point where US forces could withdraw -- although results should have been forthcoming after the scenarios were war-gamed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in October. However, at a November 11 meeting, Obama insisted that planners revise the options to include various exit-strategies, as a precondition for publicly announcing the new strategy ..."

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Iran needs guarantees to ship nuclear fuel



Reuters/ here

"..... Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said on Tuesday that Iran was not opposed to sending LEU abroad as long as it had "100 percent guarantees" of receiving refined fuel in return, for use in a medical research reactor.

"Regarding the guarantees we are not going to suggest anything, but one ... could be exchanging it on Iranian soil, Mehmanparast told a news conference.

Any fuel swap in Iran, however, would likely be a non-starter for Western powers ...

Iran's top nuclear official said it was up to world powers to find a guarantee that would satisfy Iran. "The only way is that the West should give us a 100 percent guarantee to make this deal doable. The guarantee should be agreed by Iran," Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, told Reuters when asked whether Iran's condition was to swap the fuel in its territory..."

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Hayya: Hamas can never give up the resistance option


[ 24/11/2009 - 06:39 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Dr. Khalil Al-Hayya, a member of Hamas political bureau, stated Monday that his Movement can never renounce the option of resistance which is considered one of its fundamental principles, stressing that Hamas always support this option by all means available.

This came in a speech during the funeral of martyrs Mohamed Al-Nawati and Ahmed Abu Guneima, resistance fighters of Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, who were killed during a Jihad mission east of Gaza city.

Hayya stressed the need for adopting the option of resistance as the only way that the can be used to restore the usurped Palestinian rights.

He highlighted that the martyrdom of these two resistance fighters in the eastern borders of Gaza during a Jihad mission was a clear sign that Al-Qassam Brigades is still on the battlefield.

In another context, Hamas lawmaker Ahmed Atwan, who was released few days ago from Israeli jails, said that the occupied city of Jerusalem is exposed to fierce Zionist attack to separate it from its past, present and future.

In a press statement to the Palestinian information center (PIC), Atwan added that the Israeli occupation devoted its efforts to erase the historical identity of the holy city through unprecedented Judaization schemes.

The lawmaker called for pooling the efforts to protect the holy city and consolidate the Arab historical presence in the city, noting that the activities and efforts taking place are very limited and not commensurate with the sanctity of the city and its status.

For their part, Hamas lawmakers in the West Bank strongly denounced the ministry of prisoners in Ramallah for not inviting them to attend the international conference on the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and participate in its events.

In a press release, the lawmakers said that the issue of Palestinian prisoners is a national issue and should not be monopolized by anyone.

They said that the ministry of prisoners in Ramallah deliberately prevented them from attending the conference despite the fact that all of them experienced detention life in Israeli jails and shared the concerns of Palestinian prisoners.

Far Beyond Chutzpah by Gilad Atzmon

by Gilad Atzmon

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 at 1:58PM Gilad Atzmon

“How come Barak, Israel’s Defence Minister, is under threat of being arrested in the UK while Khaled Mashaal, the leader of Hamas, roams London free of concern” asks Prof Alan Dershowitz, who is probably the leading defender of the Jewish state in America. In fact the question could be easily extended, one may wonder how come Dershowitz and his ilk are roaming freely between Western capitals considering the racist, nationalist expansionist ideology they promote i.e. Zionism. At the end of the day, Dershowitz the loudest Zionist apologist in America is promoting a precept that has proved to be genocidal.

What intrigues me about Dershowitz is the fact that Israel’s leading Hasbara cheer-leader is also one of America’s most prominent criminal lawyers specialising in murder and attempted murder cases. As a criminal appellate lawyer, Dershowitz has won thirteen out of the fifteen murder and attempted murder cases he has handled. Notable is his role as the appellate adviser for the defence in the criminal trial of O.J. Simpson. Seemingly, this is exactly what Israel needs and deserves, a ‘criminal attorney’. One that would help it to get away with murder.

In a conversation with Ynet, a leading Israeli paper, Dershowitz claimed that Judge Richard Goldstone, the author of the UN report investigating Operation Cast Lead, “preferred to give interviews to public television rather than debating him.” Dershowitz said that it isn't appropriate for Goldstone to ‘filter whom he debates with’. One may wonder why? It is a common and accepted practice amongst humanists not to share a platform with racists. Zionism is not only a racist ideology, it is also murderous in practice. Dershowitz is a proud rabid Zionist. It is understandable that any decent human being would prefer to avoid sharing a platform with him or his cohorts.

According to Ynet, “Dershowitz demanded that Judge Goldstone provide explanations of the sources that led him to his final conclusion in the report, which asserted that Israel's policy in Operation Cast Lead was to kill as many Palestinian civilians as possible.” Dershowitz, may have to find time to watch this Youtube video. It is all there. An extensive review of the Israeli terror campaign in Gaza.

One doesn’t have to be a military expert to grasp that pouring WMD, and using artillery against a civilian population is sufficient evidence. Israeli murderous tactics are now established facts and common knowledge.

Dershowitz said that he “does not expect Israel to suffer much damage in the US following the Goldstone report. He asserted that the Americans understand that the Human Rights Council is a farce and its conclusions not taken too seriously”. Dershowitz obviously fails to tell the truth. If the Human Rights Council is a ‘farce’ as he says, why does Zionist loud mouth Dershowitz insist to debate Judge Goldstone?

Dershowitz also claimed that “Israel can breathe easily in academic circles as well, saying that students in the US can think for themselves and will not believe that Israel decided intentionally to kill Palestinian civilians.” Again, if this is the case, if Israel’s reputation within the academic circuit is secured, why is Dershowitz & Co mounted pressure on Finkelstein, Walt, Mearsheimer and every other critical voice of Israel and Zionism. Dershowitz is obviously failing to tell the truth again. He can see that the tide is changing. He knows that every ethically orientated human being sees the truth behind Israeli brutality. Why is Dershovitz lying? Because Jewish nationalism left, right and centre is grounded on a set of lies. By way of deception they make their wars.

What’s New? It’s Always Been Like This – Settlements Sans Regret

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By BOUTHAINA SHAABAN, counter punch

No one has believed that the United Nations will respond positively to a Palestinian request for a resolution providing for the creation of a Palestinian state within the borders of 1967, with Jerusalem as its capital and the right of return for Palestinian refugees according to all international terms of reference and Security Council resolutions.

Nevertheless, the way the subject was approached is worth considering carefully.

This request coincided with Israel’s announcement of a new crime, adding 900 settlement units to the Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem despite the “criticism” and “displeasure” of Europe and the White House and despite the calls of the UN Secretary General to stop building and revoke the decision. It is remarkable that some people have adopted the same language and terminology used by the Israelis in response to this criticism.

The mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barakat, lied: “Israeli law does not discriminate between Jews and Arabs, east and west”. This is a clear undisguised lie that the world has so often heard from Israeli officials, because what the Israelis are doing is demolishing Palestinian homes and expelling Palestinians, and building new settlements for immigrant Jews from all over the world.

But the most important Israeli reaction is their saying that “settlement has been going on for tens of years, and we are not doing something new. Why all this fuss about building 900 settlement units in the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem? This means that Israel has been able during the past six decades to occupy land, expel Palestinians and build new settlements despite the world’s criticism and condemnation and that it accepts these objections which it knows will not lead to any concrete measure which deters Israel from committing its crimes. Even French foreign minister, Bernard Kushner falls into the linguistic and conceptual trap the Israelis had designed when he expresses “regret” that Israel continues building settlements,” adding “but it has always been like that”.

So, if Israel knows that expressions of regret, criticism and objection will not go beyond the ink they are written in, why should it be deterred? And since criticism is always linked to the usual western commitment to “Israel’s security” without any commitment to the Palestinians’ security despite the fact that settlement threatens their security, not that of Israel, why should Israel be concerned about these statements and objections, which rarely reach the stage of condemnation, and which are forgotten five minutes later by the officials who make them?

Israel is not concerned about this “regret” and the statement about the “danger of settlement” because it knows that the American veto is ready at decisive moments to protect it from any real measure which forces it to change its ways or actually stop committing all these crimes against the Palestinians and which are in violation of international humanitarian law.

The question is: what does it mean for politicians in Europe and the United States to make statements that they support the creation of the Palestinian state if they are unable to take any concrete measure against Israel? Why are other countries of the world put in the dock when they commit crimes against humanity, while when it comes to Israel, European and American politicians express their commitment to “Israel’s security” instead of defending the Palestinians’ security which is actually violated?

In light of these positions which reveal the reality of the western position — ie of defending Israel’s crimes — it is no longer acceptable to talk about European assistance to the Palestinians to build a hospital here or rehabilitate a school there, because the Palestinian cause is not a charity project which only needs donors and charitable people. It is a cause of freedom for which the Palestinian people have been fighting for over sixty years. That is why it requires clear positions which go beyond the familiar bottom-line verbal criticism and expressions of regret, because this approach across more than sixty years has enabled the extremist rulers of Israel and its settlers to eat up most of the Palestinian land and deprive the Palestinians from freedom and dignified life and cause an unparalleled human disaster.

This is indeed a critical stage which should not pass us by like other stages where Arabs did not have an actual evaluation of what was really going on and have not taken a real and active position. Instead, most titles of Arabic newspapers give the last news item the title: Israel “agrees” to build 900 new settlement units in Jerusalem. There is no doubt that the title is an Israel one copied by Arab media as it is and pasted on top of their pages for all Arabs to read.

The Arab ‘street’ is busy with the “football war” between Egypt and Algeria; and we are trembling with fear that blood will be shed between Naser’s country and the country of one and a half million martyrs, not for Palestine, not in defense of besieged Gaza, or Jerusalem and Arab sanctities, not in order to change the conditions of the Arab-Israeli conflict, but for qualifying for a certain slot in a football game repeated regularly for entertainment purposes.

Moreover, Israeli officials, who hesitate to travel to Europe for fear of being arrested for committing war crimes against Palestinians, have started to find in some Arab countries a safe haven where there are no procedures to try them, prosecute them, or at least prevent them from entering the countries. Now, there are even invitations extended by some Arab countries for Israeli officials who dare not visit any country of the world because they are criminals convicted of shedding the blood of Arab children.

An accurate reading of the western position towards Israeli occupation and settlement of Arab Palestine should be also linked to its position towards other regional issues. At the time the west rejects the idea of declaring a Palestinian state through a UN resolution, and only expressed verbal criticism of Jewish settlement on Arab lands, while Jewish settlers pet founding stones for their new settlements, Obama’s tour in Asia has focused on criticizing Iran; and western countries are again drumming up war against Iran, which has not attacked anyone and which has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The whole world knows that the only marketing agency of this western campaign against Iran is Israel, which does not want any country which supports Arab rights to possess nuclear power and which does not want the Arabs or Muslims to possess the necessary knowledge. This is the result of a hostile and racist view of the Arabs and Muslims expressed by Israeli policies against Palestinians and Arabs in general. So, no file should be read in isolation.

We should always find links between these files and put them in a historical framework which shows that “things have always been like this”. Haven’t these Indo-European civilizations committed genocide against natives and their cultures and built white settlements on their ruins? How can we expect them now to have a tough stance in relation to Jewish settlement in Palestine?

The new thing which should emerge from this condition is a different Arab official and popular position which focuses on this political, legal and epistemological war between Arabs and the world. This requires a great deal of work and effort instead of adding “first” after the name of every Arab country, or on winning a football match and portraying it as a real victory for our nation and our people who is lost in a dangerous global game which should be faced with a great deal of intelligence and will.

Bouthaina Shaaban is political and media advisor at the Syrian Presidency, and former Minister of Expatriates. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.



Mahmoud Abbas is looking more and more like some caricature recently, he’s lost all his mojo, his hoodoo, his magic, along with ALL his credibility. What with years of corruption and cozying up to the enemy Israel, offering more and more Palestinian land and rights for nothing in return.Turning Palestine into a large piece of Israeli Swiss Cheese. But all that is yesterday’s news, because he’s now attempting to create a new persona as the great “International Speaker” modeling himself after people like Mandela, Bill Clinton, and yes, even Obama, albeit a cheaper version, by charging his own exiled people $27.00 to listen to him. Yes, he is a “Pimp and Gangsta” two examples:

First he travels to Brazil and is greeted with “much love” by the Zionist state governor, who, in turn invites Abbas to a cozy dinner where they can talk about old times.
link Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was welcomed Thursday in Brazil by a state governor who is Jewish. Wagner, who is Jewish, invited Abbas and Lula for a dinner at the Ondina Palace, the state government's headquarters.
And then Abbas turns to his poor exiled people en masse, and says: Give me your downtrodden, give me your huddled masses, and whilst you’re at it you can each give me $27.00 cuz like times are tough, I need a new suit and a new gold tooth to match.
link Palestinian lawmaker Dr. Atef Odwan strongly denounced the PA for demanding the Palestinian refugees in Brazil to pay $27 each if they wanted to attend Abbas’s meeting with them during his visit to that country.

Dr. Odwan said that such attitude proved that Abbas is not worthy of being a president or even a Palestinian politician, describing his visit as shameful and sad.
Yeah, I’d go along with that assessment “Shameful and Sad” but I’d also add “Pathetic” as well. You can read more about those Palestinian Refugees in Brazil HERE
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BREAKING NEWS: Experts from South Africa and Spain discuss the Israeli “racism” in Palestine


November 25, 2009

MEMO Middle East Monitor - 24 November 2009


Legal experts from South Africa, Spain and Palestine have reviewed samples of “racial discrimination” which is being practiced by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people and compared it to the racial discrimination once prevalent in South Africa. These investigations came in the context of a workshop, convened by “Panorama” centre, a Palestinian centre for the dissemination of democracy and society development, in Ramallah under the title “racial discrimination in Palestine.”

The workshop’s speakers included Nancy El Sadiq, General Director of “Panorama”; Dr. Mohamed Shallaldah, Dean of Faculty of Law at the University of Jerusalem – Abu Dis; Jody Kollapen, Chairman of the Board of Human Rights Commission in South Africa; and Dr. David Buendía, Professor of International Law at the University of Barcelona and Director of the Human Rights Institute in Barcelona..

El Sadiq said: “As individuals and institutions, we witness this dsicrimination towards the land, people and property.”

“Discussing the South African’s experience gives a start to investigating new tools that should be used by Palestinian civil society organizations in an attempt to reach out to the mass of audience and influence the Palestinian political decision making process which should serve the fundamental issue of ending the occupation.”

Dr. Mohamed Shalala presented the international legal justifications which confirm that the wall construction is a form of racial discrimination, through either the social, cultural, and economic effects or putting in advance limits to prevent the establishment of Palestinian state.

Shalaldeh focused on the experience of the University of Jerusalem and explained the suffering of students and the university administration’s daily complicated details which prevent the full access to education. He also reviewed the available international legal mechanisms and explained that the resolutions of international legitimacy are binding and Palestinians should begin working immediately to benefit from these decisions.

At the beginning of his speech, Dr. David Buendía criticized the Spanish government for not playing a positive role in the Arab- Israeli conflict. Spain voted against the Goldstone report at the United Nations, which accused the Israeli side of committing war crimes in its military operation in Gaza. At the same time he appreciated the role of the Spanish non-governmental organizations in supporting the Palestinian cause.

Dr. Buendía talked about the racial discrimination policies applied by the Israeli occupation authorities in the Palestinian territories, both the apartheid wall or Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, saying it is “a clear violation of human rights” referring also to the right to freedom of worship; as Israel prevents the worshipers from accessing the places of worship through the imposition of restrictions on them.

“The violations of the Israeli occupation in the Palestinian territories and Israel’s discrimination are not practiced anywhere in the world.

“The siege imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip is incompatible with international norms and charters of human rights with regard to a human right to food, since Israel is an Occupying Power and still controls the Gaza Strip crossings,” added the Professor of International Law at the University of Barcelona.

Dr. Buendía stressed that the Israeli military checkpoints everywhere in the Palestinian territories “is the most common violation committed by Israel, through the harassment of the Palestinian people on the roads.”

With regard to the apartheid wall, Dr. Iondia said that the responsibility of removing it lies on both the Israeli side and the international community which stand silent before the racist policies pursued by Israel.

“The problem is not in the international law, but in the policies applied.”

Jody Kollapen also spoke about the experience of South Africa against apartheid, saying that their struggle was not against whites but against the policy of racial discrimination and its systematic practice.

Kollapen insisted that the four most important factors which will help to achieve common goals and avoid differences rest on deepening communication and social cohesion, approaching the grassroots and streets and speaking their language, providing a leadership that is able to influence the masses and the being able to use the settlement logic when thinking.

Far Beyond Chutzpah by Gilad Atzmon


When I think of this sham of an "Inquiry" the word FUBAR springs to mind. The British “inquiry” for the “truth” into the Iraqi (illegal) invasion (regime change plot) has begun. Yawn, another British atrocity, another whitewash “inquiry.” Just ask the victims of Bloody Sunday, they know all about British “inquiries” 30 years on and still no truth or justice. But, I imagine the British people think they will get the truth because they will be treated differently than the “paddies” were. Guess again.

Calls of Whitewash are already emanating from all sectors within British society. From former members of the cabinet, to big-time lawyers, you name it. What are they so upset about? Plenty. For starters there are “Blair Men” on the so called “investigative” team, and there is the recent addition of two Zionists, one of whom was the creator of the “Blair Doctrine”, yes, that would be the “Tony Blair Doctrine”, the same Tony Blair who took England into Iraq, that one.
link Sir Lawrence David Freedman, KCMG, CBE, FBA, FKC (7 December 1948-) is Professor of War Studies at King's College London, and was a key foreign policy adviser to Tony Blair and an architect of the Blair doctrine He is a member of the 2009 United Kingdom Iraq War inquiry. During the 2003 Iraq invasion, Freedman wrote an article for the independent in which he said: “Even if it takes time to dislodge Saddam's regime, the US – and also Britain – will emerge from this conflict hardened in their power and ready to exercise far greater influence over not only the development of Iraq but also the wider Middle East.” [6]
Woo Hoo. There’s a fair and balanced team member with nothing to hide on at least two fronts, the Zionist front and the Blair connection to Iraq front. But hey, who’s counting...And here’s the other Zionist;
link The Rt. Hon. Sir Martin John Gilbert a British historian and the author of over eighty books, including works on the Holocaust and Jewish history. Since 2005, he has been married to the Holocaust historian Esther Gilbert, née Goldberg.

He was appointed in June 2009 as a member of the British government’s enquiry into the Iraq war (Headed by Sir John Chilcot). His appointment to this enquiry was criticised in parliament by William Hague, Claire Short, George Galloway, and Lynne Jones on the basis that Gilbert had once compared George W Bush, and Tony Blair, to Roosevelt and Churchill.[5] The same year he was appointed to the Privy Council.[6]

Israeli historian, Tom Segev, writes that Gilbert's coffee-table book The Story of Israel is written with "encyclopedic clarity," but Segev is critical of the absence of figures from Arab sources. [10]. Piers Brendon concludes that Gilbert glosses over or altogether omits some awkward points in his book Churchill and the Jews[11] A revisionist Israeli historian Benny Morris has described Martin Gilbert as a propagandist who uses overinflated casualty figures in his The Story of Israel[12]
The NewStatesmen has a good article on all the “members” of this FUBAR “truth” Inquiry. Here is a wee snippet:
link Chilcot himself. Is this "establishment" man really going to get to the bottom of how we ended up in Iraq? Can someone who acted as a "staff counsellor" to MI6 between 1999 to 2004 be a credible investigator of the flawed intelligence produced on Iraqi WMDs, by MI6, between 2002 and 2003? Will an ex-permanent secretary at the Northern Ireland Office be able to challenge ministers or his former colleagues in the civil service? He also happens to be a former member of the 2004 Butler Inquiry into Iraq intelligence, which failed to land any significant blows.

The composition of the committee. How can I have faith in Sir Roderick Lyne, another establishment man, former senior civil servant and British ambassador to (anti-war) Russia during the Iraq war?
As I mentioned, British Lawyers are already calling the inquiry a joke, pointing out that there is no one on the “Truth Inquiry Team” capable of cross examining or legally interviewing those called to to "answer" to the "inquiry." This is like asking Elmo from Sesame Street, to cross examine Tony Blair, a seasoned politician with much to hide, instead of asking Perry Mason, or for you younger generation Captain Kirk over at Boston Legal to tackle the job. See here:
link The inquiry by Sir John Chilcot into the Iraq War is incapable of addressing whether the invasion was legal because it has no one who is legally-qualified on its panel, judicial figures have warned.

Sir John Chilcot, a former Whitehall mandarin, has insisted that the legality of the 2003 war will be one of the key issues he addresses in his inquiry, which begins on Tuesday.

But lawyers have said that neither the inquiry's chair, not his panel, which includes a Professor of War Studies, a former diplomat, and a Crossbencher in the House of Lords, has the expertise to do so.

One senior judge told The Guardian: "The truth of the matter is, if the inquiry was going to express a view with any kind of authority on the question of legality, it would need a legal member and quite a senior one," the judge said. "Looking at the membership, it seems to me that legality just wasn't going to be a question they would be asked to review."

Another senior legal figure added: "The panel clearly lacks the expertise to address the question of legality. The members are not experienced at cross-examination – it is simply not their skill set."

The concerns are the latest to be raised about the effectiveness of the Iraq Inquiry, which is expected to report its findings in 2011.
And lastly, former British Ambassador to Libya, Oliver Miles recently pissed off the Zio-Crowd when he dared to “out them” within the appointed gang members supposedly looking for the “truth about Iraq” I am referring to the appointments of Sir Martin Gilbert and Sir Lawrence Freedman (mentioned earlier in my post above) more:
link The former British ambassador to Libya, Sir Oliver Miles, has criticised the appointment of two leading Jews to the Iraq inquiry.

The two men will be made privy counsellors in order to sit on the inquiry committee. Sir Oliver wrote in the Independent newspaper that he was concerned that two out of five of the Iraq War inquiry committee members were Jewish, and questioned the balance of the committee.

He wrote: “Both Gilbert and Freedman are Jewish, and Gilbert at least has a record of active support for Zionism.

He added: “It is a pity that, if and when the inquiry is accused of a whitewash, such handy ammunition will be available. Membership should not only be balanced; it should be seen to be balanced.”
Here Here, but this is not really a “Mission for the Truth” it’s a “people pleaser” or an attempt at a “people pleaser” which is so FUBAR-ed it is doomed to fail. And let us not forget the Numero Uno reason this “Truth Inquiry” will be a Whitewash:
link Elements of the new US administration of President George Bush were already discussing ''regime change'' in Iraq two years before the invasion of 2003, the official inquiry into the war has been told.
''We were conscious that there were other voices in Washington, some of whom were talking about regime change,'' he said.
So, the British people are looking for the truth from their Government AND the American government. And to think it’s not even April 1st. The immortal Bush and Blair team must be protected; their crimes covered up, hence the appointment of Blair men and Zionists. Yes, the British people will now have much in common with their Irish neighbours. If British people think an Inquiry will give them the truth, you only need to look to the North of Ireland’s TWO Bloody Sunday Inquiries that never provided the truth, even 30 years on, you will never have the truth, and neither will we.

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Abbas’s militias kidnap 13 Palestinian citizens in Nablus and Tulkarem


[ 24/11/2009 - 06:23 PM ]

NABLUS, GAZA, (PIC)-- Mahmoud Abbas’s militias reportedly kidnapped 13 Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas during the last two days in the districts of Nablus and Tulkarem.

In Tulkarem, Abbas’s militias kidnapped four ex-detainees in Israeli jails, one of them was immediately detained after his release, and Khaled Olayan, the office director of Palestinian lawmakers in the city, in addition to three from Hersha family after they were summoned for investigation.

In Nablus, they also kidnapped an ex-detainee after less than 24 hours of his release from Israeli jails in addition to four others from different areas in the city.

Meanwhile, in Gaza, the human rights unit of the Palestinian interior ministry organized Monday in the presence of the independent commission for human rights an inspection visit to the prison of the internal security in Gaza city.

The visiting delegation checked all departments and rooms of the prison and met with a number of detainees in private who talked about their health and financial conditions in detention.

The delegation met with the management of the internal security and listened to a detailed explanation about the general conditions inside this detention center.

Abu Abdullah Lafi, the director of analysis department in the internal security, said during the tour that the detainees are treated according to law and there are strict instructions from the highest levels not to use violence and torture against any one of them.

In the presence of the delegation, the prisoners were allowed to make telephone calls to their families.

The delegation listened to the detainees and asked them about what they faced during interrogation, where they confirmed to the human rights commission that their detention conditions greatly improved.

The delegation also had the chance to visit the prison infirmary and listened to a detailed explanation from the medical staff about their work and the services they provide to the inmates.

For his part, the director of the internal security stated that he gave strict instructions not to use any kind of violence or abuse against prisoners in any prison in Gaza, adding that anyone who commits violations against prisoners will be severely punished.

He also affirmed that the doors of the internal security prison are always open to all organizations concerned with law and human rights.

Why They Hate Us (I): on military occupation


Mon, 11/23/2009 - 11:58am

One of the many barriers to developing a saner U.S. foreign policy is our collective failure to appreciate why military occupations generate so much hatred, resentment, and resistance, and why we should therefore go to enormous lengths to avoid getting mired in them. Costly occupations are an activity you hope your adversaries undertake, especially in areas of little intrinsic strategic value. We blundered into Somalia in the early 1990s without realizing that we weren't welcome; we invaded Iraq thinking we would be greeted as liberators, and we still don't fully understand why many Afghans resent our presence and why some are driven to take up arms against us.

The American experience is hardly unique: Britain's occupation of Iraq after World War I triggered fierce opposition, and British forces in Mandate Palestine eventually faced armed resistance from both Arab and Zionist groups. French rule in Algeria, Syria, Lebanon, and Indochina spawned several violent resistance movements, and Russia has fought Chechen insurgents in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. The Shiite population of southern Lebanon initially welcomed Israel's invasion in 1982, but the IDF behaved badly and stayed too long, which led directly to the formation of Hezbollah. Israelis were also surprised by the first intifida in 1987, having mistakenly assumed that their occupation of the West Bank was benevolent and that the Palestinians there would be content to be governed by the IDF forever.

Military occupation generates resistance because it is humiliating, disruptive, arbitrary and sometimes terrifying to its objects, even when the occupying power is acting from more-or-less benevolent motives. If you've ever been caught in a speed trap by a rude or abusive policeman (I have), or selected out for special attention crossing a border (ditto), you have a mild sense of what this is like. You are at the mercy of the person in charge, who is inevitably well-armed and can do pretty much whatever he (or she) wants. Any sign of protest will only make things go badly -- and in some situations will get you arrested, beaten, or worse -- so you choke down your anger and just put up with it. Now imagine that this is occurring after you've waited for hours at some internal checkpoint, that none of the occupiers speak your language, and that it is like this every single day. And occasionally the occupying power kills innocent people by mistake, engages in other forms of indiscriminate force, and does so with scant regard for local customs and sensibilities. Maintain this situation long enough, and some members of the local population will start looking for ways to strike back. Some of them may even decide to strap on explosive vests or get behind the wheel of a explosives-laden truck, and sacrifice themselves.

It is sometimes said that Americans don't understand this phenomenon because the United States has never been conquered and occupied. But this simply isn't true. After the Civil War, a "foreign army" occupied the former Confederacy and imposed a new political order that most white southerners found abhorrent. The first Reconstruction Act of 1867 put most southern states under formal military control, supervised the writing of new state constitutions, and sought to enfranchise and empower former slaves. It also attempted to rebuild the south economically, but the reconstruction effort was undermined by corruption and poor administration. Sound familiar? However laudable the aims may have been, the results were precisely what one would expect. Northern occupation eventually triggered violent resistance by the Ku Klux Klan, White League, Red Shirts, and other insurgent groups, which helped thwart Reconstruction and paved the way for the Jim Crow system that lasted until the second half of the 20th century.

Nor should we forget how long a profound sense of anger and resentment lasted. I was recently discussing this issue with a distinguished American journalist who grew up in the South, and he told me that one hundred years after the end of the Civil War, he was still being taught songs that expressed a lingering hatred of what the Yankees had done. Here are a coupl of stanzas from one of them -- "I'm a Good Old Rebel" -- written by a former Confederate officer and first published in 1914:

I hates the Yankee nation, and everything they do,
I hates the Declaration of Independence too.
I hates the glorious Union, 'tis dripping with our blood
I hates their striped banner, I fought it all I could.

Three hundred thousand Yankees lie stiff in Southern dust;
We got three hundred thousand, before they conquered us
They died of Southern fever, and Southern steel and shot,
I wish they was three million, instead of what we got.
Or to take a more recent (1974), less poetic example, from Lynyrd Skynyrd:

Well I heard Mr. Young sing about her,
Well I heard old Neil put her down.
Well, I hope Neil Young will remember,
A Southern man don't need him around anyhow.

This is what defeat in war and prolonged occupation does to a society: it generates hatred and resentment that can last a century or more. Hatred of the "party of Lincoln" kept the South solidly Democratic for decades, and its political character remains distinctly different even today, nearly 150 years after the civil war ended. (Among other things, Barack Obama has favorable job approval ratings in every region of the country except the South). And don't forget that unlike our current presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, the occupying forces of the North spoke the same language and had been part of the same country prior to the war; in some cases, there were even strong family connections on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. Yet defeat in war and military occupation were an enduring source of division for many years thereafter.

The bottom line is that you don't need to be a sociologist, political scientist, or a student of colonialism or foreign cultures to understand why military occupation is such a poisonous activity and why it usually fails. If you're an American, you just need to read a bit about Reconstruction and reflect on how its effects -- along with the effects of slavery itself -- have persisted across generations. If that's not enough, visit a society that is currently experiencing occupation, and take the time to go through a checkpoint or two. Then you might understand why the local population doesn't view the occupying forces as benevolent and isn't as grateful as occupiers often think they ought to be.

ADAM JAN/AFP/Getty Images

Israel Holds Over 370 Palestinian Children Captive


11/24/2009 06:22:00 PM Posted by Editor Publisher Hiyam Noir

Tue, 24 Nov 2009 08:03:07 GMT

The media liaison at the Palestinian ministry in charge of prisoners' affairs says that Israel is currently holding captive more than 370 child detainees; all under the age of 18.

"Child detainees are sent to courts that prosecute cases of adult detainees. This is a flagrant violation of International Law. Dozens of detained Palestinian children undergo a series of harsh trials under a legal system that treats them the same as apprehended adults," Riyadh al-Ashqar told the official Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV network on Monday.

Al-Ashqar went on to note that the child detainees are not immune to 'egregious abuses', adding mistreatment and torture in Israeli detention facilities are not uncommon.

He also called on the Geneva-based International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and humanitarian organizations across the globe to intervene, to stop Israeli brutalities against underage Palestinian prisoners.

Many of the Palestinian children in Israeli jails are arrested for nothing more than throwing rocks at heavily-armed Israeli troops and armored personnel carriers, the Palestinian Center for Defending Prisoners reported in early April.

The prison authorities place eight to ten children in a four meter square room, and routinely vilify them, put them under psychological pressure at every turn and even molest some of the children, the report added.
Source: PressTV

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Nasrallah on Drugs and Israel

Nasrallah on Drugs and Israel
English dub
6min 30, Martyrs day, 11 Nov 09

Maj. Nidal Hasan As A Manchurian Candidate–Doesn’t Sound As Crazy Today As It Might Have Yesterday


Published November 24, 2009 Uncategorized 12 Comments

For those who (rightly) suspect there is more to the Ft. Hood massacre than meets the eye–namely that Hasan may have been the victim of a mind-control experiment and subsequent false-flag operation aimed at further demonizing Muslims in favor of Israel’s agenda–I have an interesting story to convey.

Yesterday I took my 3 year old son to the dentist to have one of his teeth examined. After looking at it a moment the dentist remarked that the tooth will have to come out because it was dead. Naturally, given the fact my son is 3 and jumpy when it comes to people wielding needles and pulling on his teeth with a pair of pliers, the doctor explained what steps would be entailed.

He said a drug would be administered in the form of a drinkable liquid, can’t remember the name right now but will call the office today and find out. I asked what this drug did, assuming it would sedate him or knock him out so the procedure could be done. The dentist, to my great shock, said it would sedate him mildly, but that the most important function this drug did was to prevent him from remembering anything that took place.

I was taken aback and was sure I had misheard what he said and I responded with ‘What’? and he repeated it–the drug would not ‘knock him out’ but rather would prevent him from remembering anything that happened, going further by saying “it causes a temporary shut-down of that part of the brain responsible for remembering things and blocks memories.”

The obvious significance is that if they have this kind of stuff for use on small children in dental offices, what other kinds of stuff do they have at the military/intelligence level for use on subjects they need to program for certain “missions”? Drugs to prevent people from “remembering things“? This is exactly what took place in the movie “The Manchurian Candidate” where–coincidentally or not, individuals were programmed to become assassins in order to bring about particular political outcomes.

2009 Mark Glenn

Ahmadinejad: US, Israel lack 'courage' to attack


24/11/2009 Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Monday urged his visiting Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to find a "just solution" with the West to Tehran's nuclear program. Lula, speaking in a joint media conference with Ahmadinejad, reiterated that Brazil backed Iran's declared quest for "peaceful nuclear energy in full respect of international accords." He appealed to Ahmadinejad to "continue contacts with interested countries for a just and balanced solution on the nuclear issue in Iran."

Ahmadinejad, for his part, voiced support for Brazil's bid to one day become a permanent member of the UN Security Council. Brazil is to take one of the non-permanent seats -- those without the power of veto -- in 2010 and 2011. "We support a reformed UN Security Council and for Brazil to have a permanent seat," he said. He argued the council "has failed over the past 60 years because of the veto power of a small number of countries, a source of insecurity for several countries in the world."

Lula has repeatedly backed Tehran's nuclear program, and said he opposed international sanctions on Iran. Ahmadinejad also said that threats of military action against Iran by arch foes Israel and the United States were no longer a concern, but that neither country had the courage to carry out an attack. "The age of military attacks is over, now we've reached the time for dialogue and understanding. Weapons and threats are a thing of the past," the Iranian told a joint press conference at the close of his one-day visit.

That's clear "even for mentally challenged people," he said answering a reporter's question. Besides, he added, "those you mention (Israel and United States) don't have the courage to attack Iran. They're not even thinking about it."

Ahmadinejad's visit to Brazil was the key leg of a five-nation tour to Latin American and African seen backing Tehran's vision of a new world order in which the United States is not dominant. The itinerary began in Gambia, and after Brazil was to continue with Bolivia, Venezuela and Senegal.

The Iranian president was accompanied by a 300-strong delegation. Venezuela Jewish community on Monday expressed its disappointment and displeasure over a visit later this week to their country by Ahmadinejad, whom they called an "ominous" person who if not stopped, "could cause serious harm to humanity."

In his weekly radio broadcast on Monday, he said: "You can't move forward by isolating Iran. If Iran is an important player in all this discord, it's important that someone sits down with Iran, talks with Iran and tries to establish a point of balance, so that we can return to a degree of normality in the Middle East."

After his 24-hour Brazilian leg, Ahmadinejad was to depart for Bolivia for talks with his counterpart Evo Morales, then on to Venezuela to see his "friend" Hugo Chavez. Both Morales and Chavez are strongly critical of the United States.

Khudari: Qatari, Turkish institutions approve financing project for the disabled


[ 24/11/2009 - 06:12 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- MP Dr. Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the Popular Committee Against the Siege , has announced that three Turkish and Qatari institutions had given their preliminary approval to finance a project to rehabilitate the disabled in the Gaza Strip.

Khudari, in a press release on Tuesday, said that the project would be prepared within the few coming weeks, adding that the Qatari Red Crescent and the Fakhoura campaign to protect the Gaza students, launched by Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned, and the Turkish doctors without borders were the sponsors of that project.

He said that the project would primarily target the disabled in the latest Israeli war on Gaza, adding that the project would attempt to help the disabled to find jobs and support them to live a normal life.

The project would include special programs for each type of disability, the lawmaker said, noting that the rate of disability was terribly growing in the Palestinian land especially in Gaza as a result of the Israeli aggression and the weak potentials to serve this "marginalized sector" of the society.

Khudari hoped that the project would develop into a specialized center serving and catering for the disabled.

JCSER warns of Israeli plan to deport more than 20,000 Palestinians from J’lem


[ 24/11/2009 - 10:42 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- The Jerusalem center for social and economic rights (JCSER) warned of Israeli intentions to deport more than 20,000 Palestinians from the West Bank who married from Jerusalemite women at the pretext that their residence in the holy city is illegal.

The center said that many of those Palestinian citizens have temporary residence permits issued by the Israeli ministry of interior and until now they have not been given a right to stay permanently with their wives in Jerusalem according to the procedures of reunion.

Ziyad Al-Hammouri, the director of the center, explained in this regard that the Israeli interior ministry published last year in a local newspaper a notice ordering what it called “the inhabitants of Judea and Samaria living in Jerusalem illegally”, in reference to the West Bank citizens who live with Jerusalemite wives in the holy city, to apply for temporary residence permits.

Hammouri added that the center at the time had warned of the motives and aims behind this aforementioned Israeli announcement in the newspaper, which enabled the Israeli interior ministry later to collect detailed information on a large number of West Bank citizens who live in the neighborhoods and towns within the Israeli municipal boundaries in Jerusalem.

The director noted that the Israeli interior ministry could not have obtained such information on West Bank citizens living in Jerusalem through its investigation crews and the national insurance company, so it resorted to this trick.

He elaborated that afterwards, many of those Palestinian citizens hastened to give detailed information about themselves in application forms thinking that the interior ministry would give them a temporary or permanent residence permits, but now this personal information can be used as evidence against them to expel them from the city.

The center director affirmed that the Israeli occupation authority had started to implement its plan and expelled all members of the Palestinian family of martyr Mari Radayda from their homes in Al-Ashqarya neighborhood of Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem, at the pretext of their illegal residence in the city.

Contradicting Reports about Releasing Barghouti, Saadat in Shalit Deal

24/11/2009 After Ynet reported on Monday that aides close to Tanzim official Marwan Barghouti and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine leader Ahmed Saadat received in formation that they will be released as part of a prisoner exchange deal for the released of captured Israeli occupation soldier Gilad Shalit, Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom was quick to deny the reports.

But on Tuesday, London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Hayat published a similar report, and quoted Palestinian sources as saying that unprecedented progress has been made in talks, and that Israel has agreed to release both Saadat and Barghouti.

The paper further reported that Israel has agreed to release Barghouti and that his family had received a report that his name was on the list of prisoners slated to be released.

The report said Fatah official Hussein al-Sheikh met with Barghouti in prison on Monday.

Palestinian sources told the paper that the next two days will be crucial, and Hamas sources said they would will not give in or sign a deal until all their demands are met. The sources said that while much progress has been made, certain details have yet to be finalized and "the optimism is misplaced".

The sources told al-Hayat that the German mediator in talks gave Hamas the guarantees they demanded, according to which Israel will not assassinate or arrested any of the detainees released in the deal.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday wished to lower expectations in light of the numerous reports in foreign media, saying, "There is no deal yet, and I still do know when there will be a deal. This is not just up to us. There is internal conflict on the other side as well."

Meanwhile, thousands of Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails are anxiously following media reports of progress in talks.

One detainee said on Monday that the report of a deal being held up over the name of just one detainee refers to a prisoner staying at the same facility as him.

The detainee said "Some of the information comes from phone calls, from relatives; some of it comes from the media that we get here. "We watch all three Israeli television stations."

He added that Arab networks such as al-Arabiya, Falasteen, al-Manar, al-Jazeera and al-Aqsa, are not permitted in the prison.

The detainee said that his fellow inmates are tense, especially in light of reports that hundreds of detainees will be released as a goodwill gesture to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, if the deal is executed. "These reports are just making people crazy, and there is no other subject of discussion besides this," he said. "Sometimes a prison guard or an administration representative comes by and says something he heard and causes frenzy in the entire wing."

This Is Pure Genius!!!!


Monday, November 23, 2009 at 11:40PM Gilad Atzmon

Art and beauty are the way forward.

Haneyya meets with British and US priests in Gaza


[ 24/11/2009 - 10:34 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya met Monday with a delegation of British and American priests in addition to Christian Gazans and stressed the importance of such visits which contribute to illustrating the suffering of Gaza people and their right to have the siege lifted.

Haneyya expressed his gratitude to the delegation led by Rev. Oldroa and his happiness to meet him again especially since he already visited Marj Al-Zohour exiles after they returned to their homes in Gaza and met with their leaders.

The premier explained to the delegation the aggressive policy of the Israeli occupation for sixty years, its racist policies against Palestinians, its attempts to Judaize occupied Jerusalem and undermine its Islamic identity and the annexation of lands in the West Bank.

He said that all should try to know the Movement of Hamas through its government and not from Israel and its aides.

For his part, Rev. Oldroa thanked the premier for the warm reception and recalled the memories of Marj Al-Zohour.

He said that he always urges American politicians and leaders not to seek revenge and not to spend huge amounts of money on weapons as long as they want peace and stability in the world.

In another context, spokesman for the Palestinian government Taher Al-Nunu told Safa News agency that a delegation of the government including Haneyya’s political advisor Yousuf Rizqa met with Yemeni officials in charge of the Yemeni Hajj group in Makkah.

Both sides underlined the importance of the unity of Muslims and discussed the latest development in the Palestinian arena.

Later, Palestinian health minister Basem Naim met with Iranian officials in the headquarters of their Hajj group and discussed with them many Palestinian issues including the situation in Jerusalem and the repercussions of the Israeli blockade.

Lexicon of Resistance by Gilad Atzmon


Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 3:44PM Gilad Atzmon

Published originally in April 2009

The following is an attempt to present my own personal dictionary of what seems to be the most charged terminology and concepts attached to the Palestinian solidarity and anti-war discourse.

Palestine- a piece of land on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. For many years Palestine was the home of the Palestinian people: Muslims, Christians and Jews who lived in peace and harmony for hundred of years. In the late 19th century, in the light of emerging European nationalism, a few Jews had decided that Jews should not be left out. They theninvented the notions of: ”Jewish people”, ”Jewish history” and ”Jewish nationalism”. They decided to settle the majority of world Jewry in Palestine. Throughout the years the Jewish national project, i.e., Zionism, had become more and more sinister and ruthless. In 1949 70% of the indigenous Palestinian population had already been ethnically cleansed. Nowadays the majority of Palestinians are living behind barbed wire in a state of terror guarded by Israeli soldiers.

Jews- the people who happen to identify themselves as Jews. Jews are not a race, they do not follow a single belief system either. I made myself a rule. I categorically refrain from dealing with ”the Jews” as a collective or an ethnic group. Instead I restrict myself to criticism of Jewish politics, Jewish ideology and Jewish identity.

Judaism- one of the many religions practiced by the Jewish people (Jews for Jesus, Jews For Buddha, Jews For Allah and so on). Though Judaism contains some non-ethical aspects and teachings, the one and only peace-seeking collective amongst the Jewish people is actually a religious orthodox sect, namely Torah Jews. This fact is enough to make me very careful when criticising Judaism as a religion. When dealing with Judaism, I would restrict myself to criticism of interpretations of Talmudic racism and the biblically orientated Zionist genocidal plunder of Palestine.

Jewishness- Jewish ideology, the interpretations of the meaning of being a Jew by those who regard themselves as Jews. Jewishness is the core of Jewish identity, it is a dynamic notion. It is hard to pin down. While refraining from criticising Jews (the people) and Judaism (the religion), elaborating on Jewishness is a must, especially considering the crimes committed by the Jewish state in the name of Jewish people. As long as the Jewish state is shelling civilians with white phosphorous, it is our ethical duty to question: Who are the Jews? What does Judaism stand for? What is Jewishness all about?

Palestine vs Israel- Palestine is a country, Israel is a state.

Palestinians- currently the longest lasting sufferers of racist colonial abuse and state terrorism. Palestinians are the only true indigenous inhabitants of Palestine. 4,300,000 Palestinian refugees are scattered in the Middle East. There are Palestinians who managed to hold onto their land yet are denied equal civil rights, others live under military occupation. The Palestinian cause is largely the ethically grounded demand of the Palestinian people to return to their own land. The land that belongs to them and to them alone. The Palestinian cause is the demand to dismantle the Jewish state and to form a State of its Citizens instead.

Zionism- the national colonial practical interpretation of Jewish ideology. It asserts that Jews are entitled to a national home in Zion (Palestine) at the expense of the Palestinian people. Zionism is a colonial racist philosophy that practices genocidal tactics. It is a biblically orientated precept. Although Zionism portrayed itself initially as a secular movement, from the very beginning it transformed the Bible from a religious text into a land registry.

Israel- the Jewish state is a racist political concept. It is a place where Jewish supremacy is celebrated in an institutional manner. Israel is a place where 94% of the population supports dropping white phosphorus on innocent civilians. Israel is the place where Jews can pour their vengeance on the Goyim.

Palestinian resistance- the exercise of the ethical right to resist an invader, an ethnic cleanser and a racist.

hic bomb- Israel possesses many bombs, cluster bombs, petrol bombs, atomic bombs, WMD bombs, etc. The Palestinians have only one bomb, the demographic bomb. The Palestinians are the majority of the people between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. This fact itself defines the temporal quality of the Idea of Jewish state in Palestine.

Zionism vs Jewishness- it is difficult or maybe even impossible to determine where Zionism stops and Jewishness begins. Zionism and Jewishness establish a continuum. As it seems, Zionism has become the symbolic identifier of the contemporary Jew. Every Jew is identified by himself and others in reference to the Zionist compass (Zionist, anti-Zionist, oblivious to Zionism, love Zionism but hate Israel, love Israel but hate falafel and so on).

Secular Judaism and Jewish Secular Fundamentalism- secularity has been a very popular precept amongst Jews in the last two centuries. The Jewish form of secularity is very similar to rabbinical Judaism. It is fundamentally monotheistic, it believes in one truth (God is dead until further notice). It is supremacist, it is extremely intolerant of others in general and Muslims in particular, it even promotes wars in the name of enlightenment, liberalism, democracy and even in the name of the victims to come.

Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder- the kind of mental state that leads 94% of the Israeli population to support air raids against civilians. Within the condition of the Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Pre-TSD), the stress is the outcome of a phantasmic event, an imaginary episode set in the future; an event that has never taken place. Within Pre-TSD, an illusion pre-empts reality and the condition in which the fantasy of terror is itself becoming grave reality. If it is taken to extremes, even an agenda of total war against the rest of the world is not an unthinkable reaction. Unlike the case of paranoia, wherein the sufferer is subject to his own symptoms, in the case of Pre-TSD the sufferer actually celebrates his symptoms while others are left with the role of the audience or even victim. The sufferers of Pre-TSD within the press and media lobby for global conflict. Once they are in power they just spread death around. They manage to see a threat in almost anything. The Pre-TSD sufferer would call to flatten Iran, he would defend the IDF military campaign in Gaza for his own existential fears. The Pre-TSD sufferer is rather predictable and for one reason or other always to be found in the non-ethical cause.

Jihad- the struggle to improve one's self and society. Jihad is the attempt to reach a harmony between the self and the world. It is there to bridge the gap between self loving, loving self and the love towards others. Jihad is the answer to chosenness.

Holocaust- an overwhelmingly devastating chapter in recent Jewish past. It would be difficult to imagine the formation of the Jewish state without the effect of the holocaust. Yet, it is impossible to deny the fact that Palestinians ended up paying the ultimate price for crimes that were committed against the Jews by other people (Europeans). Hence, it would make sense to argue that if Europeans feel guilty about the Holocaust, they better take extra care of its last victims, i.e., the Palestinians.

It must be mentioned that due to some legislation that restricts the scrutiny of the holocaust in an open academic manner, the holocaust is no longer treated as an historical chapter. Instead it is regarded by many scholars as a religious narrative (namely, Holocaust Religion). Those who do not obey the religion or follow its restrictions are chased, excluded and jailed. The failure to maintain the holocaust as a vivid historic chapter turned Jewish history into a Pandora’s box sealed by prohibitions, legal restrictions and different forms of threats. In an ideal ”free world”, we would be able to look into the holocaust, to regard it as an historical chapter and to draw some lessons out of it. That would mean also questioning its meaning. In an ideal (free) world, we may as well be allowed to wonder how come, time after time, Jews ended up despised and detested by their neighbours. In an ideal (free) world Jews may have a chance to learn from their mistakes in the past. For the time being, as long as we want to keep free, we better avoid questioning the past.

The Meaning of the Holocaust- the Holocaust provides the Jews and others with two obvious lessons. One is universal and almost simplistic, it says: ”NO to racism”. As some Jewish intellectuals predicted after the war, Jews were supposed to lead the fight against racism. Seemingly, it didn’t happen. Not only did it fail to happen, but the Jewish state had become the ultimate form of racist practice. Three years after the liberation of Auschwitz the newly formed Jewish state brutally ethnically cleansed the vast majority of indigenous Palestinians. As time goes by, the Jewish state doesn’t try to disguise its racist agenda, i.e., Jews only state.

The second lesson that can be drawn out of the holocaust is far less abstract, it is actually very pragmatic. It suggests to Jews ”to be aware of their deed”. It suggests to Jews ”to act ethically, or at least to pretend to do so”. Seemingly, this lesson is totally ignored. In the Jewish state young IDF soldiers wear T-shirts depicting pregnant Palestinian women caught in the crosshairs of a rifle, with the disturbing caption "1 shot 2 kills". In the Jewish state, civilians hadbeen caught picnicking watching their army dropping unconventional weapons on their Palestinian neighbours. The Israeli reality and the forceful Jewish lobbying around the world portray a complete dismissal of any ethical judgment or moral conduct. Whether it is the genocidal practice against the Palestinian people or the lobbying for more and more global conflicts. If the meaning of the holocaust would have been internalised, different appearances of such inhuman behaviour would have been addressed and tackled.

However, within the prohibition to re-visit our history we may still be entitled to reflect over Nazi brutality towards Jews in the light of the Jewish state’s crimes in Palestine. Seemingly, there is no legislation that prohibits us from doing that as yet.

Hamas- political party that was elected in 2006 by the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank. Since then Israel has withheld payments owed to Gaza, causing the Palestinian economy to collapse. It has blockaded Gaza for months, starving the civilian population. And yet, Hamas proved once again that the Palestinian people are resilient. In spite of Israel’s genocidal tactics, in spite of the IDF targeting children, women and the elderly, Hamas’ popularity increases by the day and more so especially after the last Gaza conflict. It has now become clear that Israel does not possess the means of combating Islamic resistance. In other words. Israel’s days are numbered.

Gatekeepers- for many years the Palestinian solidarity discourse had been shattered by those who claimed to know what is right and what is wrong. They also claimed to know what should be discussed and what subject must be dropped. Initially, gatekeepers tried to recruit the Palestinian movement to fight antisemitism. Another bizarre agenda was to use the Palestinian people as another Guinea pig in a dogmatic socialist exercise.

Due to the growing success of Palestinian and Islamic resistance, the power of Gatekeepers is now reduced to none. Though gatekeeping operators still insist upon exercising their powers, their influence is totally restricted to primarily Jewish cells.

Antisemites- in the old days, antisemites were those who didn’t like Jews, nowadays, antisemites are those the Jews don’t like. Considering the growing chasm between the Jewish state and its lobbies and the rest of humanity, we have good reason to believe that before not too long, the entirety of humanity will be denounced as antisemitic by one Jewish lobby or another.

Antisemitism- a misleading signifier. Though it refers largely to anti-Jewish feelings, it gives the impression that these feelings are racially motivated or orientated. It must be clear that Jews are not a race and do not establish a racial continuum. Thus, no one hates the Jews for their race or their racial identity.

Bearing in mind Israeli crimes and Jewish lobbying around the world, anti-Jewish feeling should be realised as a political, ideological and ethical reaction. It is a response to a criminal state and its institutional support amongst world Jewry. Though resentment to Zionism, Israel and Jewish lobbying is rather rational, the failure to distinguish between the ”Jew”, and Zionism is indeed very problematic and dangerous especially considering the fact that many Jews have nothing to do with the Zionist crime. However, due to the extensive Jewish institutional support of Israel, it is far from easy to determine where the ”Jew” ends and the Zionist starts. In fact, there is no such demarcation line or spot of transition. The outcome is clear, Jews are implicated collectively by the crimes of their national project. One obvious solution for the Jew is to oppose Zionism as an individual, another option is to oppose Zionism in the name of the Torah, it is also possible for the Jew to shun the tribal ideologist in himself.

Self loving- the belief that something about oneself is categorically and fundamentally right, moral and unique. This is the secular interpretation of being chosen.

Self Hatred- the belief that something about oneself is categorically and fundamentally wrong, immoral and ordinary. This state of being may also be a point of departure of a spiritual ethical quest.

Chicken Soup- is what is left once you strip Jewish identity of Judaism, racism, chauvinism, White Phosphorous, supremacy, cluster bombs, secularity, Zionism, Israel, intolerance, Nuclear reactor in Dimona, cosmopolitanism, genocidal tendency, etc. The Jew can always revert to chicken soup, the iconic symbolic identifier of Jewish cultural affiliation. The Jew is always more than welcome to say: ”I am not religious nor am I a Zionist, I am not a banker, nor is my name Madoff. I am not a ”Labour friend of Israel” nor I am a Lord or look like a cash machine. I am just a little innocent Jew because my mama’le used to feed me with chicken soup when I was slightly unwell.” Let’s face it once and for all, chicken soup is not that dangerous (unless you are a chicken). My grandmother taught me that it was very healthy. In fact I tried it once in winter 1978, I had the flu then. It helped, I feel better now.